Telegram is a free messaging app available on modern devices with an internet connection. The app is cloud-based so you can gain access to it and receive both calls and messages on multiple devices in a fast and secure way at once.

Telegram works through VoIP technology, this means that you can get in touch with people online whenever you are connected with your personal computer or telephone to the internet through a cable modem or phone adapter.

Forward your calls through Telegram today!

Today, the connection and operation of a virtual PBX are important components for many large companies that are interested in expanding their client base, improving the quality of the services they provide, and having constant feedback from their users.

You don’t have to connect any additional equipment for it, because all the processes, including the Telegram forwarding service, are carried out online.

Thanks to this, Telegram messenger has become the best tool for working with SIP-telephony. Due to that, you can not just only accept calls from customers but also call them. Let’s talk a bit about the process itself.

What is the telegram call forwarding?

Telegram is a free application that is used for both sending and receiving messages and other files. It is available for all modern devices that can access the Internet.

The app is based on cloud technologies, so you can quickly and securely receive both messages and calls across multiple devices such as your phone or even a computer.

Telegram supports VoIP technology, which means that you can receive calls online when you connect your personal computer or phone to the network via a cable, modem, or even a phone adapter.

Forwarding SMS to Telegram is quite safe, as this messenger uses the MTProto protocol, which is built on proven algorithms that are compatible with high-speed delivery and reliability even with a weak connection.

The app also supports end-to-end encrypted secret chat along with self-destructive messages that leave no data on the servers. A virtual mobile number with Telegram forwarding is connected either as a separate service or together in a cloud PBX.

In the second option, the possibilities of virtual telephony are significantly increased. So, now as you know a bit about the process, we can proceed to further details.

Telegram forwarding from Hottelecom

HotTelecom provides numerous countries with a wide range of telecommunication services around the world.

Its customers can buy any type of virtual numbers such as: phone numbers, fax numbers, multichannel numbers, SMS numbers, disposable SMS numbers, and virtual PBXs. All of these are virtual numbers that can be used for both business and personal use.

Telegram forwarding is one of the options available to every owner of a virtual number. It is quite easy to become a Hottelecom client, simply by following a small instruction:

  1. Sign up on our website and create a personal account;
  2. Choose the type of a number from the list;
  3. Specify the country and choose the number;
  4. Determine the direction for call forwarding (Telegram);
  5. Pay for the service according to the tariff plan.

Besides Telegram, call forwarding can also be set to email, mobile/landline,number, or even a SIP device. If desired, you can increase the number of channels for forwarding.

A wide range of VoIP services and excellent call quality have an affordable price. HotTelecom accepts a variety of payment methods including e-wallet and cryptocurrency.

Besides, you can choose a “beautiful” memorable number with repeating digits, which is guaranteed to become a magnet for new customers. All thanks to our variety of numbers.

Hottelecom service ensures complete confidentiality of its customers’ data. If you need to receive and distribute numerous calls, activate the call forwarding service from HotTelecom company.

Benefits of forwarding to Telegram

You can receive calls to the messenger for free from numerous cities. If the user is in roaming, then to receive incoming calls via Telegram, you just need to set up call forwarding to the UK phone number, as an example, and purchase a local SIM card for Internet access. This will save you a lot of money because it is not so cheap to receive calls to an ordinary SIM card in roaming.

This is also useful because clients may not use messengers at all: when they call you on a mobile number, they think that they are just calling on a regular phone, but in fact, you receive the call via Telegram. Call forwarding to another Telegram number allows you to both receive and make calls to any number unless some user has set restrictions.

Convenience for business of Telegram forwarding

It happens that business owners meet for days with their business partners or clients, sign contracts, and discuss the details of their partnership. But it happens that a corporate phone simply cannot handle too many calls at once, so the option to transfer a call to another telegram number comes to your rescue.

In addition, virtual telephony is integrated with CRM, so when you receive calls to your Telegram account, you can see the subscriber’s CRM card with his contact information (if he has already called) and quickly answer the call if it is important.

Frequently asked about Telegram forwarding

After purchasing the number, go to its settings, set the forwarding to Telegram and enter the username of your Telegram account.

You can receive calls to Telegram from any virtual number that supports the call function.

You can change call forwarding by yourself in your personal account in the MY NUMBERS section, in the settings of the selected number.

Outgoing calls are possible only from a SIP client.

How to set up SMS forwarding in Telegram?

Forwarding SMS to Telegram is becoming increasingly popular. This allows users to receive important messages directly in the messenger, bypassing traditional SMS notifications. Forwarding SMS to Telegram is a convenient way to simplify communication and synchronize different communication channels.

Setting up SMS forwarding in Telegram does not require special knowledge. Just follow a few steps:

Step 1. Create a new bot to receive SMS messages in Telegram. Do the following:

  • open BotFather in Telegram;
  • send the command /newbot;
  • set a name for your bot;
  • save the API token received from the bot for further customization.

Use this token to access the HTTP API:

Step 2. Create a new group in Telegram to receive SMS messages and add your bot to it. Then find out the group id:

  • open the web version of Telegram and log in with your account;
  • access the created group;
  • find the group id in the browser address bar, which will be specified at the end of the URL starting with the “-” symbol.

Example of an address bar:

“” – URL
“-4000000000” – group id

Step 3. Set up SMS forwarding to HTTP via webhook in your personal cabinet:

  • in the number settings, enter the following HTTP webhook format to send messages to your Telegram group:
  • save the SMS forwarding settings.

Now you will automatically receive inbound SMS messages to your Telegram group in the following format:
Incoming SMS to +XXXXX from XXXXX SMS Text

You can change the format of messages from the bot using variables:
– TO: SMS recipient number;
– FROM: number of the SMS sender;
– MESSAGE: message text.

Telegram Forward Bot: An Effective Solution

The Telegram forward bot is a specialized tool that provides seamless SMS forwarding to your Telegram. It automatically redirects incoming messages from your mobile phone to the messenger, ensuring that you don’t miss any important notifications.

Receive SMS Bot Telegram: Enhancing Accessibility

The receive SMS bot in Telegram offers an innovative solution to access your SMS messages within the app. This bot simplifies the process of receiving various notifications, including OTPs (One-Time Passwords), directly in Telegram.

Telegram Bot for OTP: Securing Your Transactions

A Telegram bot designed for OTP is a crucial tool for enhancing transaction security. It provides a secure and efficient way to receive OTPs and other sensitive information through Telegram, ensuring that your transactions remain protected.

Economical communication with clients from the CIS and neighboring countries and bypassing the blocking of the SIP protocol

For example, in some countries, in Uzbekistan and Belarus, making a call to another country (except Russia) via SIP-telephony is problematic. To prevent this from happening, you can make a call through an external telecom operator.

The signal overcoming the filter at the border will reach the voice conversion module using the Telegram protocol, after which the SIP protocol will go from the module to the operator who will transmit the call through its channels.

As for the cost of the service, Telegram forwarding will cost significantly less than calls in roaming – the call will be cheaper because it will be similar to an internal call. A virtual number with forwarding to Telegram is not tied to the subscriber’s single address or location, so the caller should not worry that he is spending money on a call to another region.

Compared to any operator, a virtual number requires significantly lower costs during negotiations.

Reasons why offices use telegram forwarding service

This service appeared on the communications market rather recently and yet it is in great demand since it remains one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with colleagues, customers, partners. Besides, SIP technologies allow free use of chats, IP telephony, video communication, voice mail, fax, etc.

With IP telephony and Telegram forwarding configured, you will receive:

  • continuous communication. If one phone cannot receive an incoming call, then it is redirected to another free operator right to the messenger;
  • lower maintenance costs. Connecting and configuring SIP-telephony is cheaper than landline telephones, in addition, it allows you to refuse unnecessary maintenance services;
  • saving on the city and long-distance calls;
  • scalability. At any time, you can add channels and phone lines, while the voice will sound in HD quality.

The Telegram forwarding service from HotTelecom is used not only in offices or large companies. With the help of online telephony, you can unload city telephone lines from incoming calls. Employees who work in different branches or remotely will be able to professionally perform their duties and communicate in a team.

By connecting virtual telephony from Hottelecom, you can transfer data and make calls at affordable rates. We will help you set up an internal corporate network with free calls for all its members.

With us, you can count on complete confidentiality and technical support around the clock. If you have any questions, you can contact our managers by writing to [email protected]

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