How to Sign Up for Twitter without phone number?

The microblogging social network for posting short messages, Twitter, is extremely popular all over the world.

Today, the monthly attendance of the resource reaches almost 200 million people. To register on the social network, you will need a phone number, where you should receive an SMS with a confirmation code to verify the page.

At the same time, many future users are forced to decide how to register on Twitter without specifying a personal phone number. HotTelecom provides efficient VoIP services without being tied to a SIM card or physical location.

Who needs to sign up without a phone and why?

The need for a virtual phone to get a Twitter account may arise in the following cases:

  • No access to the phone. Even if a smartphone is lost or broken, cloud telephony makes it possible to register on a social network. And successfully communicate with the whole world through a laptop or computer.
  • There is no desire to disclose personal data. Many active Internet users have encountered annoying advertising mailings, fraudulent “lottery wins”, etc. The digital service helps to avoid similar situations in the future.
  • You need to create an additional account. Often there is a need to create a separate page for business or to differentiate between blog topics. In order not to buy a separate SIM card for each profile, it is recommended to use a cloud virtual phone.

In addition, a social network may block accounts due to a possible violation of the Rules or Terms of Service and other reasons. In such situations, you have to decide how to re-register on Twitter.

Since the system does not allow creating a profile with the same phone number, the best option is cloud telephony services.

Twitter without phone number from HotTelecom

How to sign up on Twitter without a phone number?

To register on a social network using a virtual phone, use the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Sign up on If you are already our client, please log in to your personal account.
  2. Get acquainted with the working conditions, deposit the required amount into the account in any convenient way.
  3. Select the required service, confirm the order and wait for the number to appear in your profile.
  4. Go to the Twitter homepage and select Register.
  5. Enter your personal data, and in the phone field, specify the purchased digital subscriber number.
  6. After receiving an SMS with a confirmation code, return to your personal account and copy the digital combination.
  7. Paste the code into the appropriate registration field and confirm the action.

Now you know how to sign up on Twitter from your computer without specifying your personal phone number. You can create any number of accounts, but each requires a separate digital subscriber number.

For greater confidentiality, it is recommended to prohibit finding the profile by phone and e-mail. To do this, please uncheck the boxes in front of the corresponding options in the settings.

Those who are looking for information on “how to sign up to Twitter via phone” should download the official app. And then repeat the same steps as when creating a profile using a computer.

iPhone users traditionally download the application from the AppStore and the owners of Android devices – from the Google Play store.

What are the advantages of HotTelecom?

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The service works automatically, calls and messages are redirected instantly. Business tools are provided to improve the quality of communication – multi-channel lines, free incoming calls, call statistics, and more.

Contact us, and we will promptly help with solving the problem of how to register on Twitter, VK, Facebook, Telegram, Google, and many other online resources. Make sure to contact our support team if you still have any questions about the digital services.

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