Many banks, online stores, travel agencies, and business companies are switching from mobile and landline phones to virtual numbers for receiving calls. It is a more stable, high quality and financially profitable alternative. Mobile phones and smartphones are multifunctional devices but when they break or get lost, valuable information disappears along with them. Virtual numbers for calls will help you avoid this.

They work over IP telephony that operates through IP. A virtual mobile number for receiving calls is a real salvation for large business companies, banks, online stores, and other giants that work with an extensive client base, strive to expand it, and promptly process every call.

If a company uses a virtual incoming number, then it receives calls from its customers inexpensively, while being able to optimize the costs of paying for telecommunications. This gives the company a number of advantages over its competitors. A virtual number for incoming calls from HotTelecom is a profitable telephony.

Having an incoming DID number increases customer confidence, reduces the risk of missing important calls from customers and passing up potentially profitable deals. A virtual number for receiving a call from HotTelecom can be used in more than 100 countries around the world.

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What does a virtual number provide for receiving calls?

You can use a virtual number to receive calls for different purposes:

  • changing the direction of forwarding to a SIP device, phone number, or SIP application;
  • if needed, personal identification when connecting the number;
  • getting access to the call log;
  • improving the quality of communication;
  • favorable cost of long distance and international calls;
  • ease of connection, settings, and operation;
  • no need to connect additional equipment;
  • an abundance of useful functions for doing business;
  • lack of binding to a specific address, which allows you to change the address while maintaining the number.
  • control of the balance of the personal account.

A virtual phone number for incoming calls will make communication with clients easier and more convenient without being tied to a physical office or a specific address. Buying a number to receive calls with the function of forwarding incoming calls will help you always stay in touch, even with a busy work schedule. Functionally, a virtual phone number for receiving calls has a similar set of options that are provided by mobile numbers of local operators.

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Frequently asked questions about Inbound Phone Numbers

To purchase the number for calls, please, follow these steps:

1. Register on our website and top up your balance.
2. Go to the “Choose number” section in your personal account and select the “Voice numbers” subsection.
3. Select the required country from the list.
4. Attach documents if needed.
5. Checkout and wait for email notification.

Numbers for calls are available in more than 80 countries in the world. Register on our website, so you could check out the full list, costs and conditions of the purchase.

After the number purchase, you will receive a mail containing detailed information about your number.

Call forwarding can be set up to SIP or Telegram account and/either to the phone number.

What are the benefits of a virtual number for receiving calls?

A virtual number for incoming calls is not exactly a usual phone. This service will be useful for both legal entities and individuals. The used VoIP technology guarantees effective communication with minimal additional time costs. Even if subscribers are hundreds of kilometers away from each other, they will be able to communicate in real time without interference.

A virtual phone number for incoming calls has numerous advantages:

  • the number remains assigned to the subscriber even in case of moving;
  • the connection remains stable even if you leave the coverage area of the mobile network;
  • no need to buy special expensive equipment;
  • the ability to use a nice virtual number.

Anyone who wants to receive every incoming call can buy a virtual number for receiving calls in HotTelecom. It is convenient and easy to use, integrates with CMS systems. Virtual numbers for incoming calls are safe for subscribers because they preserve the confidentiality of customers.

By purchasing a virtual phone number for calls, you will receive:

  • reducing the cost of calls;
  • rational distribution of the load on telephone lines;
  • creating a solid image for the company;
  • organization of optimal conditions for office and remote work of operators;
  • the ability to set up forwarding of incoming calls to free operators.

Where and how can phone numbers for incoming calls be used?

You can purchase a phone number for calls to expand any type of activity, doing business, etc. This service allows you to always stay in touch and maintain a customer base, even in case of moving and frequent business trips. By purchasing a virtual phone for incoming calls, you will be able to receive calls at more favorable rates than those of most mobile operators. It is convenient that the number for receiving calls is not tied to a specific address or city, as after forwarding all calls will be directed to the specified device. Also, an online number for receiving calls will save not only your money but also the money of the interlocutor.

The cost of the number for incoming calls from HotTelecom is formed individually for each client. The following factors will affect the price:

  • connection cost;
  • “nice” number;
  • selected tariff plan.

All payments can be made in your personal account on the website. For the convenience of customers, HotTelecom offers numerous payment options – from bank cards to cryptocurrency. You can get acquainted with the entire list of payment systems on our website.

How to connect a number to receive a call?

Please follow the next steps to become a HotTelecom customer:

  • sign up on the company’s website.
  • Choose a number.
  • Indicate the direction for forwarding (mail, Telegram, SIP).
  • Pay for the number for the incoming call.

Thanks to this service, you will simplify billing and reduce communication costs.

Reasons to connect the number for incoming calls

The “virtual number for receiving calls” service is in demand in many countries. It has to do with the fact that it is important for many companies to maintain high-quality communication with their customers and partners, regardless of distance. The applied IP telephony is easy to connect and configure. Typically, online numbers for incoming calls have many lines. This is especially beneficial for large companies that will be able to simultaneously receive any number of incoming calls. Thanks to that, customers will get through the first time, and you will not have any missed calls.

Using the service of virtual numbers for receiving calls, you will get:

  • continuous communication due to forwarding. If one phone cannot receive an incoming call, then it gets redirected to another free operator;
  • reducing the cost of telephone communications;
  • saving on landline and long distance calls.

There will be no difficulties with connecting the service for receiving calls. For it, there is no need to lay additional wires, other complex communications or call a master. The entire connection lasts from a couple of minutes to several hours, for it, you need the Internet and a gadget to receive calls.

How exactly does a phone number for incoming calls work?

Online numbers for incoming calls, connected via IP-telephony, operate through the “Internet protocol”. The information is transmitted through it both from a personal computer and smartphones. The analog signal is encrypted and transmitted to the addressee through digital processing, then it gets immediately digitized. During a call, you will hear the voice of your interlocutor without distortion.

A virtual phone number for incoming calls to a mobile or DEF number can be any: mobile, city, intercity, international, of 0-800 or 8-800 format, etc. It differs from other phones by the connection method: incoming calls go to the provider, then it directs them to the server, and from there they go to the subscriber device.

What else can be found useful about receiving calls to a virtual number?

We recommend buying virtual numbers of incoming calls with forwarding from HotTelecom. This will provide you with a bunch of unique features:

  • multichanneling – each HotTelecom client will receive at least 2 channels for calls;
  • SIP forwarding to quickly redirect calls to another gadget;
  • lack of binding to the presence in the office;
  • prompt connection for individuals and legal entities;
  • the convenience of settings through your personal account;
  • round-the-clock technical support.

All calls, voice messages, and other data are carefully encrypted, so they are not available to third parties.

Connect incoming number from HotTelecom

If you decide to purchase a virtual phone number to receive calls online, use the services of HotTelecom company. We provide services that will help you receive an incoming call.

Each of our clients receives a professional service:

  • telephony support around the clock;
  • free account;
  • a convenient way to pay for telephony services;
  • prompt connection;
  • telephony support in 90 countries of the world.

If you want to know more about receiving calls online, email us at [email protected].

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