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Direct Virtual Phone Numbers

Communication with a client is a key to financial success. What is needed to ensure that the marketer’s and sales’ efforts are not wasted?

Firstly, the most important factor is that a client is able to reach the company and order a product or service.

Secondly, to keep a client satisfied, a salesperson should understand and deal with any clients’ trouble or concern in time.

For receiving any number of calls and processing them correctly (forwarding) we offer a service of DIRECT VIRTUAL NUMBER from Hottelecom.

How does a virtual number work?

How does a virtual number work?


Advantages of a virtual number:

  • a possibility to connect a number of any country from the available on the website (more than 100 countries);
  • a connection of additional channels in case of call traffic increase;
  • number choice, including “attractive number”;
  • a possibility of purchasing a number for a limited period for advertising campaigns, marketing researches or one-time event;
  • accessibility for clients and partners from other countries;
  • optimization of telecommunication cost in case of a distribute office or a big number of departments in various regions;
  • simple integration with call-centers and contact centers;
  • call-forwarding management using a personal account in real time

User can:

  • change the forwarding destination;
  • set up an alternative forwarding direction in case of no reply;
  • connect an Interactive Voice Response (IVR);
  • record and connect Automatic Voice Mail;
  • upload documents for user’s identification if required;
  • get online access to Call and SMS Statistics Section;
  • Control the flow of funds on a balance.

How can you buy a virtual number?

To buy a virtual number, go to the “Prices” section or click “Order”.


Virtual numbers

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