How to use Telegram without phone number?

Recently, obtaining a profile on many Internet resources requires user identification via SMS. This procedure is designed to protect your account, but in some cases, specifying a personal subscriber number is impossible.

Then the question arises – how to register in Telegram without a phone number? After all, the popular messenger allows you to communicate, share files, look for work, promote products, and much more.

Our company offers to use convenient and affordable services of modern VoIP.

Who needs a virtual phone and why?

The technology of signal transmission over the Internet allows anyone who wants to rent a subscriber number from almost any country in the world. To register an account in telegrams, you just need to order a number online and proceed to the verification of your profile.

This digital service can come in handy in the following cases:

  1. High level of anonymity. The service allows you to maintain anonymity, protect yourself from unnecessary advertising mailings and prevent possible fraudulent activities.
  2. Corporate security. Social networks and instant messengers have long been convenient marketing tools. At the same time, business tasks require special confidentiality and information protection. Ordering a virtual subscriber number will help solve the problem – how to Sign Up for Telegram from a computer without a phone.
  3. Option to create multiple profiles. If you are already registered in the messenger, the system will not allow you to create a second profile with the same phone number. In order not to buy a SIM card, it is convenient to use a cloud subscriber number. You can rent any number of services to register the required number of accounts.

In addition, some users are faced with sanctions from the site, and then the question arises – how to register in Telegram after blocking? Moreover, an account or channel ban can be obtained, for example, for promoting an info product or “fake engagement” of subscribers.

In this case, virtual telephony will also help, which will make it possible to create a new profile without specifying a personal phone.

Thus, our service is useful for both individuals and legal entities. With our help, you will receive a full-fledged account in the messenger and remain anonymous to the system. And your phone definitely will not get in the database of numbers that cybercriminals trade on the Internet.

Telegram without phone number from HotTelecom

How to sign up in Telegram online?

To do this, you need to rent a temporary subscriber number and use it during the registration process. The purchase takes a minimum of time and is carried out as follows:

  1. Sign up on the website of our company.
  2. Log in to your personal account and top up your personal account for the required amount.
  3. Order a cloud subscriber number, check all the data and confirm the request.
  4. To solve the problem – how to register in Telegram without phone number on a laptop, you need to go to the main page of the messenger in the browser.
  5. Download and install the application for a computer, taking into account the platform – Windows or macOS.
  6. Follow the instructions of the system, and when prompted by the phone, insert the digital subscriber number.
  7. Return to your personal account on our website, copy the received confirmation code and complete the account verification process.

When you ask how to register in Telegram on iPhone, you need to download the corresponding application in the AppStore. And then proceed in the same way. Owners of smartphones on the Android operating system download the Telegram application on Google Play.

What are the advantages of our service?

HotTelecom offers one-time and long-term services for various purposes. You can order the rental of a digital subscriber number from us for registration on popular online platforms.

Or a telephone from one of more than 90 countries of the world for calls, faxes, and test messages. Our services are reliable and low cost. Payment for services is available in 100+ ways.

And a high level of signal security allows you to guarantee the security of information. Now you know how to create Telegram account without phone number. If you have any questions about how digital services work, please contact our support team. We work for you 24/7.

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