You can receive calls on your virtual number using any convenient softphone on your choice. Zoiper is one of the most commonly used softphones for such purposes. Its advantages are a simple interface, a free version with enough functionality to start, and an easy setting that will allow you to get started in a minute after the installation.

 Using Zoiper you can make or receive calls to the virtual number purchased from our company. The only demand is to have a good internet connection.

Zoiper can be installed on both a computer or a smartphone.

Where to download and how to set up Zoiper?

To set Zoiper on your computer please follow the next steps:

  1. Purchase a number that supports calls, and request a SIP account for it. This can be done in the “SIP SETTINGS” section of your personal account by pressing the “REQUEST SIP ACCOUNT” button.
SIP and IAX configuration interface

A SIP account can be registered in any softphone. It does not have to be Zoiper. Using our data you can log in to another softphones, for example, MicroSIP or X-Lite.

  1. Follow the link to download and install the latest version of Zoiper:
  1. Run the program. A proposal to pay for services will appear at the first start, but you can skip this step. The free version of the program contains basic features that will allow you to make and receive calls, to have an access to call history and contact list, etc.

To continue using Zoiper as a free user, click on “Continue as a free user” at the bottom of the window.

Zoiper program launch interface

You can always upgrade Zoiper to the paid version in case you need to expand the functionality of the softphone. The full list of features of the paid version can be checked with the developers of Zoiper.

  1. Log in to the softphone using the data provided in your personal account on the website:
  • the “username/login” Zoiper field should be done as username@host. These data can be found in your personal account in “SIP SETTINGSAND IAX CONFIGURATIONS”;
  • the password field (password for authorization) is the same as the “secret” data in your personal account.

Please be attentious and avoid unnecessary spaces during authorization. Make sure you enter the correct data.

Click on “Login” after all the data is set.

Zoiper user authorization interface
  1. Fill in the “Hostname” field. Set it as, then click “Next”.
Hostname data fill interface for Zoiper
  1. You can skip the proxy settings.
Configuring Proxy for Zoiper
  1. In the next step,  Zoiper will search for available configurations. It might take a few seconds. please wait until the SIP UDP configuration is confirmed (the field will turn to green, the status is determined as “found”).

If this step is successful, click “Next”. 

SIP UDP configuration interface

If for any reason Zoiper does not find an available configuration, you can take the following steps:

  • check your Internet connection;
  • set in the exceptions of your router settings.
  1. You can also skip voice and video settings.
Microphone and Camera Settings Interface for Zoiper
  1. Click “Finish”, and the softphone should be successfully set.
Zoiper authorization completion interface

How do I make sure my account is active and ready to receive calls?

If the softphone is configured correctly and there are no problems with connecting to the Internet, you will see two green checkmarks in the Zoiper window, in the upper left and lower left corners. It means Zoiper is active.

Zoiper application window

Also, check the number settings in your personal account on our website and make sure that you set call forwarding to SIP.

Interface for setting up call forwarding to SIP for Zoiper

Set the “Forwarding” field as SIP/username@username if you are using a SIP account given by our company. The username data can be found in the “SIP SETTINGSand IAX CONFIGURATIONS” section (available after SIP data receiving).

If you are already using another SIP provider, set it as “SIP/[email protected]” or “SIP/ID@IP” if you want calls to be forwarded to an IP address. Check ID and IP data with your SIP provider.

Interface for setting up number forwarding to IP for Zoiper

Also, you can set up simultaneous or sequential call forwarding of an incoming call:

  • simultaneous forwarding will give you the opportunity to receive a call to two different SIP-clients simultaneously or to SIP and phone numbers.
  • when sequential forwarding is needed, set the timeout (it’s a time limit for the reply). If during this time the call is not accepted, it will automatically go to the second direction you indicated.

Is it possible to make outgoing calls with Zoiper?

Sure it is possible. But please note that outgoing calls (as well as Caller ID) are not activated by default. If you want to make outgoing calls and use the caller ID function please notify us via email request to (подставить мыло).

The number with a Caller ID can be correctly identified only when making calls to the numbers of the same country that your virtual number belongs to. So, if you purchased a US number, the Caller ID will work if you call US numbers. When you try to call other countries the number most likely will not be identified, and the person you call will see a non-existent number of the local operator, which cannot be called back.

Also note that outgoing calls are chargeable, and the cost for outgoings is not included in the monthly fee for the number. Outgoing calls without a Caller ID are charged per second, while outgoing calls with Caller ID are charged per minute. Enjoy your work!

In order to use the Zoiper in other way, you can do the following:

1. Download Zoiper
2. Open the app and press “enter as a free user”
3. On the next page, click “create account” button
4. In the list of countries, select “Poland”
5. In the list of services select “HotTelecom”
6. In the login field to the right, enter the username and password of your SIP account
7. Click “Login”
8. Enjoy calling via Zoiper

HotTelecom VoIP calling via Zoiper

Still have questions about setting up Zoiper?

Watch the tutorial video:

Or write to us, our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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