Looking to sign up in Uber as a driver or passenger without specifying your personal phone number? A popular cloud telephony service will come to the rescue – a virtual number for Uber.

This subscriber number is not tied to an ordinary physical SIM card, and you do not need to be in the mobile coverage area to receive a text message. VoIP is based on technology of digital signal transmission over the Internet.

Therefore, you only need stable access to the global network to connect to the service and receive an SMS code.

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Not long ago, a future client had to dial via phone to book a taxi. But with the development of the technology and mobile programs, convenient applications have replaced ordinary calls. The most famous of them today is the Uber service.

It is interesting that the idea of this business came to mind of its co-founder, entrepreneur Travis Kalanick in Paris when he could not order a taxi. And already in the next 2009, an American company was registered, and a proprietary application was developed.

It was called after the slang version of the word “super”. Initially, only solid executive class cars worked in SuperTaxi. However, in 2012, the list of cars was increased to include budget models, which led to business expansion and active international growth.

Virtual number for Uber

Company advantages

Buying a virtual number for Uber registration and using the service allow drivers to receive a stable and fairly high income. And at the same time work on your own car or the cars of taxi companies and partners.

Currently, the commission of the main company from each order is about 20%, and the rest of the payment goes personally to the taxi driver. In most countries, the company’s commission is slightly higher and can go up to 33%.

Different countries have their own package of service options. For example, “Family Profile” allows parents to connect their children and other family members to their plan.

This gives adults the opportunity not only to make payments for trips but also to track the movement of the car. The “UberPool” option is designed to pick up fellow travelers along the route and share the cost of the trip with them.

There are also services for transportation of animals, delivering food to your home, ordering water transport, etc.

This service for finding, booking, and paying for a taxi is popular in many countries of the world due to its numerous advantages:

  • convenient car reservation;
  • tracking the location of the taxi on the map; 
  • fast delivery of the ordered car; 
  • accurate preliminary information about the price of the trip;
  • the option to pay by card, cash, or phone;
  • simple and useful application functionality.

Frequently asked questions about Uber SMS numbers

→ register on our website and top up your balance
→ go to the tab ONE-TIME SMS
→ select the country that has Uber in the list of services
→ follow the simple instructions and confirm the issued number in the application
→ your Uber account is ready!

Yes, you can. As many as you like. Request numbers and register.

Unfortunately, that is impossible. Request a new number and create a new account.

Unfortunately, you can’t use it again. One-use SMS numbers are permanently archived after successful use.

One-time number for Uber

Using the taxi service

After purchasing the number for receiving Uber SMS and verifying the account, the client gets access to a profitable and convenient service. An application with an intuitive interface loads almost instantly.

And the exact price of the trip is displayed when the client indicates where he is looking to go. When ordering a car, the passenger sees the nearest cars on the map and selects the category of the car and its driver.

The address where you need to submit the car is determined by the program using GPS-device. All users are evaluated by a rating, which helps passengers decide on the right car. At the same time, participants with a too low rating are blocked by the system.

A separate application has been developed for drivers. Both apps can be downloaded from the Play Market or the App Store, depending on the operating system of the device. The system stores detailed information about the account, work statistics, the amount of money earned, and other parameters.

Also, there is a rating of the driver indicated by the number where the Uber SMS was received. The rating speaks to his competence, adequacy, and plays a major role when the passenger chooses a taxi.

The program automates the work of a taxi driver as follows:

  • activating the “get on the line” option triggers the start of sound notifications about potential customers;
  • to accept an order, you just need to touch the display anywhere;
  • after boarding the passenger into the cabin and pressing the “start” button, the navigator plots a path to the destination;
  • a green color indicator indicates the need to pay in cash upon arrival at the destination and activation of “complete”.

Specifics of registration using a temporary number for Uber

All users – drivers and passengers – must pass the registration. During the process, you need to provide your full name, email address, bank, or payment system details, and phone number.

In some cases, users do not want or cannot provide a real subscriber number, so they buy a virtual number for Uber. This can be caused by a variety of reasons.

They include an intention to protect personal information, and the negative reputation of the old subscriber number in the system, and the opportunity to receive several promotional codes with discounts.

Nowadays, there are offers on the network to buy a ready-made Uber account, but this is not recommended. The company is attentive to the operation and security of the service, which makes suspicious accounts instantly banned.

As a result, you can spend money and after a day be left with a blocked profile.

The optimal solution is to buy a number for Uber and go through the entire registration process yourself. Moreover, binding a subscriber number takes just a couple of minutes.

Getting an account with the one-time number for Uber

To use the service, you need to go through a simple procedure of several steps:

  1. Sign up on our website and learn more about the terms and conditions of work.
  2. Top up your personal account by bank transfer, payment system, or cryptocurrency.
  3. Select the required service and buy a virtual number for Uber registration.
  4. Copy the subscriber number and paste it into the request field when registering a profile in Uber.
  5. Return to your personal account on our website, receive an SMS, copy the confirmation code, and paste it into Uber to verify the user.

Uber SMS activation was successful. Now you can use all the advantages of the application for working as a driver or ordering a taxi.

Please note that you must use a different email address when registering an additional account. Thus, each individual user is tied to a specific subscriber number and e-mail.

What does our company offer to clients?

We offer reliable, secure, and affordable rental of Uber temporary phone numbers. The first time you use the taxi booking application, you enter the received subscriber number. And in the future, you can freely work with a new account without issues or restrictions.

Our service stands out for security and variety of cloud telephony services, user-friendly interface, and affordable prices. Our Uber numbers cover more than 90 countries around the world, and also have many additional functional options.

You can order both one-time and long-term rental of subscriber numbers for calls, SMS, and faxes. You can finally decide on the choice of a suitable service and get answers to all questions with the help of our support service.

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