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Disposable Numbers for Receive SMS Online

A temporary SMS number is a service that allows you to receive cheap SMS online with a verification code. These numbers do not differ from conventional ones, except for their "life cycle" and the lack of physical media.

Disposable SMS Numbers for registration

Why do you need a virtual phone numbers for SMS?

A lot of different tools are often required to carry out advertising campaigns, promotion campaigns and other types of marketing activities. If you are not planning to be buried under a mountain of spam emails and news - disposable SMS numbers, this is exactly what you need. Register on our website and fulfill your goals. All kinds of spam will not affect you - the number will no longer exist after the project would be finished.

The benefits of disposable SMS numbers:

  • anonymousness;
  • convenience;
  • spam protection;
  • value.

How temporary (disposable) SMS numbers work

Temporary phone number for the SMS verification can be useful both for personal and business purposes. One number costs 1$.

You can use disposable numbers for SMS verification for the following services:

Hostings (all)
Ninebot APP
and much more

The list of all supported services are more wider, to get it you need to register and click to section ONE-USE SMS NUMBERS.

To use the service you need to follow the instruction:

  • 1
    Register on our website.
  • 2
    To go to ONE-USE SMS NUMBERS section in your personal account.
  • 3
    To choose the needed country from the list.
  • 4
    To choose the needed service from the list.
  • 5
    To wait for the verification code on the current page.

Disposable SMS Number Pricing

Disposable SMS numbers are designed to meet corporate security requirements, one-time use when registering on social networks and other services. With a virtual number from HotTelecom, you can receive SMS online to a virtual number without buying a SIM card.

Disposable SMS Numbers

The following list of countries shows geographical coverage of the service
and the price of getting one code to one number..

Country Country code Setup price, $  
Disposable SMS Numbers Cambodia Cambodia 855 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers China China 86 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Estonia Estonia 372 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Indonesia Indonesia 62 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Latvia Latvia 371 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Malaysia Malaysia 60 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Myanmar Myanmar 95 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Philippines Philippines 63 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Russia Russia 7 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Ukraine Ukraine 380 0,5 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers United Kingdom United Kingdom 44 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers USA USA 1 1 Buy
Disposable SMS Numbers Vietnam Vietnam 84 1 Buy

To use the service a user has:

To use the service a user has
  • 1
    to sign up on the webite;
  • 2
    to refill balance;
  • 3
    to choose “One-time SMS numbers” section in your personal account;
  • 4
    to use a number for registration;
  • 5
    to wait for verification code, it would be displayed in “SMS-messages” section.

*  Take a note: we are in the process of updating the current list. If you do not find a necessary number, please contact our managers.

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