How to receive SMS without a phone?

Many websites ask you to fill out a form with a phone number to use their services. These resources include social networks, instant messengers, gaming services, email accounts, and many others.

One of the forms of verification of a future user is identity confirmation by entering an SMS message. However, not everyone wants or can make their personal number public. How to get a code from SMS without a phone?

For this, there are sites that offer modern VoIP services.

HotTelecom VoIP Features

This technology uses an internet connection to transmit digital data. And it allows you to receive and send not only text messages, but also voice calls or faxes. Receiving SMS without a physical SIM card is one of the most popular cloud services.

The service is useful in the following cases:

  • Safety. Since most users associate real numbers with banks and payment systems, their use may be unsafe for other resources.
  • Mobility. A text message can be received anywhere in the world under identical conditions. In this case, you only need access to the Internet and an appropriate device. In addition to the web browser, you can receive SMS by phone or email.
  • Regional numbers. For those who are abroad, it is convenient to use a local number without buying a SIM card. Also, users who interact with subscribers from another country face a similar task.
  • Additional accounts. Temporary subscriber numbers allow you to create the required number of profiles on the resource of interest. And all this without buying a lot of SIM cards, concluding contracts, and other inconveniences.

Thus, cloud telephony successfully answers questions – how to receive SMS without a phone, how to make an anonymous call, etc. This method is especially convenient for those who are working at a computer since it allows them not to be distracted by the phone when receiving a message.

How to receive SMS without a phone? - HotTelecom

How to receive SMS to a computer without a mobile phone?

HotTelecom offers an easy and fast way to receive a text message without using your personal phone. To do this, you need to follow the next few steps:

  1. Fill out a short registration form on our website. If you have already used our services, just enter your personal account.
  2. Find the digital service you need, top up your account with its cost, taking into account the rental period.
  3. Select your country and cloud phone number, double-check all the details, and confirm your order.
  4. The purchased phone will be reflected in your personal account. Inform the service or subscriber about it for sending SMS. Or use it to complete the registration process on the online resource.
  5. Receive a text message in your personal account.

It’s that simple, receiving SMS is carried out in a web browser without involving a mobile phone or other additional means of communication.

Why is it worth choosing our service?

HotTelecom offers a variety of digital services to help customers solve their problems and stay connected. We have been providing reliable and affordable VoIP services for over 12 years.

And we provide high-quality communication for individuals and legal entities in different parts of the world.

The main advantages of our company:

  • over 11,000 satisfied customers, many of whom have become our regular customers;
  • affordable cost of services, which makes it possible to significantly save on domestic and international communication;
  • the range of phones in more than 90 countries of the world, payment for digital services in 100+ different ways;
  • convenient routing of calls and messages, which significantly increases the comfort of the owner of the subscriber number;
  • high level of communication security, which allows you to safely transmit important messages;
  • extended functionality of digital telephony – multichannel, free incoming calls 0800, “black” list, call statistics, etc.

Our qualified technical support is ready to help you pick the right service and answer any questions about the operation of cloud subscribers. Contact us, and we will help you solve – how to receive SMS to a number without a phone, and other similar tasks.

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