Twitter is a microblogging social network where users publicly exchange short messages. The popularity of the site is confirmed by statistics: about 200 million people from all over the world visit it every day, and last year’s revenue exceeded $3.7 billion.

Thanks to such incredible indicators, the service is effective for advertising campaigns, promoting goods and services, and many other purposes. What if you need to create an additional account or hide your real phone?

The optimal solution is to purchase a virtual number for Twitter. And use it to receive an SMS confirmation code and verify your page.

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Benefits of a virtual number for Twitter

Every year, developers of online resources are paying more and more attention to cybersecurity issues. Including the protection of user accounts and personal data. An effective way to prevent page hacking and loss of personal information is to confirm your profile by verifying your phone number.

Since almost no one owns more than two physical SIM cards of mobile operators, getting multiple accounts is quite difficult. In this case, modern VoIP and a cloud temp number for Twitter come to the rescue. Compared to a regular phone, the latest technology offers literally unlimited possibilities:

  • The signal is transmitted over the Internet, which allows you to stay in touch even without wired phone and mobile coverage.
  • Communication is of high quality, reliability, with the uninterrupted operation and at low cost. 
  • Both temporary numbers for Twitter and long-term rental services are available. 
  • The subscriber numbers of many countries are available, which makes it possible to receive calls to the required number from anywhere in the world.
  • An intuitive interface of the site has been developed, the process of connecting the service takes just a few minutes. 
  • It is possible to buy a one-time number for Twitter and other social networks or online portals. 
  • Supplementary tools are provided to improve the quality of communication.

An additional bonus of such services is the possibility to avoid spam calls and mailings to your personal phone in the future. After all, this is not only annoying and time-consuming but also increases the risk of becoming a victim of fraudulent activities with obtaining passwords from personal and work accounts.

And with a virtual number for Twitter registration, there is no need to disclose personal information. In addition, the availability of the service makes it attractive even for long-term use. In this case, modern technologies open up truly new ground.

Virtual number for Twitter

Facilities of HotTelecom VoIP service

HotTelecom provides a full range of VoIP services. Here you can not only buy a temporary phone number for Twitter, but also purchase a number for calls, faxes, and text messages. Different forwarding directions are available depending on the selected service.

This can be a landline or mobile phone, laptop, tablet, another SIP device or Telegram. At the same time, faxes and SMS can be received by e-mail. The service works automatically 24/7, which guarantees instant calls and messages.

Business representatives are offered multichannel subscriber numbers. In the presence of staffed personnel, such a service will provide 100% of reaching out to the customers, employees, and partners. This means that it will increase loyalty to the company and help expand the market of goods and services.

This is also facilitated by the ability to choose a subscriber number for a specific country, especially when conquering a new market. Such a telephone causes a greater loyalty of local clients and provides the usual prices for communication services. In this case, customers may not even know where the contact center operator is located, etc.

And business owners can attract remote employees from different countries, optimizing the cost of customer service. Moreover, even moving to another office will not lead to the loss of established contacts. As all you need to get started is just to connect to the Internet.

Frequently asked questions about temp phone for Twitter

→ register on the website and top up the balance (the minimum top up amount is $ 5)
→ go to the tab ONE-USE SMS NUMBERS
→ select a country that has Twitter in the list of services
→ start registration on Twitter and enter the disposable number issued to you
→ get a confirmation code in the table on the website and enter it on Twitter
→ done! New account on Twitter is registered and the number is confirmed.

No, unfortunately. Disposable numbers are designed to receive SMS verification codes.

→ Make sure that you are entering the number in an international format.
→ Try using the VPN of the issued number’s country.
If nothing helps, try to get another number or choose another country. Funds for the unsuccessful attempts will be recharged to your balance.

You can’t, unfortunately. The number will be archived after use. If you need to receive more than one SMS from a web service, purchase the number for SMS based on the monthly rent with “for registration label”.

Virtual numbers for Twitter SMS

Buying and using a Twitter one-time number

In order for the purchase process to be successful and with a minimum investment of time, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register or log in to the website.
  2. Find the service you need and top up your personal balance in a convenient way.
  3. Select a country and a mobile operator from the list, temp phone number for Twitter and confirm the request.
  4. Go to the Twitter homepage and click the Sign Up button.
  5. Create an account, enter your name, email, and date of birth, and in the phone field, insert the purchased number to receive Twitter SMS.
  6. Receive a confirmation code in your personal account, copy and paste it into the appropriate field on the social network page.
  7. The process of buying a temporary number for Twitter registration and verification of a new account has been successfully completed.

To increase the privacy level of your profile, go to “Advanced Settings”. Here, permission is set to find an account by email address and phone number by default. If necessary, uncheck the boxes next to these functions.

Registering a profile from a mobile phone barely differs from the procedure that is carried out through a computer. The only thing is that you will need to start by downloading the official Twitter app. IPhone owners can do this on the AppStore, and Android smartphone users can use Google Play.

Features of the social network: Twitter

Now you can start filling the page – set a profile picture, fill in the header, and information about yourself. Go through the settings, select the categories of interests, and fully adapt the profile for yourself. And, of course, greet the world with your first social media tweet.

As in other social networks, some Twitter users make their profiles inaccessible to “everyone”. Usually, these are non-public people who want to maintain confidentiality and share information only with a limited number of users. In this case, you first need to subscribe to the selected microblog and wait for permission to read tweets on a permanent basis.

It is important to follow the rules of using the social network so as not to be in the place of the former US President Donald Trump, whose account was finally blocked by Twitter. It is also worth noting that if in the future you need to restore your profile using your phone, it is recommended to consider the possibility of its long-term lease.

Now you know how to buy a Twitter number and use it to create a social media profile. You get an effective tool for building up your online life on the website. And due to the numerous pages, you can successfully conduct advertising campaigns and develop your own online projects. If you have any questions when choosing, paying, or using the service, make sure to contact the specialists of our support service.

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