A SIP number is a virtual DID number that caters to local and international calls as well. SIP phone numbers can be used for incoming and outgoing calls. In addition to this, your SIP phone number from Hottelecom includes significant features like IVR, caller ID, call recording, routing capability, and more!

In the past, a phone number was assigned to work only for a single particular phone line which was physically attached from a phone company to its destination, whether home or office location. Thus, calls made to this phone number could only be sent and received to a specific location.

SIP numbers remove these physical barriers and provide your business the freedom of total control and flexibility in receiving calls. When used with VoIP SIP provider, virtual numbers can be directly purchased from Hottelecom.

Once activated, you can then let your clients or customers who are located in different cities and states call you by simply dialing a local phone number using their local area code. SIP DID number help you establish a virtual and solid presence in places where you are not physically located while diminishing the cost of your inbound calls.

How to get a sip phone number or other VoIP functions?

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Improve Your Business with SIP Phone Service

It is known that more and more companies are now replacing their traditional phone lines with SIP forwarding because of its effective solution for a growing business. Detailed below are the different ways how SIP phone service can enhance your business.

  • It eliminates the cost of expensive physical equipment – unlike the traditional business telephone line, a SIP phone number is virtually connected and doesn’t need additional or expensive equipment.
  • Smooth operation – merging your data and voice traffic in one access service is cost-efficient and more effective than paying for separate Internet services.
  • Cutting the cost of long-distance call charges – since SIP calls are conveyed over the Internet, long-distance calls are far less expensive.
  • Total flexibility – since SIP mobile number are not fixed to a single destination, you can increase your virtual presence in any location your provider is situated.

There are times that technical failures happen, so it is important to find a SIP phone service provider with around the clock network monitoring.

With Hottelecom, you are assured that we provide network redundancy to give you an alternate route for your business calls in case of technical failures and outages.

How Does SIP Work

One way to reduce your costs around your office especially when it comes to communication is simply switching from the traditional office phone system to SIP phone service. With SIP, forward calls do not need a physical connection to a phone company.

Instead, your current Internet connection will be virtually installed with a SIP trunk, hence, allowing you to connect to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) via the Internet.

This cost-effective way of communication will significantly reduce your business phone bill, allowing you to pay for less than 70% of your traditional phone charges. There is no wonder that this big difference in your communication costs would happen!

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Frequently asked questions about SIP numbers

A SIP account is an account in the program with which you can make and receive calls over the Internet. Its principle of operation is similar to Skype or Viber.
You can download any such program (they are also called softphones) and log in with our data.
We will provide the SIP credentials in the softphone free of charge after purchasing the number. You can request this data yourself in the “SIP Settings” section of your personal account.

In the number settings, select forwarding to SIP and fill in the data entry field.

You can set sequential forwarding to SIP and phone number. If the SIP is not answered within the set timeout, the incoming call will be automatically transferred to the specified phone number.

Yes, you can. Outgoing calls are possible only from a SIP account and are connected separately as an additional service.
→ Outgoing calls are paid, their cost is not included in the virtual number rental fee. Calls are billed per second (without specifying the leased number) or per minute (with specifying the leased number).
→ Outgoing calls – an additional service that is not technically tied to the rented number, is not activated by default and is connected upon request to [email protected]
→ The service of substituting a rented number as a Caller ID is possible, but not guaranteed.

SIP phone numbers from HotTelecom

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Get SIP Number with Hottelecom

Since you’ve already known that SIP phone service can tremendously support you and your business in terms of growth, it is essential to learn the main benefits of SIP calling and the impact on your business.

  • The fact that you are virtually connected through the Internet gives you cost-effective communication.
  • Instead of the traditional per-minute charges, you can use the unlimited toll-free calling.
  • There is no need for you to purchase or install expensive hardware.
  • Since there is no service interference, you don’t have to worry about losing your clients or your business.
  • While physical communication lines can sometimes fail you because of power outages or bad weather, with SIP calling, you can ensure reliable and high-quality calls.
  • You are building a strong local presence for your clients and prospects.
  • An integrated communication system since you don’t need to subscribe to different services for voice and data.

It may seem to you that SIP phone service is a complex system. Here at Hottelecom, we eliminate that kind of perception, and instead, we make it simple for you to manage to the point that you don’t have to depend on your IT team for technical support.

Are you having the second thought? Send us a message, and we will be glad to assist you and explain everything you need to know!

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