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Telegram is a free messaging app available on modern gadgets with an internet connection. The app is cloud-based so you can access and receive messages and calls on multiple devices in a fast and secure way.

Telegram works through VoIP technology, it means you can forward communications online when you connect your personal computer or telephone to the internet through a cable modem or phone adapter.

Setting up Telegram forwarding with HotTelecom

Install Telegram forwarding service in just a few easy steps with HotTelecom:

  • Register on the HotTelecom website.
  • 2Purchase a phone number that you need in your personal account You can buy toll-free numbers, landline or mobile numbers, depending on what you need.
  • 3Choose call forwarding to Telegram option in the settings of the number Enter your phone number or Telegram user ID (if applicable) to finish the setup.
  • 4Increase the number of available forwarding channels for your virtual number (if needed) by a request to our support team.

How secure is Telegram?

Telegram is equipped with MTProto protocol built on time-tested algorithms compatible with high-speed delivery and reliability on weak connections. The app also comes with a special secret chat with end-to-end encryption to leave no traces of data on their servers along with self-destructing messages. It also supports two layers of secure encryption based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange.

Telegram employs various data encryption and privacy protocols to ensure that all your messages and calls are safeguarded as you converse globally.

HotTelecom and Telegram:

We at HotTelecom provide telecommunication services across the world. We provide virtual phone numbers, virtual fax numbers, multi-channel numbers, virtual SMS numbers, disposable SMS numbers, and virtual PBX you can use for personal or business use.

As a VoIP forwarding service provider, we go above and beyond as we offer forwarding of incoming calls from virtual phone number to Telegram. In fact, we are one of the not so big amount of companies at the market to add forwarding calls to Telegram on our list of services, so you can feel free to receive incoming calls directly in your messenger.

Other advantages of buying virtual numbers with us is that you have cloud phone systems of more than 100+ countries, a wide range of VoIP services, and superior sound quality. We also offer a wide range of payments method for purchasing our services:

  • cryptocurrencies
  • VISA/ Mastercard
  • PerfectMoney
  • WebMoney