Get boundless business services with HotTelecom virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX gives you an opportunity to enjoy all benefits of an office PBX without limitations.

Let’s take a look at traditional PBX first. It will help us understand why HotTelecom Virtual PBX is a great solution. Traditional PBX is a great “black box” that is typically hosted in a lonely dark room. You probably know how to find it: just follow the cables. Sooner or later you’ll find a panel with the large amount of in and out lines. It is big, it is powerful and it is drawn out your money like sand through the fingers. Just let’s check:

  • It requires initial capital cost. Any traditional PBX costs thousands to install and configure.
  • It requires permanent service and maintenance costs. Each time you decide to make a minor update a major bill will be found in the mailbox.
  • It “stands like a stone”. If you decide to modify or upgrade your PBX with some piece of equipment, it may become a serious issue.

If that list wasn’t enough to convince you, here are some of the advantages you gain with our virtual PBX.


With HotTelecom Virtual PBX you reduce all issues with placing, maintaining and upgrading PBX. You also do not need to buy expensive telecommunications equipment and hire new staff. Our specialists will cover all technical support. Check some advantages:

  • It doesn’t require a starting capital to purchase PBX. Just switch it On.
  • It doesn’t require ongoing costs. You can manage your virtual PBX personally.
  • It is flexible. You just need to add more features to your virtual PBX with several clicks.

Press Order to review all specific features and prices. You can easily setup only those which you need to have immediately.


Virtual PBX

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