Call centers have been around for a long time because they present an efficient way to provide service and solutions to customers. Cloud call center solutions are a modern take on this industry where cloud-based call center software is used instead of the traditional phone setup.

This system is designed in a way that a contact center can take in more calls, and for both agents and supervisors to be able to manage the call logs and data much more efficiently.

A web-based call center software can usually power up an entire contact center easily, and different plans usually include a lot of features that let call center agents and managers navigate through a dashboard to let them do their job more efficiently.

And while it’s true that it depends on what type of service or business you are in to determine what kind of cloud-based call center phone system would work best for your team, there are some basics that will be applicable for all situations.

Whether you need a VoIP number mainly for inbound calls or to make outbound calls in order to generate sales, you need a VoIP service provider that understands your business needs and can provide you with a customized solution.

Improve your call center sales with our VoIP service

With the features and plans that we have to offer in HotTelecom, you can cut the cost of your call center solution to almost half, from the initial setup to the succeeding operations.

Switching to a cloud-based contact center doesn’t just literally cut the cord from the traditional PBX setup, but it also means cutting on expenses and maintenance costs.

A glitch or an issue in a traditional setup could mean days of downtime and a huge loss for the company. But with a contact center in the cloud, troubleshooting also becomes a more convenient process.

Since everything is web-based, it would be easier to pinpoint where the issue is, it would involve a much shorter downtime, and it won’t result in a huge loss for the company.

This means that choosing to use a virtual call center software instead means investing in a long-term business solution that not only makes the job easier for the people involved, but also translates to bigger sales, and a higher quality customer service experience.

It’s a holistic approach to improving every aspect of a call center business and it all starts with choosing the correct online VoIP phone service provider that will focus on your specific needs.

What else should you know about VoIP numbers for your call center?

Cloud contact center solutions may be an intimidating concept to understand, especially for someone who had been used to a traditional setup for years. But worry not, with the features and additional services that are included with HotTelecom, it’s not going to be a confusing or time-consuming transition for you and your business. We break down some of the most essential benefits that you will get when you opt for a VoIP service for your call center phone system:

  • Higher call volume capacity. One of the biggest differences with a call center in the cloud compared to a traditional phone system is that it can accommodate a much higher volume of calls. But this doesn’t mean exhausting the people with taking in more calls. On the contrary, it means being able to equally distribute the calls on whoever is most available for a fairer workload.
  • Priority rerouting. With a smart setup, cloud-based contact center solutions have a more effective way to reroute calls with much shorter holding times on the side of the customer. Because the entire rerouting process takes less time, it also means customers don’t tend to wait long or lose their patience during the wait. More customers accommodated also mean higher satisfaction rates for you.
  • Intelligent tools for you and your customers. HotTelecom understands that having a system that works doesn’t apply just to you. It should also be felt by your customers who need to contact you. This is why from the initial setup, to the IVR menu, to the dashboard that agents use to process the calls, everything is streamlined, easy to understand, and easy to manage. No data overload causing confusion and more backlogs or delays.  
  • Easy control and maintenance. HotTelecom also takes into consideration the learning curve of everyone, that’s why from the get-go, you will not have to spend days or even weeks learning the system. It only takes minutes to adapt to the switch, and it takes no time to master it.

Apart from these benefits, using VoIP numbers, in general, makes any business more flexible and mobile. It means it also makes expansion or relocation in the future a breeze and much less time-consuming.

And with the naturally fast-paced environment in the call center industry, it’s a smart move to switch to a phone system that doesn’t tie you down and gives you the freedom and foresight to grow and expand. 

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