If you are in the business of real estate, VoIP service is an effective way to elevate your business and work more seamlessly with potential clients.

A real estate company relies a lot on an agent’s availability when it comes to answering inquiries from multiple clients and being able to adjust accordingly to their changing schedules.

This is why a quick response time and a short wait time when clients contact you can make or break a multi-million dollar deal.

Whether you own your own real estate agency or work for one, having a VoIP phone system can greatly change how you approach your business.

It’s more cost-effective, clients can easily reach you with a local number even if you travel out of town or out of the country often, and the best part is that all you need is an internet connection to achieve all of these.

It’s like having the most reliable virtual assistant to help you systemize and streamline all your work for you so that you can focus more on closing those deals.

So whether you need a more organized phone system, or you are looking for a more affordable option than to keep changing your numbers or maintaining multiple numbers, getting a VoIP PBX setup instead might be the solution you’re looking for.

Improve your sales in real estate with our VoIP service

A real estate phone system can be an agent’s best investment especially in a competitive industry such as real estate. You have to deal with open houses, entertaining multiple client questions, often all at the same time.

A lot of times, real estate agents need to be mobile, jumping from one location to another. But at the same time, they are expected to always be available when clients call. And sometimes, if you don’t get back to a client immediately, you lose a deal.

These high expectations come with the job, but it doesn’t mean that you have to struggle in meeting all of them. When you have cloud-based VoIP for real estate agents, you can set up and bring with you your entire phone system wherever you go, and manage everything more efficiently.

Projecting the sense of availability 24/7 to clients will create the impression that you are their go-to person when it comes to real estate. And setting up real estate VoIP service takes care of multiple areas for you: not only do you get a professional business number where clients can always reach you, but you also can customize what they can expect when they call you.

What else should you know about VoIP numbers for real estate?

A real estate agency has the reputation of being able to meet clients more than halfway to meet their needs. It’s such a competitive industry so if you’re new to this, or if you want to be ahead of everyone else, you need to make smart choices that will help your business.

Hottelecom.com offers an internet-based phone system that real estate agents can use to their advantage. With these following features, it’s easier to manage your workload whether you’re a solo real estate broker or you manage a real estate agency.

  • Web-based functionality. One of the advantages you can have when you have this kind of setup is that everything can easily be done on the web. Even initiating the call to you. Nowadays, everyone is always connected to the internet, it’s a major edge for clients to initiate the call to you from your website or your listings on different sites with one click instead of them manually dialing your number from their phones.
  • No connection issues. Because everything is internet-based, you don’t have to worry about signal issues or outages, even when you’re traveling from town to town. You’ll always stay connected to entertain clients. And if you have multiple numbers set up for your team, it’s easier to collaborate and set up call conferencing.
  • Call data logs and dashboard. Another great advantage of having everything set up on the web is that it lets you see and manage all the data about each call. Arrange your dashboard to be able to organize and categorize all the information that you have for better access and less clutter.
  • Customizable setup. With a Hottelecom.com setup, you can customize how your phone system can be initially set up. You can even personalize the hold music, virtual greeting, and call waiting and call conferencing options, everything designed to optimize the process and make sure that your clients don’t wait long before they can be attended.
  • Availability and mobility. In the real estate industry, time is money. The more clients you can talk to and attend to, the bigger your chances are for closing your sales and increasing your revenue. And with an online VoIP service, you can always stay online while also being mobile.

If you’re ready to discuss your options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and give us a call today.

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