Using a virtual number for SMS, you can get a huge number of messages, redirecting them to another phone number or to your e-mail (SMS-to-email). In addition to receiving incoming messages, SMS numbers for some countries can also receive calls (Voice + SMS).

If you’re interested in a temporary (disposable) SMS number, register by going to the prices section.

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How to connect inbound number for SMS

To purchase a number for SMS you need to:

  1. Sign up;
  2. Sign in;
  3. Select “SMS Number” and the number of the country you want;
  4. Specify the phone number or email you want your messages to come to;
  5. Pay for the number

The benefits of virtual SMS numbers:

  • the ability to connect the number of any country available on the website (more than 70 countries);
  • the ability to choose a number (even a “beautiful” phone number);
  • confidentiality of personal data;
  • the ability to connect a number for advertising campaigns, marketing research or one-time promotions for a limited period;
  • availability for customers and partners worldwide;
  • real-time management of message forwarding from your personal account.

A user is able to:

  • to change forwarding destination (phone number, email);
  • to download users ID in case it is required to connect the number;
  • to get access to SMS statistics online;
  • to control account balance.

Please note: HotTelecom guarantees the receiving of SMS only from the numbers of the same country to which the number you purchased belongs. For example, you can receive SMS from German numbers to a connected number in a given country. We do not guarantee receiving of messages from all Internet services and phone numbers of other countries, due to legislative restrictions in force in these countries.

If you are interested in a number that is not on the list you can send an email or write to technical support. We will inform you as soon as this number will be available.

Australia$150$100+61Buy now
Austria$100$100+43Buy now
Bangladesh$50$50+880Buy now
Belarus$50$50+375Buy now
Belgium$100$100+32Buy now
Bulgaria$80$80+359Buy now
Canada$30$15+1Buy now
Chad$100$85+235Buy now
Chile$30$30+56Buy now
Croatia$60$60+385Buy now
Cyprus$100$100+357Buy now
Denmark$90$90+45Buy now
Egypt$50$80+20Buy now
Estonia$10$15+372Buy now
Finland$100$90+358Buy now
France$100$90+33Buy now
Georgia$70$60+995Buy now
Germany$100$100+49Buy now
Greece$60$60+30Buy now
Hungary$70$70+36Buy now
Indonesia$25$25+62Buy now
Ireland$80$80+353Buy now
Israel$7$7+972Buy now
Italy$120$100+39Buy now
Ivory Coast$60$80+225Buy now
Kazakhstan$50$40+7Buy now
Kenya$80$80+254Buy now
Kyrgyzstan$50$60+996Buy now
Latvia$15$15+371Buy now
Luxembourg$100$100+352Buy now
Mexico$50$50+52Buy now
Moldova$30$50+373Buy now
Montenegro$80$60+382Buy now
Morocco$100$100+212Buy now
Netherlands$20$25+31Buy now
Nigeria$70$100+234Buy now
Pakistan$80$70+92Buy now
Philippines$40$60+63Buy now
Poland$20$25+48Buy now
Portugal$80$80+351Buy now
Romania$60$60+40Buy now
Russia$30$50+7Buy now
Slovakia$70$60+421Buy now
Slovenia$70$60+386Buy now
Spain$80$70+34Buy now
Sri Lanka$100$70+94Buy now
Sweden$40$60+46Buy now
Switzerland$100$90+41Buy now
Thailand$50$50+66Buy now
Turkey$120$80+90Buy now
USA$15$10+1Buy now
Ukraine$10$10+380Buy now
United Kingdom$10$20+44Buy now
Uzbekistan$40$55+998Buy now

What you need to know about inbound SMS numbers?

We provide free SIP account after the number connection. You can request SIP in SIP/IAX section of your personal account.

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

Most of phone numbers are connected within 24 hrs after the purchase, except the rare directions

No, these numbers are for SMS only.

At the moment this option is not available

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