Whereas previously you had to spend money on expensive roaming or write paper letters, today you can use the services of communication providers or converse in social networks. Every modern person has at least 1 profile in numerous social networks, including VKontakte.

The most convenient way to maintain an account is from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and another gadget that has access to the network. Communication is possible without a SIM card, but at first, you will need a virtual number for VK registration.

Social networks are constantly tightening the rules, due to excessive activity, many VKontakte, Telegram, Facebook accounts are banned, SMS reception for VK is limited. Due to this, you have to create new accounts and profiles using VK SMS registration.

Constantly buying new SIM cards is expensive and unprofitable, so the demand for a temporary number for VK is growing. VKontakte helps to find people, schoolmates, classmates, colleagues, makes it possible to upload your photos and videos, create notes, communicate in interest groups, and much more.

To register there, it is enough to buy a temporary number for VK, which seemingly differs little from a regular mobile number. The term of renting a virtual phone number for VKontakte registration is limited, usually, it is 20, 30, or 60 minutes.

All operation of the number for VK SMS is carried out in the cloud service, so it is important to ensure a stable Internet.

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Where is the online virtual number for VK used?

VKontakte is a convenient program that allows you to exchange messages and media files in real-time mode. It is a direct competitor to Facebook, Odnoklassniki, etc. Using a one-time number for VK, you can easily pass the registration to create a new or additional account.

This offer is used by millions of people around the world, but many of them value privacy and confidentiality, so they do not want to advertise their personal phone numbers and use VKontakte virtual numbers.

This is not such a popular resource for business communication as Telegram or Whatsapp, but it is also actively used to create various community groups where you can actively promote goods or services. If you are also engaged in a similar business, then you can use a virtual number for VKontakte.

You can buy it in a couple of clicks on the Hottelecom website. The ability to use a temporary phone for VK registration eliminates binding not only to the SIM card but also to the phone. If you need a number for a while, you can use temporary phone numbers for VK.

A virtual phone number for VK has a bunch of advantages:

  1. no need to buy multiple SIM cards;
  2. it is possible to create any quantity of personal profiles;
  3. buying and using a virtual VKontakte number is inexpensive;
  4. the ability to log into your account even without a mobile phone.

If your profile is suddenly blocked, then you can easily create a new one using the virtual phone number for registration in VKontakte from HotTelecom. In terms of functionality, virtual numbers for VK registration are automated online services that allow you to receive messages from any addressee without a SIM card. Messages can be sent either to the email or another phone number – everything will depend on the settings specified in the personal account.

Одноразовый смс номер для ВК

What is a virtual number for registration in VK?

There are 2 types of virtual number for VK – one-time and permanent. For a one-time virtual phone number for VK registration, the fee is charged 1 time, a permanent analog must be paid monthly.

VK SMS activation – an opportunity to receive high-quality service received at the disposal of a permanent virtual mobile. A temporary phone number for registration in VK is most often used when creating new profiles where you need to pass the verification.

Creating a profile without a number but using a one-time mobile phone, is a convenient function, so we recommend buying a virtual number for VKontakte from Hottelecom. The number for registration in VKontakte has a bunch of obvious advantages:

  • preserving privacy. Individuals who do not have access to your personal number will not be able to track your location, hack the password database, read your correspondence, etc.;
  • bypassing local communication blockings in different regions. In some VK countries, in particular, in Ukraine, there are restrictions on the use of this social network;
  • creating additional accounts in order to increase the chances of winning in promotions, voting, and other activities;
  • protection from hackers and getting into spam databases. If you do not want the personal number to receive messages of a dubious nature, then connect the virtual number to receive VK SMS.

Reasons why you should buy a virtual number for VK

The VKontakte SMS number is a temporary telephone number that can be used once. The user takes a one-time phone number for VK for rent and uses it for 20-60 minutes. You don’t need to buy a SIM card and a phone for it – all work is carried out in the cloud service.

Buying a one-time phone number for registration in VK will allow you to maintain confidentiality and prevent spam from being sent to a real phone. Many companies, including HotTelecom, offer to buy a phone number for registration in VKontakte and pay for it in any convenient way, even with cryptocurrency.

It is convenient that virtual numbers for VKontakte registration do not depend on the coverage and tariffs of the mobile network. Sign up on the HotTelecom website, pay for the service, and use it for your purposes. We guarantee that our numbers are protected from spam as they will become invalid as soon as they expire.

Virtual number for VK operates based on the virtual telephony. This service appeared in the communications segment not so long ago and is already in great demand, since it remains a cost-effective way of communicating with colleagues, customers, partners, etc.

With IP-telephony from HotTelecom you will get:

  • continuous communication. If one phone cannot receive an incoming call, then it is redirected to another free operator to the messenger;
  • reducing the maintenance costs. Connecting and configuring a virtual phone for VK and other messengers will be cheaper than landline phones while allowing you to refuse unnecessary maintenance services;
  • savings on calls;
  • scalability. At any time, you can add channels and phone lines, while the voice will sound in HD quality.

HotTelecom’s virtual PBX service is used not only in offices or large companies. With the help of virtual telephony, it is possible to unload city telephone lines from incoming calls. Employees who work in different branches or remotely will be able to professionally perform their duties and communicate in a team.

Frequently asked questions about VK phone numbers

→ register on our web-site
→ add funds (minimal fund level is $5)
→ choose a country with VK displayed in a list of services
→ proceed with registration in VK and follow further instructions.

→ Try to register using VPN of a country to which number belongs
→ Make sure that you have entered a number in the correct format or try choosing another one. Your balance will be refunded with the amount equal to the price of the unused number automatically in several minutes.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible. However, you always may get a new number in order to register a new VK account.

Verification code will be shown in the disposable number purchase table in the SMS-text column. If the code won’t be shown in the table during a minute, try to change browser and make another attempt.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible. Receiving a code onto a disposable number can be done only once.

Виртуальный номер для ВКонтакте от HotTelecom

Why is a temporary phone number for VK useful?

A temporary number for VK registration is the best assistant if you need to carry out the confirmation via SMS. You should not use a personal number for registration on sites, as there is a possibility that they will start sending advertisements, promotions, and other spam to it.

Also, the publication of a personal number opens the way for possible fraudsters who can get access to passwords from personal accounts. In this case, it will be much safer to buy a virtual number for VK registration.

In just a few minutes it will be possible to enter the site, enter the password sent, and then mind the own business. It is convenient that online numbers for registering in VKontakte are leased only to their users, and not to several at once.

You can use the SMS number for VK for any purpose, the main thing is to exclude illegal activities on the Internet and outside the network. Otherwise, the provided data may be intercepted by law enforcement agencies and used against you.

Each virtual phone number for VKontakte operates through a certain filter that blocks messages from services with a paid subscription, banks, online stores, etc.

Why is it worth ordering a virtual phone number for VK in HotTelecom?

To buy a virtual VK number, you need to sign up on the HotTelecom website, enter the personal account and make the necessary settings. Our virtual VK number has an affordable cost – from $1, you can get acquainted with the tariffs in more detail on the company’s website.

Working with HotTelecom is simple, profitable, safe, and economical! Our company has an extensive list of services for connecting Internet telephony. Thanks to our services, each client will receive a bunch of advantages:

  • financial benefit. Temporary virtual numbers for VK are cheaper than buying and connecting a SIM card;
  • convenient, clear interface of a personal account with the functions which will be handled by any user:
  • 100% confidentiality guarantee. We do not store your personal data and do not transfer it to third parties.

If you decide to buy a number for VK forever from us, or if you have any questions during registration, you can use the help of HotTelecom’s technical support service.

Our company is doing everything to create high-quality stable communication for its subscribers without interferences, as well as to promptly solve emerging difficulties.

Subscribers choose HotTelecom due to a bunch of advantages:

  1. wide range of services;
  2. the ability to use virtual telephony in more than 100 countries around the world;
  3. inexpensive phone numbers for different purposes;
  4. high quality of communication;
  5. affordable tariff plans
  6. round-the-clock technical support for clients.

You can make a subscription fee for connecting HotTelecom services in any convenient way. The company works with e-wallets, popular payment systems, Internet banking, Visa/Master Card, cryptocurrency, etc.

If needed, you will be consulted by our specialist who will confirm the account, check the connection of the virtual number for sending SMS, and also answer any questions. If desired, you can additionally connect such services as SMS number, 0800 numbers, virtual PBX, multichannel numbers, as well as fax numbers.

How to buy a virtual number for registration in VK?

To become a HotTelecom client and buy a virtual number for VKontakte registration, follow these steps:

  • register on the company’s website or enter the personal account;
  • top up the balance of the account;
  • specify the country/region;
  • select the area code;
  • specify settings for a call or SMS forwarding;
  • indicate the period of validity of the rent of the number for VK;
  • check the accuracy of the specified data and confirm the order.

The virtual number for VKontakte registration is not tied to a single address or location of its owners. Compared to any mobile operators, a virtual number requires a significantly lower amount of costs during negotiations.

You can order a phone number from us for registration in VK, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Freelancer, Mail.ru, Webmoney, WeChat, Linkedin, etc.

Using temporary numbers for VK, you can maintain numerous accounts, promote groups, wind up subscribers and likes. As soon as the numbers for registration in VK perform their function, they become deactivated, so attackers will not be able to hack the new account you created by restoring it using the phone number.

The main task of the number for registration in VK is to provide a more profitable alternative to standard SMS correspondence. At the same time, the main focus is on the confidentiality and availability of the service.

If you want to learn more about VK registration to a virtual number, you can contact our managers by emailing us at [email protected]. Leave us a request to buy a virtual number for VK.

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