Disposable Phone Numbers for Receive SMS

Disposable registration numbers are a unique communication service, thanks to it you can register any accounts that require SMS confirmation. A temporary phone doesn’t have many differences from ordinary counterparts except for the absence of a physical SIM card and a short “life resource”. A temporary mobile phone for SMS meets all corporate security requirements, including one-time use for registration in social networks, instant messengers, and other services.

Having bought a phone number for online registration from HotTelecom, you will be able to receive incoming messages to a virtual number with no SIM-card. The specifics of the temporary number is that it can be used 1 time for instance to create an additional account on VK or Facebook. The scheme of actions looks like this: the user leases a number for registration and receives SMS on it. The lease time is limited usually, it’s 20, 30, or 60 minutes. All device operation is carried out in the cloud service hence it’s important to provide a stable connection. It’s convenient that a temporary phone number for SMS does not depend on mobile network coverage.

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What is a temporary SMS phone number used for?

Most commonly, users have different goals and requests that drive them to use disposable SMS numbers. Most often it’s the organization of advertising, promotions, and other marketing strategies that typically require registration. If after all these manipulations you do not want to constantly receive hundreds of emails, news, and spam, then HotTelecom temporary phone numbers for SMS are exactly what you need. Sign up, pay for the service, and use it to complete the performance targets. We guarantee that our virtual disposable numbers are protected from spam as they will cease to exist right after running out of the term.

There is a bunch of cases when you need a virtual number for SMS confirmation. First, this service will provide complete anonymity and privacy protection. Virtual SIM numbers would help you to avoid spying over the Internet, so attackers wouldn’t be able to steal your personal data, passwords, and other information. Here are the main use cases for registration numbers:

  • online verification via SMS;
  • registration in various social networks, forums, online services;
  • creation of additional accounts for the mailing purpose;
  • creating a profile on message boards;
  • creation of mailboxes.

We strongly do not recommend using the service of disposable numbers for linking a bank card. Usually, each financial transaction in mobile banking is confirmed via an SMS code sent to the specified phone number. Using a temporary phone number, you wouldn’t be able to re-enter your personal account and you would need to create a new order.

Temporary SMS number from HotTelecom

By purchasing a disposable SMS number from us you can use it in any country specified in our list of services. Our temporary SIM cards can be used both for personal and business purposes. The price of 1 number is only $1.

You can use disposable numbers for SMS verification for the following services:













Hostings (all)



Ninebot APP











and much more

The list of all supported services are more wider, to get it you need to register and click to section ONE-USE SMS NUMBERS.

What you need to know about Disposable SMS numbers?

Yes, you are able to pay for any of our services with cryptocurrency, details can be found at the link

For this purpose, it is better to use SMS numbers on monthly rent basis. They will allow you to receive several messages for verification and confirmation of transactions.

Reasons behind the popularity of temporary phone numbers for SMS

Despite the popularity of mobile operators and modern gadgets, many people typically use disposable SMS for registration. This is facilitated by various factors:

  1. The need to remain incognito. If standard SIM cards are assigned to a particular person (sometimes they are even issued according to a passport), a disposable virtual phone number is completely stand-alone in this regard. Its owner can send hundreds of messages to various addressesaddressees while they would not be able to find out his email or full name.
  2. The need to sign up on a website. Even if this or that web resource has a reliable reputation and is in demand, you still should not specify your personal number there. Nobody excludes possible attacks by hackers who can illegally gain access to users’ SIM cards.
  3. Many people are annoyed by the endless stream of notifications about promotions, sweepstakes, new items in stores, etc. To get rid of them at least for a while, you can use a temporary SMS number.
  4. Willing to go beyond geographical limitations. It happens that a mobile communication provider is not suitable for work in certain regions, especially it applies to foreign resources. For example, if you wish to become a member of the American trade exchange but there are restrictions for Russia and the CIS countries, you can buy a disposable virtual number of this country and register a profile for it. HotTelecom provides its services to dozens of countries around the world.
  5. The need to carry out numerous registrations. There are cases when a person needs to create several profiles and accounts in order to drive up the votes, participate in promotions, make mass mailings, etc. It is expensive and unprofitable to use dozens of physical SIM cards, instead, it is worth using an SMS service for registration. The purchased numbers may belong to different countries, so no one can figure out their owner, especially if different IP addresses are used.

Online numbers for registering in Telegram and other messengers are popular among people who are engaged in Internet promotion. Thanks to them, experienced specialists can maintain numerous accounts, promote groups, gain followers, and likes.

Benefits of buying a disposable SIM card at HotTelecom

Our service has been operating in the communications services market since 2009. During this period we have earned a reputation as a reliable provider who appreciates each client and is ready to offer him a number of advantages. We guarantee:

  1. Only you will get access to the SMS password from your personal account. Information is reliably protected from third parties.
  2. Deactivation of the temporary SMS number as soon as it fulfills its purpose. Attackers will not be able to hack the new account you created restoring it by phone number.
  3. There are no restrictions on this service. You can purchase both the disposable online number and any quantity of them. Each of them is paid separately.

A temporary number for SMS reception is an excellent solution for maintaining corporate accounts. To order a temporary virtual number from us, you need to do the following:

  • sign up on the HotTelecom website;
  • select the appropriate section in your personal account;
  • specify the country of interest from the proposed list;
  • pick the appropriate server from the list;
  • wait for the confirmation code to be received and activate the service.

We offer our clients an extensive list of services that you can take a look at in your personal account. By connecting a disposable phone online, it is worth refilling your balance to have at least $5 on your account.

Benefits of disposable mobile numbers from HotTelecom

It is convenient and profitable to work with our service due to a number of reasons:

  1. Financial savings. Purchasing a disposable or permanent registration number will be much cheaper than sending the same messages through mobile operators. This is especially true for international communication. If you do not use a temporary number for registration, then you can quickly empty your mobile balance.
  2. Convenience and ease of use. The HotTelecom website is simple and straightforward, even a beginner can understand its interface. You can get acquainted with our resource and order the service both from a PC and from a smartphone.
  3. Complete privacy and security. By connecting our paid services, our administration stores your personal data. Your correspondence will not come into the hands of unauthorized persons, and no one will know which browser or IP address you are using.

If you are interested in these advantages, then you can easily order a temporary numbers service and evaluate its capabilities practically.

Possible prohibitions and restrictions

The main goal of a virtual phone for registration is to provide a more profitable alternative to standard SMS correspondence. The strong emphasis lies in the confidentiality and availability of the service. Anyone can buy a number for a Viber and not only from us regardless of region and country of residence. HotTelecom provides its services in dozens of countries around the world.

There can be the following prohibitions on temporary telephones:

  • application of the SMS registration service in illegal actions. For example, the distribution of prohibited content (casinos, drugs), blackmail, or other fraud types. The detected number get blocked immediately;
  • distribution of intrusive advertising. A virtual disposable number is often used for various activities, promotions, but in case aggressive spam is sent from it, the number can get blocked;
  • the usage of automatic software. If you actively use a temporary phone number for registration, then a large load will occur, due to which other website users won’t be able to normally use the service. To avoid this, a ban is imposed on automatic mailings and other software.

Despite a number of obvious advantages, temporary numbers should be used carefully, weighing all the “pros” and “cons”.

Benefits of cooperation with our company

You can buy a virtual number for registration from us right now! Our service is aimed at long-term cooperation with each client. Clients choose HotTelecom due to our advantages:

  • a wide range of services for any business purposes;
  • the option to use virtual telephony in more than 100 countries around the world;
  • the ability to select any number;
  • inexpensive phone numbers for different purposes;
  • high quality of communication;
  • affordable tariff plans;
  • round the clock customer support.

Our provider does everything to ensure high-quality communication without interferences, as well as to promptly solve emerging problems. HotTelecom IP telephony will easily solve any business problem. You can pay for activating HotTelecom services in any way convenient for you. We work with e-wallets, popular payment systems, online banking, Visa/Mastercard, virtual currency, etc. If needed, you would be consulted by our specialist, who would confirm your account, check the service connection, as well as answer any questions.

*  Take a note: we are in the process of updating the current list. If you do not find a necessary number, please contact our managers.