VoIP gateway: what is it and why is it needed?

Many users are already acquainted with special IP phones and softphones using which you can make calls over the Internet. However, few people know how it is possible to connect analog phones of a company to an IP network through a VoIP gateway. How to do it as quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively as possible? Are there any pitfalls? Let’s review further.

The VoIP abbreviation stands for a voice that is transmitted using the IP protocol over the Internet. This technology appeared with the emergence of the global network and immediately became a serious competitor to traditional telephone calls. For virtual telephony, you need to provide an access point to the network and a device that converts voice to a digital signal and vice versa. The SIP protocol is most often used as software.

VoIP gateway is used to encode or decode voice during transmission over SIP protocol. In general, today VoIP telephony is often used by many companies to create internal telephony in order to provide information services to customers. Using the Internet, the quality and installation of communication have noticeably improved, communication between people has reached a completely different level.

Compared with usual technologies and messengers, voice telephony costs subscribers more profitable from a financial point of view. If a network of analog gadgets operates successfully in the company, then voice gateways can be installed for the transition. They connect phones and PBXs to the Internet that can significantly reduce call costs. From the very first days of use, you can assess their effectiveness and financial gains.

How does a VoIP gateway work?

The device records speech and digitizes it. After that, the signal is split into fragments and transmitted via the SIP protocol. On the part of the interlocutor, the received signal is decoded and converted into ordinary human speech again.

As you can see, the main function of the gateway is to record speech and translate it into a digital code. It also supports functions such as call routing, traffic accounting, authorization of subscribers, etc. You can send voice signals through a browser, in Telegram, to mobile or landline phones.

The device itself has a built-in router, replacement firmware, features for ensuring security, as well as the support of various protocols. Thanks to it, analytics, call accounting, as well as the distribution of IP addresses, bandwidth line management, etc., are carried out.

VoIP gateway

Varieties of VoIP gateways

The main distinction of this type of gateway is the number of ports. In other words, the number of phones that can be included in one gateway. Differences can also be traced by the purpose (type) of ports. Complex classification and terminology often create problems for buyers but they can be dealt with, the main thing is to examine the features of each type of equipment.

The following are available for sale:

  • analog models with FXO/FXS ports – serve up to 24 lines. They connect the landline telephone directly to the station. There are also hybrid models where the PBX port and analog line are connected. Through them, calls are configured to a single office number for remote employees;
  • digital models designed for American and European BRI ISDN, PRI/E1, T1 lines. They are capable of connecting up to 50 subscribers simultaneously. With them, the landline network does not need to be reconfigured;
  • GSM models have slots for SIM cards that allow you to connect ordinary smartphones to cloud telephony. They are more expensive but they will please with high functionality.

The equipment is often associated with office mini-PBX/IP-PBX, therefore, in addition to reducing costs, it helps to improve the organization of corporate and office communications, improve network communication performance and increase labor efficiency.

Main gateway functions

In addition to the specified functions, the VoIP gateway repeats the same options as the majority of telecom operators. Thanks to them, the quality of incoming calls improves, and the quality of telephony services increases. These options include holding an incoming call, call forwarding, automatic callback, conference calls, and more. Receiving calls via the Internet is possible without a computer.

In addition to a number of technical tasks, a voice gateway for IP telephony helps in solving a bunch of tasks for doing business:

  1. Receiving and making calls without delay, interference, echo.
  2. Reducing the cost of maintaining equipment, because any telephone machine supporting the DECT standard is suitable for connecting to IP telephony.
  3. Monitoring and statistics of conversations.
  4. Installation and configuration is carried out within 1 day

The implementation and operation of voice services help to build an effective communication channel not only between employees but also between entire departments of companies. If speaking of the methods of connecting the gateway to the PBX, then it is worth considering the tasks presented, the availability of free interfaces, etc.

Advantages of these gateways over other virtual telephony equipment

VoIP telephony is a rather sought-after service among many companies and business organizations that provide information services and telephone sales. These include online stores, call centers, and other subscribers who prefer this technology due to a number of its advantages:

  • absence of geo-referencing binding, so operators and managers can work both in the office and remotely;
  • connection security;
  • compact installation of the device without unnecessary wires and cables;
  • the option of using video communication;
  • routing of all incoming calls;
  • forwarding;
  • free calls within a single local network;
  • availability of integration with CRM which helps to improve the efficiency of the company.

With VoIP gateways, you will receive high-quality calls within the country and internationally. Their implementation allows you to quickly connect a PBX of any brand. The goals of their use are very different: reducing the costs of telephone communications, combining the networks of branches of one company in different cities, decreasing the expenses for all necessary equipment.

Hand of man using ip phone with flying icon of voip services and people connection, voip and telecommunication concept

How to choose the VoIP gateway properly?

Connection through a telephone gateway is a profitable solution for every modern company. The price of the device will depend on a number of technical characteristics:

  1. A number of FXS ports. The higher the number, the more analog telephones can be connected to the IP network. The number of ports will differ from brand to brand.
  2. Support period from the manufacturer.
  3. Compatibility with VoIP gateway. It is important that the device conforms to voice telephony standards. It is quite simple to find it, the main thing is to find out how the office PBX works, if there are any restrictions, etc.
  4. DSP processor. A powerful processor and its code will not only convert the interlocutor’s speech into a digital signal but will also do it without echo and extraneous sounds.
  5. The number of GSM channels and SIM cards.
  6. Body type and quality.
  7. Communication quality level.
  8. Features of device management.
  9. Requirements for the installation location. Typically, there are special requirements for a VoIP gateway that is installed close to the phone. For example, it is worth paying attention to the cooling system as well as to operating temperatures.
  10. PSTN line availability. Thanks to it, even a power outage is not a hindrance to the VoIP gateway.

When choosing a device, you need to pick an option with an optimal price/quality ratio, as well as with the availability of exactly those functions that are really needed by company employees: fax, etc. For example, Hottelecom company provides the installation of VoIP gateways not only in Russia but also in other countries of the world. It is a convenient, high-quality, and efficient tool for handling 100% of incoming calls. Connection and configuration of equipment are carried out within 1 day.

Where can a VoIP gateway be purchased?

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VoIP gateways are the real future proof technology. Using them you can effortlessly make a call via a dedicated IP-protocol. Despite the apparent high cost, this service will significantly reduce the company’s expenses for customer service in the future. Due to the wide range, affordable price, unlimited network capabilities, VoIP gateways have become a popular method of integrating IP telephony into KCC these days.

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