Toll-free virtual phone number service by Hottelecom

800 (Toll-free) Number

Large national operators, banks, insurance companies or call-centers provide 24/7 contact center for their clientele. Moreover, within the same country calls are free-of-charge for customers, since they call to Toll-Free numbers or number 800. Special code (800) implies a Toll-Free number in many countries.

Cloudy telephony from Hottelecom gives a possibility to connect Toll-Free numbers of more than 50 countries. Calls to Toll-Free numbers can be received in any part of the world. Additionally, incoming lines will support multiple simultaneous calls.

How does a virtual 800 number work?


How does a virtual 800 number work?


The advantages of toll-free numbers:

  • 800 numbers are connected within one working day;
  • A single phone network for all branches, offices and employees;
  • The ability to configure various routing plans according to your needs;
  • Expand your customer base into new regions;
  • Manage numbers through a personal account;
  • Track call statistics;
  • Free support;
  • 800 number service is powered by «Virtual PBX».

To connect an 800 number from HotTelecom, go to «Price» and click «Buy».

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