As one of the first providers of Voice over IP solutions, HotTelecom offers a VoIP service for businesses that use the cloud to move them away from expensive and non-flexible, traditional phone lines. The HotTelecom phone service in a cloud is more than just a hosted VoIP phone system for business. It delivers unlimited international and domestic calling plans with advanced business VoIP features – at an affordable price.

Our top of the line service and support gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Get Business VoIP Number with Hottelecom

HotTelecom provides a wide range of affordable VoIP services packages to get you started.

Reliable and flexible communications are the key points for any business. At HotTelecom, we deploy secure, straightforward and effective Voice over IP solutions. Those services are based on Internet Protocol (IP), which is connected to your business.

Our business VoIP solutions are made to fit the size of your company and budget as well as reducing your costs for communication while increasing reliability and flexibility at the same time.

We can offer reduced call rates because of holding interconnected agreements with major telephone operators. Our team also offer phone numbers of different countries worldwide and hassle-free connection process.

HotTelecom will provide you with peace of mind that our products will never let you down.

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There are lots of reasons: connection quality, fast customer service, and competitive pricing. We are an international company that has been in the telecommunications market for over 10 years. We work for our reputation and have no interest in deceiving our customers.

Traditional phones have not changed vastly since the beginning of the twentieth century. VoIP technology has changed communication in businesses. While IP capabilities have been for several decades, VoIP services have grown in recent years due to phone innovation and faster internet connection.

You need to buy a phone number and set up call forwarding. We have three call-forwarding options. Redirection to a mobile number, to a Telegram account, or to a SIP account. VoIP drastically improves your employees’ productivity levels, allowing them to receive calls with the click of a button. You can contact our customer service via chat or email for further questions.

Why Customer Choose Us

We are always trying to give our customers the best quality services. Among our main advantages are:

Data privacy

Your personal data is secured

Customer-friendly support

You will always get a prompt response to your request to customer support

Free SIP-account

Once you purchase a virtual number we will provide a SIP account free of charge

Telegram Forwarding

You can easily forward your calls to telegram

100+ payment methods

We accept cryptocurrency payments

High quality connection

Stability and quality of connection is one of the main advantages of Hottelecom

Exotic countries’ local numbers

Connection up to 24 hours, with rare exceptions for a few areas

90+ countries available

Covering more than 90 countries

Why does the business use Voice over IP solutions?

Using VoiP is much more affordable than traditional telephone lines when calls are forwarded over existing physical networks rather than having to think over new ways of communication, cutting down their phone bills. Additionally, many options that traditional services want extra fee for are available for free or at lower prices from modern VoIP solution providers.

Thanks to the fact VoIP services are Internet-based, there are no taxes or any other fees to be paid additionally. Making international calls is also less expensive since it does not matter where the person you are trying to reach to is located worldwide.

Voice over IP solutions are also more flexible than classical ones. Bulk calls can be made through the Internet at once and establishing a secure connection is less of a hassle than on the traditional phones. Your business can also link up your VoIP phone system with other Web-based services such as E-mail. Businesses can use VoiP to better manage communication, which helps them with the bottom line.

The benefits of business VoIP solution

  • the ability to connect the number of any country available on the website (more than 70 countries);
  • the ability to choose a number (even a “beautiful” phone number);
  • confidentiality of personal data;
  • the ability to connect a number for advertising campaigns, marketing research or one-time promotions for a limited period;
  • availability for customers and partners worldwide;
  • real-time management of message forwarding from your personal account

With Business VoIP Numbers users are able to:

  • to change forwarding destination (SIP device, SIP program phone number, etc.);
  • to download users ID in case it is required to connect the number;
  • to get access to call statistics online;
  • to control account balance.

How VoIP phone systems can be useful for business?

Business VoIP solutions can solve a lot of the problems faced by companies with older classic telephony technology – the need to maintain networks for voice, messages, faxes by expensive carriers and maintenance clauses, very high rates for international calls and the lack of flexibility of physical telephony equipment.

Voice over IP is the future of the telecommunication world

This is not hyperbole and VoIP services are set to become the next standard for voice communication worldwide. Even classical telephone operators have started to upgrade their networks to VoIP in many industrialized countries. The business may be able to delay the adoption of VoIP for a couple of years but eventually, they will have to upgrade when the older equipment stops functioning.

VoIP services are cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness is the most valuable point of why the early adopters of business VoIP chose to go down that way. Calls between offices and employees become free, international calls are billed at a much cheaper rate than charged by classical telephone carriers. Since the technology is IP-based, it provides the ability for integration with other business software such as ERP or CRM systems. Voice or PBX features that were often considered luxuries that only the largest of organizations can afford are brought within the reach of small and medium enterprises, thanks to VoIP.

VoIP brings innovative new features

Features like call hunt, find me follow me, automatic and real-time voicemail transcription are just a few of the features available in enterprise VoIP solutions. Many of these are included in even the most basic packages and can significantly boost employee productivity. The ability to handle voice communications from any available device – be it a desk phone, headset connected to a laptop or a mobile device – means that work doesn’t have to stop simply because an employee is away from their desk.

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