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They work by forwarding of incoming calls and messages to the destination you’ve chosen. Such numbers have no physical reference, so when you move from one place to another you shouldn’t care about the changing of a phone number. These phone numbers work without SIM-cards or other physical equipment.

This mobile number can be multichannel one and have 2 channels by default, but you can add some more of them.

Virtual SMS Numbers

How to connect mobile number

Sign up

Select a number

Specify the forwarding type:
to email or to a phone

Pay for the number

The benefits of mobile phone numbers:

  • the ability to connect the number of any country available on the website (more than 70 countries);
  • the ability to choose a number (even a “beautiful” phone number);
  • confidentiality of personal data;
  • the ability to connect a number for advertising campaigns, marketing research or one-time promotions for a limited period;
  • availability for customers and partners worldwide;
  • real-time management of message forwarding from your personal account.

With Mobile Phone Numbers users are able to:

  • to change forwarding destination (SIP device, SIP program phone number, etc.);
  • to download users ID in case it is required to connect the number;
  • to get access to call statistics online;
  • to control account balance.

Get Mobile Phone Number with Hottelecom

The mobile phone number most effective for you is the one that can forward your calls to such destinations. They are like:

  • SIP (with such applications like Xlite or Zoiper you can get calls to SIP account we provide for free).
  • Other cellphone or landline (paid per second of call).

How to get and send SMS thanks to mobile phone number?

Talking about text messages, you may set the forwarding to the following directions:

  • Your email (for free);
  • Another mobile number (paid)

If you want to send a text message, you may do it via your personal account on our website and keep communications with different points around the world.

We have a wide list of mobile phone numbers that can suit your business strategy best and promote the idea of a professional image. Mobile phone numbers are very useful in both our personal lives and business relations.

You only have to look back nearly twenty years to be in a time where owning a physical mobile phone was an expensive thing. Let’s go back a little further and see they were the size of house bricks! With the advent of smartphones and the internet available pretty much everywhere, mobile phones are now an essential part of everyday life.

Many people no longer have a landline and accepting that a cellphone contact is some people’s only contact has become second nature. Having a smartphone contact for your business that is easy to remember could be as important as the advertising campaign that you run to support it - it could even be integral to it.

Buy Mobile Numbers

The idea that you can buy mobile numbers might seem a little odd but think of it in terms of a private number plate for your car.

A private car plate says something about your personality; it requires a little imagination to come up with a good one and a little more for people to decipher them, but the main thing is that they are instantly memorable.

By applying that same train of thought to your smartphone contact you are giving your audience something fresh, something a little different that will stick in their minds.

Let’s say for example, that your company has the word ‘Shell’ in it. By buying a number that contains the numbers 54311, this looks like the word ‘shell’ when it is written in a digital font (like a calculator readout).

It may seem corny, but little marketing tricks like this ensure that your cell phone number and business are inextricably linked. The easier your number is to remember, the more calls you get, and the better the business will be.

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If you would like to find out more about purchasing any of our mobile phone numbers for sale please get in touch and let us know what it is that you require. We have thousands to choose from and all at competitive, low prices.

A member of our team can let you know what is available and will offer advice on what numbers generate the most number of calls.

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