How to sign up for Facebook without a phone number?

The largest social network in the world, Facebook provides endless opportunities for communication, information exchange, job search, professional connections, and much more. The creation of a profile on the site is followed by user verification via SMS with a special confirmation code.

How to register on Facebook without specifying a personal phone number? Of course, you can purchase an additional SIM card and link a new account to it.

However, there is a faster, simpler, and more affordable way – renting a virtual subscriber number. The popular digital telephony service operates over the Internet. And the user receives the confirmation code directly on the page of our service.

Why would you need such registration without a phone?

Although you can face the need to create a profile without a phone in a variety of cases, there are several common reasons:

  1. Creating a second account. Many people choose to distinguish between personal and work profiles in order to maintain privacy and maintain a professional reputation. The system does not allow one user to create multiple accounts, but digital telephony helps to get around this prohibition.
  2. The solution to the problem is how to re-register on Facebook. The system can ban existing accounts for a variety of reasons – for advertising mailings or violations of community norms, complaints from other users, etc. In this case, the cloud telephony service will allow you to quickly return to the site with a new profile.
  3. Farm accounts. To promote a business on the network, a certain activity, positive user reviews, etc. are required. Therefore, in parallel with real buyers of goods and services, the page is supported by additional imitation of the activities of “real users”. To create many of these profiles, an appropriate number of digital subscribers will be required.

When using temporary cloud services, you should consider that after receiving the message, the rental of the subscriber number gets terminated. This indicates the impossibility of repeated SMS confirmation in the future.

How to sign up for Facebook without a phone number? HotTelecom

How to register on Facebook without a phone number?

To solve the problem, you will need to complete several steps:

  1. Register on our website, enter your personal account.
  2. Find the service you need, deposit the appropriate amount into the account.
  3. Open the main page of the social network and begin the process of registering an account until the phone is requested.
  4. Return to our website, buy a cloud phone number, and use a confirmation code to place an order.
  5. Receive SMS in your personal account and paste the text in the special field.

How do I sign up for Facebook using my phone? The registration process is similar to creating a profile on a computer, laptop, or tablet.

In this case, you can register from a web browser or download a social network application from Google Play or App Store, depending on the operating system of the smartphone.

Experts recommend using the second method since the application interface is maximally adapted for mobile devices.

What are our advantages?

HotTelecom is a reliable internet telephony provider with 12 years of experience in the market. During this time, more than 11 thousand users have used our services, many of whom have become regular customers.

The main advantages of our services are reliable operation, low cost, and complete security. We offer phones in more than 90 countries of the world, and the ability to pay for services in 100+ ways.

Subscriber numbers work in automatic mode with instant message forwarding. And technical support is ready to provide advice 24/7.

Now you know how to sign up for Facebook while maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. Or create several new profiles without using physical SIM cards.

Our company is always ready to help establish convenient communication with friends, family, clients, and partners. We offer business representatives long-term services for calls, text, and fax messages.

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