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Best virtual phone numbers from HotTelecom

Do you want to provide your office with profitable and high-quality communication? Tired of your old PBX? Do you want to give up bulky equipment? You may have already heard about best virtual phone numbers, but do not know exactly how it works, and what benefits you will get?

IP telephony is a unique type of communication that operates using the Internet. The minimum requirements for the Internet channel are:

  • it should be allocated separately for regular telephony;
  • on each line, the channel width must be more than 100 kb/s.

HotTelecom specialists will carry out a full range of works on launching, configuring, and maintaining modern telephone communications using the IP protocol.

Popular international numbers for calls

The following virtual phone numbers are available:

Argentina$50$26+54Buy now
Armenia$100$75+374Buy now
Australia$30$15+61Buy now
Austria$100$100+43Buy now
Bangladesh$50$50+880Buy now
Belarus$50$50+375Buy now
Belgium$100$100+32Buy now
Bolivia$80$80+591Buy now
Bosnia and Herzegovina$90$50+387Buy now
Brazil$50$34+55Buy now
Bulgaria$80$80+359Buy now
Canada$30$25+1Buy now
Chile$30$25+56Buy now
China$50$30+86Buy now
Colombia$50$30+57Buy now
Costa Rica$50$25+506Buy now
Croatia$50$20+385Buy now
Cyprus$100$100+357Buy now
Czech Republic$25$20+420Buy now
Denmark$50$20+45Buy now
Dominican Republic$50$26+1809Buy now
Egypt$50$80+20Buy now
El Salvador$50$20+503Buy now
Estonia$50$20+372Buy now
Finland$100$90+358Buy now
France$25$20+33Buy now
Georgia$70$60+995Buy now
Germany$50$30+49Buy now
Greece$60$60+30Buy now
Guatemala$50$25+502Buy now
Hong Kong$50$30+852Buy now
Hungary$70$70+36Buy now
India$100$150+91Buy now
Indonesia$80$80+62Buy now
Israel$25$24+972Buy now
Italy$25$34+39Buy now
Japan$50$50+81Buy now
Kazakhstan$50$40+7Buy now
Kenya$50$20+254Buy now
Kyrgyzstan$50$60+996Buy now
Latvia$25$30+371Buy now
Lithuania$25$20+370Buy now
Luxembourg$50$18+352Buy now
Malaysia$50$30+60Buy now
Malta$50$20+356Buy now
Mauritius$80$75+230Buy now
Mexico$50$32+52Buy now
Moldova$50$45+373Buy now
Montenegro$80$60+382Buy now
Morocco$100$100+212Buy now
Namibia$30$40+264Buy now
Netherlands$50$20+31Buy now
New Zealand$50$25+64Buy now
Nicaragua$50$50+505Buy now
Nigeria$100$100+234Buy now
Norway$25$17+47Buy now
Pakistan$100$100+92Buy now
Panama$50$30+507Buy now
Paraguay$100$100+595Buy now
Peru$50$30+51Buy now
Philippines$40$60+63Buy now
Poland$25$20+48Buy now
Portugal$80$80+351Buy now
Puerto Rico$50$20+1787Buy now
Romania$25$25+40Buy now
Russia$30$50+7Buy now
Serbia$60$60+251Buy now
Slovakia$70$60+421Buy now
Slovenia$25$20+386Buy now
South Africa$50$20+27Buy now
Spain$25$20+34Buy now
Sri Lanka$100$70+94Buy now
Sweden$15$15+46Buy now
Switzerland$25$20+41Buy now
Thailand$50$30+66Buy now
Turkey$120$80+90Buy now
USA$15$10+1Buy now
Uganda$30$20+256Buy now
United Arab Emirates$100$100+971Buy now
United Kingdom$15$10+44Buy now
Uzbekistan$40$55+998Buy now
Venezuela$50$35+58Buy now
Vietnam$50$30+84Buy now

What is a voip number and How does IP telephony work?

To use a cloud number that will be able to receive and make calls in unlimited quantities, you need to connect a cloud PBX. You can activate a virtual phone in 1 day on your own or at the expense of a provider. Usually, all work is carried out remotely, you will need a device that can make or receive calls. These include:

  1. Dedicated IP phone. Outwardly, it resembles an office machine that works after providing the Internet. To do this, you need to connect the cable directly to the phone, or it can be also connected to a PC, Wi-Fi router, or IP gateway.
  2. A machine with an IP-gateway. If the office uses the previously installed devices, then each of them must be added to the IP gateway. It converts the voice signal to the digital one at the output.
  3. PC or smartphone with the installed program. You can call from a mobile phone, laptop, or computer, for this it is worth connecting special software.

The employees of the provider company will help to select the equipment for IP telephony. They will take into account the business objectives of the organization, its scope of work, customer base, and other parameters. All operators that are within a single corporate network receive a package of services at an affordable cost: videotelephony, conferences, etc.

The main difference between cloud telephony and analog (fixed) communication is the lack of binding to a specific company address or subscriber’s location. Its features include fast connection and setup, numerous additional communication services, favorable prices for local, international, and long-distance calls.

Popular international SMS numbers

CountrySetupMonthlyCountry Prefix
Hong Kong$0$140+852Buy
United Kingdom0$$15+44Buy
Puerto Rico$10$10+40Buy
Ivory Coast$60$80+225Buy

Popular international disposable numbers

CountryCountry Prefix
China+86Buy now
USA+1Buy now
Indonesia+62Buy now
Malaysia+60Buy now
Philippines+63Buy now
Russia+7Buy now
United Kingdom+44Buy now
Germany+49Buy now
France+33Buy now
Ukraine+380Buy now
Brazil+55Buy now
Estonia+372Buy now

*The price of such numbers depends on the country and the service from which you need to receive SMS. You can clarify this in your personal account or with the manager.

Reasons to buy a VoIP number

Modern Internet telephony has a range of obvious advantages – affordable connection cost, instant scalability, integration support, mobility, etc. Let’s review each of them in more detail:

  1. Affordable cost of the service. Each subscriber can rent a virtual number at home or in the office, it is enough just to make a monthly fee and pay for the service. The tariff for a month of use (e.g. SIP numbers) is calculated individually, based on the region of use, the number of additional services, lines, etc.
  2. Multifunctionality. VoIP telephony has numerous capabilities that surpass those of many analog and digital PBXs. HotTelecom subscribers can use a voice greeting, call forwarding, call recording, voice mail, etc.
  3. Scalability. IP telephony will help create an extensive corporate network from scratch. This option is especially attractive to organizations that have branches in different cities or countries. The number of lines can be increased so that numerous incoming calls can be received at the same time.
  4. Integration. VoIP telephony can be connected to any CRM system and other applications for doing business – 1C, MS Office, Bitrix24, etc. It is convenient and practical, because the entire call history, correspondence, and customer base will be at hand.
  5. Mobility. The network, operating through an IP number, combines both landline and mobile phones into one base. The PBX records all calls, even those made from additional contacts.

If you want to personally assess the virtual number service and convince yourself of the capabilities of a cloud PBX, connect the VoIP service from HotTelecom. With its help, you can take some load off of city lines, as well as distribute incoming calls between free operators more evenly.

Why Customer Choose Us

We are always trying to give our customers the best quality services. Among our main advantages are:

Data privacy

Your personal data is secured

Customer-friendly support

You will always get a prompt response to your request to customer support

Free SIP-account

Once you purchase a virtual number we will provide a SIP account free of charge

Telegram Forwarding

You can easily forward your calls to telegram

100+ payment methods

We accept cryptocurrency payments

High quality connection

Stability and quality of connection is one of the main advantages of Hottelecom

Exotic countries’ local numbers

Connection up to 24 hours, with rare exceptions for a few areas

90+ countries available

Covering more than 90 countries






Years experience


Thankful Clients

Find offers for virtual telephony with HotTelecom

If you are interested in online telephony, toll-free (0800), an account for registration in social networks, receiving faxes and SMS numbers, please contact HotTelecom, which has been connecting to Internet telephony services for 12 years.

HotTelecom managers will select a cheap virtual number individually for each customer, depending on the direction and volume of calls. There is a lot of useful information on our site, including an informational blog. There you can learn more about the company’s services, their connection features, and a range of advantages.

With a PBX from HotTelecom, you can easily configure the telephone network according to business objectives, work with missed calls, maintain feedback, and analyze the received data. Usually, you need to buy an IP phone number in the following cases:

  • the office often moves, and it’s not desirable to change the work number;
  • there is no option to connect a regular landline;
  • customer calls should be periodically answered outside the office.

HotTelecom can provide its customers with connecting the IP telephony service in 100+ countries of the world, the option to pick any number (beautiful, short, multi-channel), as well as constant technical support.

After studying the website with virtual numbers, you can leave a request for connection or carry out all the procedures yourself. You can buy virtual number with crypto and pay for VoIP telephony services using any convenient method – from a bank card to cryptocurrency.

How much does the virtual numbers & VoIP service cost?

Many people think that IP telephony rates and the connection itself are incredibly expensive and are available only to large companies. In fact, the service is more than affordable. HotTelecom adheres to a loyal pricing policy, which can be examined in detail on the company’s website.

The connection price is formed based on the tariff, country, additional services, and other factors. For a fixed fee, you will be able to receive and make calls, receive SMS, faxes, communicate with foreign partners, set up call forwarding. You can find out more about the price list on our website.

Each HotTelecom subscriber gets access to his personal account, where she/he can track statistics of calls and messages, account balance, and much more. You can send a message to our managers by email. They will advise which virtual phone to buy specifically for you.

IP telephony is the best communication technology that allows you to work with calls more efficiently due to a number of useful functions. By connecting it to HotTelecom, your company will be able to work more efficiently, improve the quality of customer service, increase income, and reduce the cost of communication services.

You can listen to conversations for more in-depth analysis of customer needs and evaluate the work of managers, and statistics allow you to see a comprehensive picture of the company’s work for making decisions on business development. None of the clients will be “lost” because the entire customer base is in the CRM system.

We provide our customers with high-quality communication regardless of the city or country, constantly develop optimal solutions to improve business efficiency and the comfort of our users. Telecom solutions from HotTelecom provide reliable communications for corporate, inter-operator, and home segments. Always stay in touch!

How to activate the HotTelecom virtual phone number service?

If you’ve already decided to purchase a online virtual phone number for calls but do not know where to start, feel free to use the following algorithm:

  • sign up on our website in your personal account;
  • select the preferable region, number, and operator;
  • connect IP phone number, it’ll become active in a few hours;
  • start using the phone number service.

If needed, you’d be consulted by our specialist who would confirm your account, check the IP telephony number, and also answer any questions regarding the services of our voip virtual numbers. HotTelecom will fulfill any client’s wishes. Do you require multiple numbers or a personalized rate? No problem!

Choose our offers for virtual telephony and evaluate all the advantages of online telephony. Any questions or wishes can be e-mailed to us at [email protected] Hottelecom provider is always ready to offer favorable rates to those who are interested in activating an online number with numerous channels. Our specialists will customize the number’s options based on the requirements of a particular business project.

Still wondering whether it is worth connecting to VoIP telephony?

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