VoIP for Small Business

There is a common stereotype that VoIP for offices is an expensive outdated communication option, and many brands are ready to offer other products for this segment of consumers. It is also believed that VoIP is needed only for large corporations with an extensive customer base, where the employees make a lot of calls, keep track of their analytics and statistics. But in fact, VoIP has a lot of capabilities and functions to simplify conducting small and medium businesses by eliminating a lot of bureaucratic issues and providing space for communication with clients. We will prove to you that these telecommunication methods work effectively in any field of business.

The term VoIP is usually used to describe the service that provides inexpensive international calls over the Internet. However, the packet telephony is a broader concept with its pros and cons. The communication quality differs, depending on the speed of the Internet, a telecom carrier, etc. Many companies currently use it to maintain constant communication with their clients and increasing the customer base.

Features of VoIP

This technology instantly digitalizes, transmits via the Internet as separate blocks, and decrypts voice. The voice delay is less than a second, and thus unnoticeable. The better the equipment the company uses, the fewer delays there are.

The advantages of VoIP have long been appreciated by its corporate users. For instance, its big advantage is affordable price for calling abroad, compared to an analog telephone. Digital telephony also helps entrepreneurs to significantly reduce the costs of in-company communications. Its features include the following:

  • convenient call forwarding according to the specified parameters;
  • possibility to use short numbers for subscribers;
  • call recording and possibility to listen to conversations in real time;
  • system integration;
  • affordable price of equipment installation and operation;
  • unification of different subscribers or offices into a single phone network with free communication.

Also, the operators within the same network receive a package of services, such as video connection, conferences, etc, at a budget-friendly price.

Connecting to a carrier

There are various types of channels that differ in data processing speed, communication quality and the complexity of the technology. Small businesses use digital, analog and VoIP connections. Each of them has its own features:

  1. Analog connection is the oldest technology and is still quite popular today. You can simply connect your landline phone over a twin-cored wire and make a call.
  2. Digital connection implies using several phone numbers for making two or more calls.
  3. VoIP connects you via an IP-channel and allows conducting dozens of conversations simultaneously.

VoIP does not require any additional equipment for data transmission. Its cost includes purchase and operation of the equipment, and quickly pays off. 

The reasons to use VoIP

  1. You won’t miss a call. Thanks to VoIP, you can receive and forward calls to free operators, voicemail, DISA, etc.
  2. You will build awareness among your customers. They will always understand who is calling them from a corporate number and answer the call.
  3. During calls, the computer will display the customer data sheet with personal information and a call log. It is pleasant for people to be called by name and treated with respect. This approach will help you win over customers.
  4. VoIP assures cheap calls not only within the country, but also abroad.
  5. You will have a detailed statistics on calls and monitor operators’ work. All calls are recorded in a virtual database, so you can listen to them to find out the purpose of the conversation, identify and resolve conflicts, if necessary.

Organizing VoIP in offices

One business employs 5 persons, and another one 50. Are they going to use the same type of telephony? Fortunately, no. Modern-day operators offer cost-efficient solutions for each company’s business practice. Let’s take a closer look at them.

VoIP for up to 5 employees

Small start-up companies with just a few employees should start with an analog connection, which will cost them less than VoIP. They may select a landline phone with an option of forwarding calls to a mobile number. Means of communication can be upgraded after expanding the business.

VoIP for 10-15 employees

To use telecommunication in a company of this size:

  • purchase a mini IP PBX to connect 6 landline and up to 15 extension dialing numbers;
  • in addition to stationary devices, you may use mobile phones or softphones;
  • configure the voice menu or dynamic routing in the PBX.
VoIP for office | Hottelecom

The company will receive all the incoming calls, no matter the physical location of the office. Your employees will answer calls from any city in the world without purchasing additional equipment; the connection assured by the provider will be enough for running the business. 

VoIP for up to 30 employees

VoIP in medium-sized offices requires a stable connection, that’s why landline phones are not suitable for this purpose. The best option is a call control server for up to 8 landline and 30 extension dialing numbers. A company’s secretary would need a device with advanced functions to receive or distribute calls between free employees. If the workspace (warehouse, office, or store) is large, then it is worth to invest in Wi-Fi coverage for a stable connection. For additional security, you may consider connecting a VPN tunnel.

VoIP for up to 50 employees

If a company has several locations in different cities, the best option would be a business communications system. In addition to making and receiving calls, it will help employees work together on various files, hold conferences and much more. For a company with a large number of employees it will be more cost-efficient to buy its own server in order to:

  • set up extension dialing;
  • make call routing;
  • customize the voice menu and voicemail;
  • integrate calls with CRM.

Advantages of VOiP

Thanks to this service, running a small business becomes more convenient, enjoyable and economically justified. Cloud VoIP assures:

  • reduction of call costs;
  • the latest communication methods;
  • effective use of telephone lines;
  • creation of respectable corporate image;
  • safety of encryption and transmission of messages;
  • transparent and reasonable tariffs;
  • permanent number even when moving to a new location;
  • optimal conditions for both office and remote work of operators;
  • higher effectiveness of advertisement;
  • prompt connection and setup of equipment.
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In addition to phone conversations, a single network allows to send different types of files, including faxes. With VoIP you can hold videoconferences, record calls, make free calls to customers, save customers to the mailing list, forward calls to mobile phones, etc.


Thanks to modern solutions in telecommunications, small business can reach a new, better level of customer service, and provide cost-effective interaction between employees. Available services include:

  • digital telephony;
  • setting up a virtual phone number within a day;
  • setting up a cloud PBX instead of a stationary one;
  • creating 8-800 federal numbers for free incoming calls.

By using the solutions provided by HotTelecom, you can reduce the communication costs by up to 50%, automate work processes, and establish an effective communication system for all the employees, who represent your small business.

VoIP Hottelecom

To create a phone network, you need the Internet and VoIP gateways. You can also use SIP phones and IP communicators. The former have pre-installed software that combines the functions of a modem and an IP gateway, and the latter are any devices with software, such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets, that are connected to the Internet. With their help, you can make calls from the browser. Thus, you can connect to a virtual PBX with already available devices. The main thing is to take into account your business goals.

HotTelecom’s cost-efficient solutions

Contact us to find the perfect solution for your business. We offer a wide range of services for connecting and setting up our voip services. Depending on the complexity and features of the service, we can connect your office within a couple of days. Setup takes no time, so the equipment is immediately ready for operation.

If you are interested in connecting to digital telephony, please sign up on our website, select a phone number, fill out the application and choose the services you need in your profile. HotTelecom offers competitive rates to everyone who is interested in connecting a digital phone number with a large number of channels. Our specialists can answer all your questions and customize the capabilities of the selected number based on the requirements of your particular business project.

We guarantee to each client:

  • protection of your personal data;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • free SIP account;
  • convenient ways to pay for services;
  • high-quality telecommunication.

HotTelecom ensures the anonymity and protection of the personal data of each client. By connecting an VoIP service and a PBX, your business will receive the opportunity to use numerous functions that will improve call statistics, customer communication skills, and the productivity of your employees. All of these will have a positive effect on business development. Use virtual voip solutions to experience all of its benefits today!