Owners of iOS may encounter some difficulties using VoIP applications on their devices.

iOS devices may prevent Zoiper app from running in the background mode by default. You cannot receive the calls, while your device is in the sleep mode or simply while Zoiper is dismissed from the main screen. So, you may miss many important calls because of that.

To prevent such a case, the owners of iPhones may need to use the paid version of Zoiper and activate certain functions in the program settings. After that iOS will pass incoming calls from the purchased virtual number to the application right away, whether Zoiper is running on the main screen or not.

In Zoiper settings, go to Accounts > Added account settings > Instant Messaging and activate the Publish presence toggle.

Zoiper for iOS

SIP Account Settings for Zoiper

Once you do this, Zoiper will offer you an upgrade to paid premium mode, which you need to accept with.

After activating this service, Zoiper will function correctly in the background mode on iOS and display all incoming calls to your virtual number in real time.

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