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The continuous growth of businesses in the Netherlands roots the economic freedom of the country to rise through the ranks over the years. According to the 2020 Index of Economic Freedom, the Netherlands is ranked 8th to being one of the freest economies among the 45 countries in Europe. Hence, the competition among the businesses in the Netherland market is getting tighter.

Poland is one of the fastest growing countries in the European Union. While all the recognized "big" economies of Western Europe are growing at a slow pace or are falling into recession, Poland has been increasing its economic power with GDP growth for almost 30 consecutive years.

Of all the severity caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, the workforce and businesses are the most noticeably affected.

HotTelecom offers phone numbers of Russia with up to 70% discount for the monthly fee or numbers with 0$ connection fee!

You can now pay for any virtual number with Bitcoins!

There are no borders for many modern companies - in their work they successfully cover several countries at once. Asia is one of the most promising areas for business development today Asia, in particular Vietnam, and you will need virtual numbers with call forwarding in order to stay in touch with customers and employees despite the distance.

HotTelecom offers everyone to participate in the new project!

A large number of companies around the world today are looking for direct contact with their client in Moscow. Hottelecom Moscow virtual phone number 495 or 499 makes this task easier!

Internet provides us with the wide range of abilities for watching videos and surfing the web, communicating by short messages, chatting at the social networks , working with email. However, few people know about the IP-telephony, with the help of which you can make voice calls for the low rates. so, how does the service works and how can it be connected?

Ukrainian SMS numbers for incoming messages are now available.

Setup fee – $30. / Monthly fee – $25.

Make a prepayment for 3 months and get a DISCOUNT 25%.

If you are looking to start your business in China, want to have a Chinese phone number or just want to find the right hotel in Asia region, you are in the right place. HotTelecom offers Chinese virtual numbers for B2B and travelers.

This February we are expanding our DID’s list with the new regions. Within several weeks, you will be able to buy virtual numbers of Vietnam (Hanoi and Hochimihn) under the special price! Check the details below:

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year! May all your dreams for the coming year be fulfilled.


Such companies as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Motorola and Dell spent several years to launch representative offices in Israel. Your team can spend just a couple of hours to complete this task with HotTelecom virtual numbers.

Do not miss your ultimate chance to cut off prices up to 20% just on 27th of November.

Now at HotTelecom, you can get 2X proposals for your business. Since the 16th of November you can order Kuwait virtual phone numbers. Get more opportunities for the same price!

Are you looking for new clients and want to expand your business in Ukraine? Multichannel virtual numbers of Kyiv are already available for purchase on our site! Get your Kyiv phone number with the hot price!

The Next Big Sale is Here! You can buy virtual numbers of the most popular call directions at the special price.

Great news for those who want to increase customer engagement, conversion and revenue of their business in China. Since April 14th virtual numbers for business of the largest Chinese cities are in the sales list.

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