Disposable SMS Phone Numbers

Disposable SMS Numbers

A temporary SMS number is a service that allows you to receive SMS online with a verification code. These numbers do not differ from conventional ones, except for their "life cycle" and the lack of physical media.

Why would you need temporary phone numbers for SMS?

Advertising campaigns, promotional campaigns and other marketing activities often require a large number of tools, which usually requires registration. If you're not going to be buried under a mountain of spam emails and news after your campaigns are complete, a disposable SMS number is exactly what you need. Sign up and  complete the form. No amount of spam will affect you, because the number, once it has fulfilled its purpose, will cease to exist.

You can use one-time SMS numbers to verify a phone number on the following networks and platforms.

Mail.ru VKontakte Odnoklassniki
4GAME Google Facebook
Twitter.com Telegram Badoo
Yahoo Outlook Viber
Whatsapp.ru Instagram SEOsprint.net
WeChat Whatsapp.com Tabor.ru
Mamba LovePlanet Drugvokrug.ru
Avito.ru Webtransfer-finance4 SPACES.ru
Fotostrana.ru Hosting and much more

Note: the list of networks to receive SMS online through HotTelecom is constantly expanding. A full list of the areas available is in your account. To view it, you need to register.

How temporary (disposable) SMS numbers work:

To purchase a temporary SMS number, go to Prices or register, then follow the instructions.