How to create a virtual number for WhatsApp?

Many modern users install instant messengers for fast, simple, and secure messaging, group conversations, transferring media files, and more. One of the more popular apps is WhatsApp.

Since the system requires specifying a phone number as the account owner, the question often arises – how to register WhatsApp to a virtual number? If you prefer to hide your phone, the best way is to use internet telephony services.

After a one-time account verification through a subscriber number, the use of the messenger is available without any restrictions.

Why do I need to sign up for WhatsApp without a phone?

A “one-time” subscriber number may be required in the following cases:

  • Mobile service without a mobile phone. It is planned to use the messenger on a tablet, computer, or laptop where there is no SIM card.
  • Additional account. You need to get one more account in addition to the main one, and there is no second physical SIM card.
  • Broken smartphone. While mobile communication is not available, you can use WhatsApp on another device with Internet access. And instead of a SIM card, link your account to a digital virtual service.
  • Intrusive advertising. Anonymous registration allows you to avoid calls from unknown numbers, advertising mailings, etc. Cloud telephony services completely eliminate unnecessary worries.
How to create a virtual number for WhatsApp? HotTelecom

How to create an account in WhatsApp?

Our company provides disposable virtual phones that can be linked to a new WhatsApp account. To get started, register on our website, read the rules of work and top up the balance for the cost of the selected digital service.

Next, you need to do the following:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the application, taking into account the specific operating system.
  2. When the system asks for the phone number and country of residence when you first enter the messenger, go back to your personal account, select and rent a subscriber number service for WhatsApp.
  3. Copy the received cloud phone and paste it into the request field in the registration window in the messenger, confirm the correctness of the specified data.
  4. How do I get an activation code for WhatsApp? An SMS message sent by the system with a confirmation code will go to your personal account on our website.
  5. Copy the number combination and enter the code into a special window to complete the verification of the new profile.

Then you can start filling in personal data and using the account for friendly or business communication. Verification using a digital subscriber number does not limit the user’s capabilities and the functionality of the application in any way. VoIP services are an ideal way to register WhatsApp to another number quickly, conveniently, and anonymously.

What are the advantages of our service?

HotTelecom offers rental of one-time telephone numbers for creating accounts on various large online platforms. If needed, you can get many profiles for business promotion or other purposes. All you need to do is rent the appropriate number of digital phones.

The simple and intuitive interface of our site helps to quickly and easily order the required service. We have provided more than 100 payment methods for services, which will provide each client with an opportunity to choose the most convenient option.

At the same time, even payment in cryptocurrency is available. Also, there are telephones in more than 90 countries of the world for comfortable communication with local residents at their usual rates.

We offer business representatives to use long-term VoIP services for calls, faxes, and text messages. The cost of all services is extremely affordable and allows you to optimize the costs of domestic and international communication.

Now you know how to create a virtual number for WhatsApp without specifying a real phone. The popular application operates via the Internet, allows you not to spend the extra money and at the same time always stay in touch.

Take advantage of the unique capabilities of modern telephony and enjoy comfortable communication with family and friends!

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