Nowadays, almost no one person can imagine himself and his life without mobile gadgets. With their help, communication is carried out, while calls are made not only through a SIM card but also messengers and special programs.

Social networks are constantly tightening the rule regarding advertising, due to which many Facebook, VKontakte, Telegram accounts are banned. Due to this, you have to create new accounts and profiles.

Constant purchase of new SIM cards is expensive and unprofitable, so the demand for virtual telegram numbers is growing. Usually, a temp number for Telegram is used for mass registrations in social networks, trading platforms, forums, and other services for spam, mass liking, mass following.

Telegram Messenger is a handy program that allows you to exchange messages and media files in real time. It is a direct competitor to Viber and WhatsApp and is used by 100 million people around the world.

To sign up in it, it is sufficient to buy a virtual telegram number, which differs a little from a regular mobile number in terms of appearance, but works based on the principle of forwarding.

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Where is the virtual Telegram number used?

Many people value privacy and confidentiality, so they don’t want to advertise their personal phone numbers. However, if they have to communicate at work a lot and constantly, then they can buy a telephone number for a telegram.

You can get number for Telegram in a couple of clicks on the Hottelecom website. The option to create a Telegram account without a phone eliminates the need to bind not only to the SIM card but also to the phone because any gadget with access to the Internet will come in handy.

If you need a number for a while, you can use one-time numbers for telegram.

This service has a number of advantages:

  • no need to buy multiple SIM cards;
  • it is possible to create any quantity of personal profiles;
  • buying and using a virtual number for telegram is inexpensive;
  • you can log into your profile telegram without phone number.

Using the virtual telegram number, you can safely and efficiently carry out mass sending of the created advertisements and certain personal information. If the profile is suddenly blocked, then you can easily create a new one using another virtual number for the telegram.

Virtual number for Telegram
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What is the virtual telephone number for Telegram registration?

Telegram messenger has become the best tool for working with SIP-telephony. Thanks to it, you can not only receive calls from customers but also call them.

There are 2 types of online virtual number for telegram registration – disposable number and permanent. The fee is charged 1 time for a one-time number for telegram, while a permanent analog should be paid monthly.

It can be used conveniently at any time while maintaining confidentiality. Usually, telegram registration without a telephone is an opportunity to receive a paid, better quality service received at the disposable of a permanent virtual mobile.

A one-time telegram phone number is most often used when creating new profiles in different social networks, instant messengers, and other servers where verification is required.

Creating a profile without a number, but using a one-time mobile phone, is a convenient function if the subscriber seeks to regularly apply a new profile to the service. If the account needs to be used for a long time during the working process, if you need to change the standard settings in it, then it is worth buying a virtual number for a telegram from Hottelecom.

Telegram supports VoIP technology (voip number telegram), so you can receive sms online when you connect your PC or phone to the network via a cable, modem, or phone adapter. Messages through a virtual telegram number are quite safe since this messenger uses a special protocol built on proven algorithms that are compatible with high-speed delivery and reliability even with a weak connection.

The app also supports end-to-end encrypted secret chat along with self-destructing messages that leave no data on servers.

How to create a Telegram account without a SIM card from Hottelecom?

HotTelecom provides a wide range of telecommunications services in dozens of countries around the world. The company’s clients can connect virtual phone number Telegram in any country, for example, American telegram number, virtual fax, multichannel, virtual SMS numbers, disposable SMS numbers, as well as virtual PBXs that can be used for business and personal use.

Online numbers for telegram registration are one of the options available to every owner of a virtual number. It is quite easy to become a Hottelecom client, for this you need:

  • sign up on the company’s website and register a personal account;
  • choose a number from the list;
  • specify a country/region and choose a number (including “nice” one);
  • determine the direction for call forwarding (Telegram);
  • pay for the service according to the tariff plan.

By purchasing a telegram number, you can increase the number of forwarding channels. A wide range of VoIP services and excellent call quality are quite affordable.

HotTelecom supports a variety of payment methods including e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Besides, we can choose a “nice” easy-to-remember number that will attract new customers.

Hottelecom provides complete confidentiality of its customers’ data. If you need to receive and distribute numerous calls, we recommend buying a virtual telegram number from HotTelecom company.

Frequently asked questions about Telegram phone numbers

Unfortunately, it’s impossible. Disposable number service is meant for one-time use.

In order to register in Telegram we recommend using the mobile version, afterwards, you can log into the web version.

Make sure that you have entered a number in the correct format or try choosing another one. Your balance will be refunded with the amount equal to the price of the unused number automatically in several minutes.

There is a chance that your browser is blocking the automatic page refreshing system, try switching to another browser.

Yes, you can sign up in Telegram with a one-time virtual mobile number for telegram of any country if this messenger is on the list of available services.

The SMS will appear on the purchase page in the “SMS-text” column in one minute.

Virtual Number for Telegram from HotTelecom

Reasons to buy a number for Telegram registration

This service appeared in the communications segment not so long ago and is already in great demand, since it remains a cost-effective way of communicating with colleagues, customers, partners, etc. Besides, the use of SIP technologies allows free use of IP telephony, video communication, voice mail, fax, etc.

With IP telephony and virtual telegram number you will receive:

  • continuous communication. If one phone cannot receive an incoming call, then it is redirected to the messenger of another free operator;
  • reducing maintenance costs. Connecting and configuring virtual numbers for telegram is cheaper than landline telephones while allowing you to refuse unnecessary maintenance services;
  • saving on landline and long-distance calls;
  • scalability. At any time, you can add channels and phone lines, while the voice will sound in HD quality.

The service of telegram virtual numbers for SMS from HotTelecom is used not only in offices or large companies. With the help of virtual telephony, it is possible to unload city telephone lines from incoming calls.

Employees who work in different branches or remotely will be able to professionally perform their duties and communicate in a team. The only drawback of this server is the reference of the connection to the Internet, that is, if the network is lost, the call will be interrupted.

How to buy a Telegram number?

To become a HotTelecom customer and buy telegram phone number, follow these steps:

  • sign up on the company’s website or enter the personal account;
  • top up the balance on the account;
  • specify the country/region;
  • select the city code;
  • specify settings for a call or SMS forwarding;
  • specify the period of validity of the virtual phone number for telegram;
  • check the accuracy of the specified data and confirm the order.

The virtual temporary phone number for telegram registration is not tied to a single address or location of subscribers. Subscribers who will write or call there do not worry about spending money on roaming.

Compared to any mobile operators, a virtual number asks for a significantly lower amount of costs during negotiations. By purchasing a telegram number from Hottelecom, you will be able to transfer data and make calls at affordable rates.

We will help you set up your internal corporate network and provide other benefits. With us, you can count on complete confidentiality and technical support around the clock. If you want to learn more about receiving telegram SMS, you can contact our managers by emailing at [email protected].

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