It is difficult to imagine a modern person who does not use the Internet, various web services, instant messengers, and other benefits of civilization. Many of them are completely free, but they require verification to create a personal account.

To do this, you need to enter a confirmation code that will come to the specified phone or email. Many people do not indicate their mail, because it is not always convenient, especially if there is no access to the Internet.

It is impossible to read new messages immediately, so they opt for a tool that is always at hand.

Most users have a single mobile number, so they use it for different purposes. Frequently, personal data gets into the spam database, a person is attacked by spammers, endless mailings of advertisements, etc.

There is also a risk that hackers will gain access to passwords from personal, office, bank accounts. Specifying it for authentication purposes is fast, convenient, but not always secure. What you should do if you don’t trust certain web pages and want to remain incognito?

There is an alternative – IP telephony, namely a temporary phone number. It is actively connected in many countries, as an alternative to mobile analogs.

It is not entirely new, today there are many social networks, instant messengers, and services where you can activate it without leaving your home. For example, you can buy a VK number and easily sign up in a social network without using your main phone number.

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What is the service of virtual number for registration?

The disposable number is for one-time use. Using it, you can create a new profile on VK, Facebook, and other social networks. The subscriber who rented a virtual number for registration receives an SMS with a code, after which its validity period expires.

Notably that it does not directly depend on mobile coverage, especially in regions with local blocking.

It is worth using a personal number on proven reliable resources, or in those that are tied to the identification of their owner: online banking, instant messengers, a corporate work account. In other cases, he can get into the spam database or scammers.

Thanks to cloud technology and strong levels of encryption, it is possible that in a few years, mobile operators will give the lead to cloud PBX.

Temporary SMS number from HotTelecom

By purchasing a disposable SMS number from us you can use it in any country specified in our list of services. Our temporary SIM cards can be used both for personal and business purposes. The price of 1 number is only $1.

Temporary Phone Numbers in Other Coutries

United Kingdom

You can use disposable numbers for SMS verification for the following services:










Hostings (all)



Ninebot APP











and much more

The list of all supported services are more wider, to get it you need to register and click to section ONE-USE SMS NUMBERS.

What you need to know about Disposable SMS numbers?

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

To purchase a disposable number for registration, you need to follow the instructions:

1. Register on our website and top up your balance (minimum top up amount is $ 5).
2. Go to the “DISPOSABLE SMS NUMBERS” section in your personal account.
3. Select the required country from the list.
4. Select the required service from the list.
5. Wait for the confirmation code on the current page.

With HotTelecom, you can receive registration codes for online temporary phone number for verification in more than 20 countries around the world for 100+ web services. You can find a complete list of countries and services available for them after registering on the website, in the “Disposable SMS” section of your personal account.

If the service has accepted the one-time number issued to you, but you do not see the code in the table, go to the personal account of our service through another browser and try again to use one-time SMS.
Your browser may be blocking auto-refresh of the page, so you can’t see the code.
Also note that the code will only come if you register on the same service for which it is intended.

If the service you are interested in is not on the list, but there is the “Other” service among the list of services, you can try to receive SMS from it (without a 100% guarantee). If “Other” is not available for your country, please select another country.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Order a new one-time number or use a permanent number to receive SMS.

For this purpose, it is better to use SMS numbers on monthly rent basis. They will allow you to receive several messages for verification and confirmation of transactions.

Benefits of renting a phone number online

By connecting a one-time SMS number, you can use it on favorable terms. It gets deactivated after 20-30 minutes, during this time you can receive SMS from such popular services as VK, Telegram, Webmoney, Steam, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc.

This is a good backup method of communication that works everywhere, even in states with VoIP blocking.

A temporary phone for SMS has obvious advantages:

  • protection of privacy and guarantee of anonymity;
  • prevention of online surveillance;
  • fast and inexpensive registration on forums, web pages, mailboxes (phone numbers for registration)
  • protection against spam, advertising mailings;
  • bypassing geographic restrictions set by local telecom operators;
  • receiving SMS from any country;
  • the safe transition from subscription;
  • the ability to create any number of additional profiles for the sake of participating in promotions, contests, winding up votes, etc.

The service of Virtual number for registration is in demand among both ordinary users and businessmen because the cost of renting a number for registration starts from $1 and is affordable for everyone.

There are different providers that offer to connect a temporary phone number online for free, but not all of them are reliable and verified. Pay attention to the Hottelecom company to avoid any risk.

A disposable phone number from HotTelecom can be used when creating new accounts, as well as to receive SMS from the following services and social networks:

Current restrictions for temporary numbers

Despite the ease of use, there are certain limitations. For example, you should not use this service in mobile banking, because every time you log into your profile, you will have to use the same virtual number for authorization.

It is also not recommended to use one-time numbers for illegal purposes, for example, to distribute illegal content or blackmail, otherwise, the data of the attackers will be transferred to the appropriate authorities.

Some online services offer to rent one-time numbers, either for specific services or for certain countries. At HotTelecom, the use of this service is not limited by anything.

All numbers from HotTelecom use an automatic filter that blocks SMS messages from banks, shops, applications with a paid subscription.

Reasons to buy a disposable number at HotTelecom

Our company has been on the market for over 10 years, has a large subscriber base, an extensive list of services, and a bunch of positive feedback. Temporary SIM cards purchased from us are available only to their owner.

Each subscriber gets his own account, where he can read and receive messages (a one-time number for registration), set forwarding settings, view message statistics, top up the balance, and much more.

As soon as the registration phone receives the message, it gets deactivated, so no hackers will be able to restore it to hack the account created with it.

We have no restrictions on the number of connections, you can order a one-time phone for SMS or a number for receiving faxes, integration with CRM, etc.

Being our client is profitable and safe. From the first days of use, you can experience financial savings compared to SMS in roaming. The HotTelecom website interface is simple and intuitive, even a beginner can figure it out.

You can enter your personal account from a PC and other gadgets with access to the network. Please contact the support chat, if you have any questions about an online phone number, or you need a reusable SMS number.

Benefits of one-time mobile numbers from HotTelecom

Working with our service is profitable and convenient for a number of reasons:

  1. Financial savings. Buying a disposable number for registrations will cost significantly less than sending the same messages through mobile operators. This is especially true for international communication. If you do not use a temporary number for registration, you can quickly empty your mobile balance.
  2. Convenience and ease of use. The HotTelecom website is simple and straightforward; even a beginner can understand its interface. You can get acquainted with our resource and order the Temporary SMS number service both from a PC and from a smartphone.
  3. Complete confidentiality and security. By connecting our paid services, our administration saves your personal data. Your correspondence will not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons, and no one will know which browser or IP address you are using.

If you are interested in these advantages, then you can safely order a temporary number service and assess its capabilities in practice.

How to buy a disposable number and activate the service yourself?

If you are not a HotTelecom client and want to buy a number for registration, then you need to create a personal account straight away. It is convenient that all actions are carried out online at any time of the day. The further algorithm looks like this:

  • log in to the site;
  • select the required section;
  • replenish your balance;
  • choose a country from the list;
  • confirm your request.

A big plus for users is that you can replenish your account by any means: using a bank card, electronic wallet, terminals, PayPal, cryptocurrency, etc.

The connection cost is fixed and indicated on the HotTelecom website. In most countries, tariffs are minimal; for exotic countries, their cost is slightly higher.

We do not disclose the personal data of our subscribers to anyone, therefore we guarantee 100% confidentiality. Neither your name, nor your correspondence, nor your passwords will get to third parties.

We guarantee each client a large list of quality services, the ability to use virtual telephony in more than 100 countries of the world, the quality of communication, and loyal prices. Any numbers are available in HotTelecom: standard, short, “nice”, etc.

In individual sections of the site, you can examine our service in more detail, a list of popular questions, as well as a blog with informational texts that will help you better know the properties and benefits of virtual communication.

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