Traditional landline and mobile phone services often fail to meet the needs of modern businesses and individual customers. For example, when there is a need for an additional permanent or temporary phone number for Viber.

Then IP telephony comes to the rescue – a digital telephone connection that works over the Internet. This signal transmission technology does not require the installation of expensive equipment.

And it demonstrates high coherence, mobility, and efficiency. Cloud telephony brings many new useful features and benefits. And the decision to buy a virtual number for Viber can help in many matters of personal and business communication.

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Assigning a virtual number for Viber registration

With the growth in the number of smartphone users, many instant messengers emerged – such as programs for exchanging calls and text messages. Viber is especially popular in the Russian-speaking area.

It provides easy and secure access to high-quality communications anywhere in the world with access to the worldwide network. Thus, even without using the mobile Internet, you can communicate with family, friends, clients, or colleagues via Wi-Fi protocol.

Registration in the messenger, as in many modern portals, requires the use of a mobile phone. This is required for the identification of the user and the security of his personal data. Application developers discourage attempts to have more than one profile. However, in some cases, it is critical to remain anonymous.

For example, if you use your account for business purposes and do not want clients to see the “online” icon in the messenger in your free time. Of course, you can get several SIM cards for different profiles. But there is a simpler and faster solution – to buy a virtual number for Viber registration.

Such a number for Viber is not tied to a specific physical SIM card. However, it allows a custom verification message to be received and authenticated. And in the future, to receive calls and messages to your usual mobile phone by setting up call forwarding.

Thus, you can ensure the confidentiality of information, hide your real number, divide contacts into work and personal, or solve other problems.

Virtual number for Viber

Advantages of a virtual number for Viber

In addition to greater privacy, it is worth buying a number for Viber due to the following advantages:

  • Geography. Our service offers the maximum amount of subscriber numbers for different cities and countries. This makes it possible to choose your current “location”. Which is especially convenient for communicating with clients and doing business abroad.
  • Saving time. Connection of a permanent or one-time number for Viber is carried out online. The user doesn’t need to leave the house or sign any documents.
  • Call forwarding. In addition to a mobile phone, you get the option to forward incoming calls and messages to any device that supports IP telephony. It can be a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. And also receive incoming SMS by email.
  • Mobility. This is one of the main advantages, why it is worth buying a temporary number for Viber registration and communication in general. It allows you to maintain an established connection when relocating, during a business trip or vacation. At the same time, to use convenient routing by user group, time of day, call geography, and other parameters.
  • Scaling. It is possible to purchase an infinite amount of subscriber numbers. And it is comfortable to manage their settings through your personal account on our website. For example, to change the direction of call transfer at any time.

Buying a one-time number for Viber registration

So, you came up with the idea to buy a temporary number for Viber. This can be done by any legal entity or individual located anywhere in the world. First, you need to sign up on our website. Or if you have done so before, log in to your personal account.

Then get acquainted with working conditions, prices, and a list of available options. Our service works on a prepaid basis, so you need to top up your account for the price of connecting the service and at least one monthly fee, or if you buy a one-time SMS, then just top up the balance for the cost of this one-time number.

Then make a purchase and set routing to your phone, email, or URL address. Be sure to pay attention to the accuracy of indicating your contact details.

Frequently asked questions about Viber phone numbers

Register on our website, fund your balance (minimal recharge sum is $5), go to ONE-USE NUMBERS page. Choose a country which has Viber in it’s list of services and order the number. Initiate registration on Viber and follow the guidelines. Whole process will take less than five minutes.

Some browsers block auto page refresh functions, so you might not be able to see the code. Please, try using our services through another browser.

The funds for unused numbers will return to your balance in several minutes. After that, you can purchase a new number and try to register on Viber again.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer these kinds of services. However, you always may get a new number in order to register a new Viber account.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible.

You will be the only person with the access to the code sent to the chosen number. You could find it in the orders table opened via ONE-USE SMS in the personal cabinet.

VoIP for Viber

Using a temporary number for Viber registration

This procedure consists of several simple steps and is identical for different messengers:

  1. Download the Viber app for your smartphone from GoogleMarket or AppStore.
  2. Install the application on your phone and start the registration procedure.
  3. When prompted for a number, enter a virtual number for accepting Viber SMS. 
  4. Read Viber activation SMS on our website or to another number according to the forwarding settings.
  5. Enter a special code in the application to complete the activation.
  6. Use a new account for calls, messages, and work on different portals.

Such a subscriber number is almost identical to the standard one. The only difference is the lack of binding to a physical SIM card. Now you can save money on communication with subscribers from anywhere in the world, keeping your real phone secret.

You can make voice and video calls, exchange short texts, send files, create public channels and chats. And with all this – use a cheap and reliable connection with forwarding to the devices you selected. There are undoubtedly significant benefits to buying a one-time number for Viber.

Additional features of the number for Viber SMS

Cloud technologies allow you to implement various additional functions. This can be useful both for working with instant messengers and for communicating in a regular telephone mode.

So, as such a service, you can set a greeting message, activate voice mail, blacklist, receive faxes, and much more. For business purposes, a multichannel line will be useful, which will provide 100% dial-up to all potential customers. And also the Toll free 800 option, thanks to which incoming calls for subscribers will be completely free.

You also need to understand that if the service has expired, then reinstalling the messenger and some other actions will become unavailable. Since, in order to re-enter your account, you will need an SMS code that comes to the subscriber number entered during registration.

In addition, the execution of monetary transactions usually also requires entering a confirmation code. Therefore, if you plan to perform such actions, it is recommended to leave the cloud phone with you.

If you cannot decide on the choice of services or want to clarify something, we encourage you to contact our support specialists. They will advise you and help you make the right decision.

By buying a disposable number for registering Viber, you get an additional account in the popular messenger. And you open up endless possibilities for communication with the whole world!

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