Have you ever tried to find a hotel near your area? More than often, there are so many choices you can choose from. And that’s great! But on the other hand, the sheer number of hotels in one area should be enough to tell you how competitive the hospitality industry is.

Everyone needs to make sure they are ahead of everyone else, and one of the key factors in ensuring that is having a flawless line of communication. Furthermore, this means that setting a phone system for hotels should be a top priority from day one.

And a VoIP solution for hotels is one of the most innovative solutions to make a lot of things easier.

Its main difference from a traditional phone system is that it uses a VoIP phone service provider, which hosts the entire setup online or via the internet.

This eliminates the need to set up phone cables, and install equipment across the entire hotel. Instead, it’s a less time-consuming setup that can be ready in just a few minutes.

But don’t let the easy setup fool you. This option typically can give you a lot more features so you can drive in more business and more income for your hotel.

Improve your hotel sales with our VoIP service

With Hottelecom.com, we can offer you the right hotel VoIP system that is specifically tailored for your business needs.

You can have all the collaborative tools that you need that you can navigate easily, so you can do your job more efficiently, generate more sales for your company, improve customer service satisfaction, and create an impeccable reputation in the hospitality industry.

But aside from ensuring that your hotel can operate your business as usual, switching to a VoIP phone number also gives you the edge in driving up your sales and income.

One of the best examples is with hotel listings. It is much easier to manage this and for potential customers to reach out to you and contact you if they are able to call you directly from the search results on the web.

It saves them precious time and the convenience they experience is a major plus point for you. This is just one of the many ways you can have an edge against competitors in the business.

And if you want to know more about how we can further customize your setup for you, do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call to get started.

What else should you know about VoIP numbers for hotels?

Hotel phone systems are more than just a means of communication within the hotel staff. It also serves as a lifeline between hotel staff and customers, between hotel staff and suppliers, and among businessmen staying in your hotel.

It’s a crucial feature that ensures that everything is always working smoothly. However, it doesn’t mean that the setup must be complicated and confusing.

Nowadays, almost everything is set up through the internet, and having an entire phone system is actually no different. The following are just some of the many advantages you can expect when choosing this option.

  • It gives you hassle-free management. Setting up an elaborate phone system for an entire hotel can be really expensive and labor-intensive. It also takes weeks for everything to be set up properly, and if anything starts malfunctioning, that adds up to more downtime. But with a hotel VoIP system, everything is hosted through the web and the phone system for the entire hotel can be managed in one place and in one dashboard.
  • It’s incredibly cost-effective. Not only is the initial setup cost usually much smaller compared to a traditional phone system. You are also cutting the cost to set up anything additionally in case you have an expansion at the hotel. You get the same hassle-free process regardless of whether you’re running a small hotel or thinking of expanding by adding an entire floor.
  • It ensures customer satisfaction. One of the reasons people stay at hotels is so they don’t have to worry about certain things they might otherwise do if they’re staying over at a relative’s house. They expect to be attended to and some of their basic needs met. Attentive hotel staff, quick response time when they call the hotel, or even requesting to have their own phone set up for them—all of these can easily be accomplished with such an uncomplicated PBX setup.
  • It’s customizable to meet your specific business needs. Regardless if you’re running a small hotel or a huge one, having VoIP numbers work for you to meet your specific business needs. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a seamless setup or have to worry about low-quality service if you need to cut back on your budget. You can specify your needs and we at Hottelecom.com can discuss how we can get it working for you.

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