How to make a virtual SIM card?

Modern telephone communication allows you to exchange calls, SMS, and faxes without wires, physical “SIM cards” and outside the mobile coverage area. What is a virtual SIM card? This is a VoIP telephony service based on the data transmission protocol over the Internet. The audio signal is converted into digital format, received by the receiving side, and reformatted into its original form. As a result, the caller hears a normal voice. At the same time, any user can order a one-time or long-term virtual number for calls, SMS, or faxes.

Usage of virtual phone services

It is quite easy to understand how a virtual SIM card works. In fact, this is a real city or mobile phone number, which is served by a virtual service provider. The difference from usual phones is only in the way data is transmitted over the Internet connection. Since all physical equipment is on the side of the company providing VoIP services, the user only needs access to the Internet.

A virtual number is convenient for the following purposes:

  • Addition to a real phone number. The digital service helps to separate personal and business contacts, create several profiles in the messenger or social network, etc.
  • Replacing a real phone. Cloud service is required when using a regular number is undesirable. The service helps to test an unknown Internet resource, register anonymously on a dating site, avoid advertising spam when submitting ads online, etc.
  • Business communication. Cloud telephony is indispensable for organizing communication within the company and customer service. And thanks to additional functions, it can become an effective tool for improving the quality of telephone communications.

The order and payment of a virtual phone number are carried out online. In this case, the user independently sets the settings for forwarding calls and messages – to a landline or mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. To receive and send calls and messages from computer devices, you need to install a special SIP application.

How to create a virtual SIM card?

To create a virtual number, you need to proceed as follows:

  1. Register on the website, enter your personal account, familiarize yourself with the working conditions.
  2. Find the service you need, top up your account with the cost of connection and subscription fee for at least a month of use. For one-time services, only rent is paid.
  3. Select a country, city, number. Check all the data and order the service. Wait for confirmation of connecting the service in the form of a letter to the email specified during registration.

If you are interested in the question of how to make a virtual SIM card on an iPhone, the solution will be similar. At the same time, you should specify your real phone number in the forwarding settings. And then incoming calls and messages will be instantly transferred to your iPhone automatically.

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