Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement.

In the context of this confidentiality agreement HotTelecom, its parent-companies and subsidiaries hereinafter referred to as the Contractor. HotTelecom users hereinafter referred to as Customers.

1.Collected information.

The Contractor collects various types of information for the effective management of products and services, as well as for improving of their quality.

The Contractor collects information during a customer registration, customer login and using of HotTelecom products and services. It can also obtain information from third-party products, if it takes place within the limits of legislation.

The Contractor collects information in different ways, including web forms, cookies, etc.

2.The use and storage of personal data.

The Contractor uses gathered data for the management and improvement of products and services.

The Contractor may use this information to communicate with a customer, for example, to inform him about important changes in the work or updating the list of services.

All actions of the contractor aimed to safe and secure storage of users’ information. It does not receive or store any financial information about customer transactions.

The Contractor does not give anyone the confidential information about customers apart from cases described in the Privacy Policy Statement.

The Contractor takes all necessary steps protect the customer database. All methods and encryption tools are used to protect information is a trade secret and not cannot be disclosure.

The Contractor stores all information received from the customer only for the time that is necessary for specified purposes. After this term, personal information will be removed from the storage.

3.Terms of disclosure.

The Contractor may provide a generic, impersonal information (hereinafter: the information does not contain personalized data) to third parties, within the limits of international legislation. An example of such provision is statistics collected by Google from the site through Google Analytics code.

The exception to this rule is disclose based on law violation if the contractor will get the official provement of such action.

4.Changes in the personal data

Customers can change or update personal information in the personal account online. A customer can also change or update your personal information by sending an e-mail request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Requests to update or delete a personal data will be satisfied within 30 days after receiving.

5.Terms of Use.

Using HotTelecom services and products, a customer agrees with the terms and conditions of the confidential agreement. These terms and conditions can be changed at any time. In this case, the Contractor take an obligation to inform customers on the official website of the Contractor on the appropriate page.

By using the services and products of the Contractor, a Customer agree not to use products and services or their parts to violate the law.

6.Reimbursement policies

In accordance with the compensation guarantees provided by the Contractor, a customer has the right to cancel an order within 2 working days from the date when the service was provided to him. This compensation is provided in the case when customer do not satisfied with the service quality. To get refund a customer should contact the contractor by phone +7 495 988 3345, or send a written request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7.Other important information.

Contractor's web-site may contain links to other websites. The Contractor doesn’t take responsibility for privacy policies such resources are pursuing.

If a customer is necessary to request a copy of a personal information stored on the Contractor side he can do it using contact details listed in the "Contacts" section on the web-site. Pay attention that according to the law of your country such service can be charged.