How to create a virtual number?

In order to ensure the protection of personal data, most online resources have introduced double authentication for accessing accounts. This means that users are logged in using a password and a special code that comes as SMS.

In some cases, this can become an obstacle to registration and complete use of the site. Modern cloud telephony technologies will help to answer the question – how to create a virtual phone number.

Who needs a cloud phone and why?

Digital telephone numbers are in demand among both private clients and business representatives. The service may be needed in the following cases:

  1. If a user of a certain social network, messenger, or other site needs to get another profile on this resource, and the system does not allow using the same phone number.
  2. If, when registering on Facebook, Twitter, VK, and other sites, the user does not want to indicate his personal phone number. Moreover, the confirmation code is usually required solely for the verification of a new user and in the future, it most likely won’t be required.
  3. If you need to conduct an advertising campaign or organize a mass SMS-mailing on the site of interest, and you require several accounts. In order not to buy a lot of SIM cards, you should decide on the question – how to create a virtual mobile number.

In the case of a business, such a service may be required for the development of the international market. Since IP telephony allows you to order a phone from another country, it helps to create the impression that the office is physically located in the same region.

This increases the loyalty and trust of local subscribers, even if it is just about registering on local resources.

It is worth noting a few more advantages of digital subscriber numbers – low cost, lack of geolocation, convenient forwarding, and useful tools for business

How to create a virtual number HotTelecom?

How to create a virtual phone number for SMS?

The process of buying and using cloud telephony services is carried out automatically. How do I create a virtual number? You need to go through a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the site and click the “Register” button in the upper right corner.
  2. Fill out a short registration form, enter your personal account.
  3. Choose a suitable service and pay for it in any convenient way.
  4. Wait for information about connecting a cloud phone and use it to register on the selected resource.

Now you know how to create a virtual mobile number. Since all physical equipment is on the side of the service provider, the user only requires any device with Internet access.

The new subscriber number will be reflected in your personal account, here you can also receive a text message. To do this, you should tell your digital phone to the required subscriber and wait for an SMS.

For example, when registering on an Internet site, when you ask for a phone, you need to insert a cloud subscriber number. Then copy the received confirmation code and use it to complete the account verification process.

The Internet service functions steadily regardless of the location of the owner of the phone.

What are the advantages of our service for such operations?

Our company is ready to help solve the problem of how to create a virtual phone number and similar tasks. Thanks to the digital subscriber number, the user remains anonymous and protects himself from receiving unnecessary mailings and other spam.

Our services allow you to register on any resource without a SIM card or special equipment. The entire process of buying and using a cloud service is carried out online. Moreover, we propose to choose the best payment option out of 100+ available.

The main advantages of HotTelecom services:

  • reliable uninterrupted communication;
  • intuitive interface;
  • simple and fast connection;
  • minimum prices.

VoIP is indispensable if, in addition to the task of how to create a virtual number for SMS, there is a request for multichannel lines for client and business communication.

It allows you to minimize telephone costs, organize free incoming calls, and much more. Our qualified technical support is ready to advise on the operation of cloud services 24/7.

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