How to sign up for Steam?

Many Internet users cannot imagine their life without exciting online games and communication with other gamers. The largest gaming service Steam has become a world-famous platform and almost a real social network for gaming enthusiasts.

However, not every user is ready to indicate their personal phone number on the site. And then the question arises – how to create your account on Steam without a number? Modern digital telephony will help you to become a member of the online gaming service and use all its capabilities 100%.

Internet telephony and creating an account on Steam

Digital telephone communication works via the Internet and allows you to rent landline and mobile subscribers from different countries for calls, faxes, and text messages.

Compared to other types of communication, cloud communication has the following advantages:

  • mobility and lack of reference to the user’s geolocation;
  • functioning outside the cellular coverage area;
  • high quality and security of telephone communications;
  • affordable prices and a variety of services.

VoIP successfully helps to solve the problem – how to create a Steam account without specifying a personal phone number. It also allows you to anonymously register on a variety of resources – social networks, messengers, forums, etc.

Moreover, many popular sites prohibit the creation of additional user profiles, which can be successfully bypassed using a virtual subscriber number. At the same time, you do not have to buy a physical SIM card, new equipment, or waste time waiting for a connection.

How to register in STEAM without a phone number? HotTelecom

How to register in Steam without a phone number?

First, you need to buy a digital subscriber number following the next steps:

  1. Register on our website by filling out a short form.
  2. Log into your profile if you have already used HotTelecom services.
  3. Find the service you need, top up your account with the cost of its connection.
  4. Order the service to receive a confirmation code from the online platform.

Please note that the subscriber number is designed for one-time use and has time limits. To register on the site, you need to download and run the appropriate application for the phone, then create an account or enter an existing profile.

Next, find Steam Guard in the menu, select the authenticator binding, and enter the ordered digital subscriber number. Then receive a confirmation code in the form of SMS in your personal account.

This is the best answer to a request – how to create a second Steam account or any desired number of profiles. In the future, if you need to delete the virtual phone data from the profile, you should use email. In the “About account” section, select “Phone number management” and the “Delete” option.

Then carry out a reset through a special code that will come to your email.

HotTelecom advantages

VoIP services that allow you to solve the problem of how to create a new Steam account are provided by many companies. However, the use of free services may be unsafe for the user’s personal data.

A text message with a confirmation code is sent to the general chat, so this information can be used by scammers. And in the worst case, you can completely lose control of your own profile.

While our company has been present in the communication services market for over 12 years, during this time, we have developed the most convenient and affordable service for private and commercial clients. Our specialists provided a simple service interface and took care of communication security.

Reliable encryption protocols guarantee complete confidentiality of the transmitted data. The registration procedure on the site takes a few minutes, and 100+ possible payment methods make using the services comfortable for any client.

We offer a variety of cloud telephony services at affordable prices. And we guarantee a reliable connection, excellent connection quality, and effective communication.

If necessary, support service specialists are ready to promptly answer how to register in Steam and other similar questions. And also help you choose the most suitable digital service for your needs. Connect and enjoy new technologies and incredible gameplay!

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