Modern virtual telephony provides unique opportunities for communication, customer base growth, and business expansion. One of them is conditional call forwarding; you can connect it at an affordable price at Hottelecom company. Thanks to it, you will always be in touch and will not miss a single important call.

It happens that a company has several branches in different cities or even countries, so calls from customers can be received at different times. In this case, call forwarding will direct it to the subscriber who is in touch and will be able to answer.

Unconditional forwarding will do everything so that people can get through not only to your work number but also to your mobile phone, telegram, even applications in gadgets.

Hottelecom managers will explain in detail to you what call forwarding is for, how to set it up and how much it will cost.

To get the info regarding the price of call forwarding to landline or mobile phone number (For example: price of call forwarding to Vodafone, T-Mobile, AT&T or any other mobile provider), please choose forwarding destination from the list below. Call forwarding to SIP is free.

Having a virtual presence to establish a strong business relationship with your client is very important. A good international call forwarding service allows you to choose the right number that would suit your needs.

You don’t want to lose sight of the borderline between you and your business contact when you are running a business off of your phone. Forward incoming calls directly to your virtual number using VoIP call forwarding system will let you communicate to your contacts even if they are located in different countries.

As a sort of example, let’s assume that you are in Chicago and the only source of communication that you have is your mobile phone. Having a conversation with your clients in other countries is made possible by purchasing a virtual phone number.

Forwarding the calls to your number in Chicago is easy. Your client will dial your virtual number, which is local to them, and you are still able to receive the calls on your mobile phone.

Every time a call is made to an activated SIP call forwarding, all the incoming calls that you are about to receive will be auto call forward to your mobile phone, wherein your designated number is activated to receive virtual call forwarding.

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What is conditional call forwarding, and what should it be used for?

Compared with analog telephony, a virtual PBX supports the service of forwarding calls to a mobile or landline phone, while the user can set all the settings through the personal account. By using call forwarding virtual number, you do not have to be physically present at the workplace to resolve business issues.

You also don’t have to worry about changing your number if the office is moved. This service is available to customers all over the world, while you can manage SMS and call forwarding in real-time through a personal account.

Call forwarding will help you avoid banning your account on message boards. It allows you to post more ads of the same type without having a risk of being banned, which means staying on top for longer. IP telephony is several times cheaper and better than analog types of communication. Thanks to it, you will answer calls from any device without being tied to a SIM card; you do not need to buy expensive equipment for this.

All signals are carried through the network, so the quality of communication always stands out. Incoming calls are routed on the server, then redirected to the device of your choice: IP phone, mobile or landline phone, SIP account, or Telegram, Asterisk, and analogs (installing software on the company’s server to receive free incoming calls).

The potential of routing has its own characteristics, which favorably distinguish the number with forwarding from the usual one. It is worth highlighting the factors that affect the growing popularity of IP telephony and call forwarding from landline to mobile:

  1. work through the network allows you to transmit a clear signal over long distances;
  2. low cost of communication services;
  3. telephony is easy to connect and configure;
  4. PBX functionality does not need to be additionally configured;
  5. the call forwarding function is tied to a specific address, so if you move to another building, you will still have telephony.

You can choose a telephony tariff plan based on your communication needs.

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The financial benefit from forwarding numbers

It is possible to achieve the level of cost and income optimization by saving communication costs. Even in large companies with multiple call centers, you can efficiently manage staff remotely from one location using calls with forwarding.

This allows you to correctly allocate company resources, forward important calls, and provide round-the-clock technical support for customers without expensive equipment. The ability to forward incoming calls to free managers allows you to quickly solve customer problems and increase their loyalty.

Thanks to this service, communication becomes more convenient, pleasant, and accessible both for large companies and individual users. Call forwarding numbers are:

  • using the latest communication methods;
  • effective use of telephone lines;
  • creating a solid image of an office or company;
  • security of encryption and transmission of messages;
  • transparent and favorable rates;
  • fixing the number even when moving to a new location;
  • creation of optimal conditions for both office and remote work of operators.

A virtual number with forwarding to mobile is not tied to a single address or location of subscribers, so the caller does not worry about spending money on a call to another region. Compared with any operators, a virtual number requires a significantly lower amount of expenses during negotiations.

How a call forwarding can be enabled?

Each Hottelecom client in the personal account can use the configurations to set the time and device for forwarding incoming calls, especially after hours. To do this, you need to log in to the company’s website, go to the admin panel, set the number and direction for forwarding.

After that, you need to check the accuracy of the data, confirm them, and use high-quality stable communication at an affordable rate. Virtual numbers with forwarding are available to every subscriber who has signed up for a connection of an international virtual number.

If you have problems while connecting to the service, you can always contact the technical support staff.

It is convenient and comfortable to control calls and manage the call handling process. Regardless of the field of activity of your company, the number can be customized for any direction. It can have conditional forwarding of the number activated, and then one number can combine all phones into one line.

Setting up forwarding of incoming calls helps you to receive important calls after hours, do business in any country remotely without connecting roaming, edit conditional forwarding using various algorithms. You can change the routing settings if desired.

Frequently asked questions about numbers with call forwarding

→ go to the settings of the purchased number for calls;
→ in the FORWARDING field, select one of the options offered in the drop-down list;
→ fill in the forwarding field as follows:
SIP/username@username if you are using HotTelecom SIP data
SIP/ID@IP or SIP/[email protected] if connected to a third-party SIP provider
Enter the phone number in international format registered in Telegram, or username without @ if you want to receive incoming calls in Telegram
Indicate your number in the international format if you plan to forward calls to a phone number
→ don’t forget to save your changes!

HotTelecom virtual numbers allow you to forward incoming calls to SIP, to a Telegram account or to a mobile or landline phone number in any country.

You can. In order to do this, in the settings for forwarding the purchased number, register the simultaneous forwarding to two directions

You can, if it is a mobile number with the support of call service. If the number works only for receiving SMS, you will not be able to receive a call.

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How much does phone call forwarding cost?

The cost of virtual number forwarding depends on various factors: the selected tariff, type of number, activation of additional services. Besides, the cost of the number includes the connection tariff, monthly subscription fee, and account replenishment. You can find out in more detail how much forwarding to mobile costs on the HotTelecom website. Buy a number of any country, create the effect of being there, and run your business.

Profitable solutions with HotTelecom

By contacting our company, you will learn how to set up call forwarding and pick the perfect solution for your business. We are ready to offer an extensive list of services related to connecting and configuring virtual telephony. Based on the complexity and specifics of the service, the connection is carried out within a couple of days.

If you are interested in a virtual number for call forwarding, sign up on our website, select a number, fill out the appropriate application, and select the services you need in the personal account.

Hottelecom is ready to offer favorable rates to anyone interested in connecting an online number with numerous channels. Our specialists will be able to answer all the questions you’re interested in and customize the number’s options based on the requirements of a particular business project.

We guarantee the following to each client:

  • protection of the personal data;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • free SIP account;
  • convenient ways to pay for services;
  • high-quality communication.

Hottelecom will ensure the anonymity and protection of the personal data of each client. By connecting a number with forwarding, your company gets the opportunity to use numerous functions that will improve call statistics, communication skills with clients, as well as the productivity of your employees, which will have a positive impact on business development. Use virtual telephony to evaluate all its benefits today!

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