How to Sign Up for VK without a phone number?

VKontakte or VK is a social network where users maintain their pages, exchange files and messages, join communities, and much more. The resource is very popular in the Russian-speaking space, and its monthly audience reaches 97 million people.

Since registration on the site requires SMS confirmation, many people are wondering how to register in VK without a phone number. Our company offers a simple and affordable solution – a virtual subscriber number for verifying the VKontakte page.

Who and why needs to register on a social network without a phone

The need to get a profile on the popular VK social network without specifying a personal phone number can be associated with a variety of reasons:

  • Confidentiality. Many users do not want to indicate the real subscriber number, rightly fearing possible fraudulent actions. Since no resource is capable of guaranteeing 100% information protection, there is always a possibility of ending up in the spam mailing database, etc.
  • Additional profile. Most serious online resources prohibit users from creating more than one account. Hence, the question arises – how to register in VK without a phone number. After all, often an additional account allows you to separate business and personal contacts or increase the chances of winning a promotion or lottery.
  • Blocking a resource in the country. Despite the official blocking of VKontakte in Ukraine, many people continue to use the services of the platform for communication and other purposes. But at the same time, they prefer to remain anonymous to the system and do not indicate their physical SIM card during registration.

Thus, regardless of the reasons, VoIP helps to easily and quickly get an account on a social network without a personal phone.

How to register in VK without a phone number? HotTelecom

How to create a page in VK without a phone number?

The process of renting a temporary subscriber number for user identification takes a minimum of time and is available even to those who are new to the network. To do this, you need to go through a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up on our website by filling out a short form.
  2. Enter your personal account and find the required service.
  3. Top up the balance of your personal account for the cost of the selected service.
  4. Order a digital subscriber number and confirm the request.
  5. Go to the main page of VK, indicate the name, surname, and date of birth, click the “Continue registration” button and follow the instructions of the system.
  6. When you request a phone, return to your personal account, copy the cloud subscriber number and paste it into the appropriate field.
  7. After receiving the confirmation code in the form of an SMS message, use it to complete the verification of a new profile on the social network.
  8. The profile is open, and you now know how to create a new page in VK without a phone number.

Please note that this service is a one-time service and after receiving an SMS, the rental of a digital subscriber number is terminated. For further use of the social network from a smartphone, it is convenient to install the corresponding application. Users of gadgets on Android can download it in the Google Play store, and iPhone owners can use the AppStore.

Benefits of HotTelecom Service

HotTelecom provides a complete list of one-time and long-term VoIP services. You can order a digital subscriber number for calls, faxes, and test messages from us.

Phones from more than 90 countries of the world are available today and their list is constantly growing. We have also provided more than 100 payment methods for services, which allows each client to choose the most comfortable option.

We pay special attention to information security and reliable data encryption protocols. You can be sure of the confidentiality of important negotiations and personal communication.

And if with our help you solve the problem – how to sign up in VK without a phone number, you can be sure that the confirmation code will be only available to you. What distinguishes our service from the so-called “free” sites, where a text message comes to the general chat and any user who is online can use it.

Digital subscriber numbers work automatically, which guarantees instant calls and messages. Consultations on the choice of services and the operation of VoIP are available 24/7.

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