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Choose a sip number in your local area code. Purchase additional sip numbers for your business at any time. Connect the way you want.Get 40+ standard PBX features with a virtual phone number from Hottelecom and supercharge the way you communicate with customers.

From anywhere in the world!

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How to connect SIP number

Sign up

Select a number

Specify the forwarding type:
to email or to a phone

Pay for the number

The benefits of SIP numbers:

  • the ability to connect the number of any country available on the website (more than 70 countries);
  • the ability to choose a number (even a “beautiful” phone number);
  • confidentiality of personal data;
  • the ability to connect a number for advertising campaigns, marketing research or one-time promotions for a limited period;
  • availability for customers and partners worldwide;
  • real-time management of message forwarding from your personal account.

With SIP Numbers users are able to:

  • to change forwarding destination (SIP device, SIP program phone number, etc.);
  • to download users ID in case it is required to connect the number;
  • to get access to call statistics online;
  • to control account balance.

Get SIP Number with Hottelecom

Greet callers to your sip number with a phone menu and voicemail. Automatically forward calls to one or multiple sip numbers so callers can reach the right place the first time. Make your business professional and efficient! A phone system that goes wherever you go. Enable your smartphone to access, manage and become your HotTelecom extension.

Forwards calls anywhere!

Easily forward calls to your mobile phone, business phone or practically anything that rings. Your sip number can go with you everywhere, but only if you want it to.

Know a personal call from a work one.

Know who's calling and whether they called your personal classic number or sip number, both of which can be easily identified on the same mobile device with caller ID or announcements.

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