Direct Virtual Phone Numbers Philippines

Direct Virtual Phone Numbers

This service forwards incoming calls. All calls coming to a virtual number (landline or mobile number for any of the listed countries), are forwarded to the customers specified phone number, Skype or SIP.

How does a virtual number work?

How does a virtual number work?


Advantages of virtual numbers:

  • The direct dial phone number is not geographical. The user keeps the virtual number even if they change their address;
  • Connecting to a virtual number only takes a few minutes;
  • You can buy a virtual number in any country without being physically in it;
  • Phone conversations are encrypted;
  • Connect to additional channels: When there is a large number of calls, a virtual number can easily be extended to support more channels;
  • The ability to carry out one-time advertising campaigns without having to purchase a number on a full time basis;
  • The ability to choose a “vanity” phone number for your company;
  • Control call forwarding from your dashboard in real time.

The user can:

  • Change the forwarding destination;
  • Add an alternative forwarding number in case there is no answer;
  • Create an e-greeting (IVR);
  • Record and connect to voice mail;
  • Download user authentification documents if needed to connect to the numbers;
  • Get online statistics of calls and SMS;
  • Monitor your account balance.

How do you buy a virtual number?

To buy a virtual number, go to the “Prices” section or click “Order”.


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