Computer games help to escape from the gray everyday life, to feel an explosion of emotions and the joy of victories. Perfect World is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed in the Middle Kingdom, based on Chinese mythology.

Our company offers to quickly and easily buy a virtual number for registration of the Perfect World at an affordable price. The service will help preserve the confidentiality of your personal phone and fully enjoy the new virtual reality.

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Features of temporary numbers for Perfect World

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Virtual number for Perfect World

More about the Perfect World

The project was released in China in 2006 and has successfully spread almost all over the world. At the moment, the game has several different versions, the release of the Russian language took place in 2008.

At the same time, the most common are the North American and English-speaking Malaysian versions of the game.

In Perfect World, the gamer takes on the role of a character and controls his actions. The game offers an interesting setting, good visuals, and exciting game moments.

It fully justifies its name, because the developers have created an ideal place and atmosphere of bright adventures and acquaintances. Here, each player finds something to his liking.

Art lovers can compose poetry or draw sketches of the area. The most ambitious gamers can improve as a raid leader. And experienced strategists will surely enjoy the complex intrigues of controlling castles.

Moreover, the higher the player rises in the levels, the more his popularity grows. A search engine by interests will help you find real like-minded people in the game.

After SMS activation Perfect World, a mysterious authentic world opens up in front of the gamer. The developers offer players the so-called character customization, that is, the ability to create a unique character with a specific face, body proportions, and clothing details.

You can change almost everything, down to the width of the pupils, to get a truly original character. There are several races in the game:

  • people;
  • zoomorphs; 
  • seeds.

Zoomorphs are capable of transforming into animals, and seeders resemble familiar elves, but with wings. There are also clans – the Ancients and Amphibians – with different superpowers.

You can play alone or join an existing group. In most cases, game tasks are quests of varying degrees of difficulty. In addition, the character can have a hobby, start a family, make friends, and more.

Gamers have 44 locations at their disposal, which are connected by long-distance portals. You can simply pay for the “ride”, buy a mount, or find another non-standard way to get to the desired place.

Today, Perfect World has already conquered an army of millions of fans. To join her, order a number for SMS Perfect World and go through a simple registration procedure.

How to buy a temporary registration number for Perfect World?

Our company offers telephones in many countries and cities of the world. Including Chinese numbers, with which you can easily activate your account in your favorite online game. To rent this service, you should do the following:

  1. Register on our website and top up the balance for the cost of the service.
  2. Log into your personal account and select the appropriate service.
  3. Select a country and buy a one-time registration number for Perfect World.
  4. Use a phone number to verify the user’s identity on the game site.

Since the service is one-time and is provided for a limited time, it is recommended to order it directly during the verification process on the online gaming platform.

Frequently asked questions about Perfect World phone numbers

No, it’s impossible. One-use SMS number service implies a one-time receipt of a code to the selected number.

Perhaps your current browser is blocking page refresh, change browser and try again.

→ register on our website and top up your balance for at least $ 5
→ go to the ONE-TIME SMS tab and select the country with Perfect World in the list of services
→ start registration on Perfect World, enter the issued number, copy the confirmation code and confirm the number
→ your new Perfect World account is ready!

No. The disposable number is archived after successful use and cannot be re-used.

Virtual Number for Perfect World

Registration on the gaming platform with a number for receiving SMS Perfect World

To start playing, you need to register and download the game client for free. To do this, do the following:

  1. Open the registration page of the “Perfect World”, enter all the requested data.
  2. Read the Rules, User Agreement, and other documents and confirm your agreement with all the conditions.
  3. When a phone is requested, order our service, enter the received phone number in the corresponding registration field.
  4. Receive an SMS message in your personal account on our website, insert the text code into the request field and confirm the profile verification.

A message will be sent to the specified email address about the successful registration of Perfect World with information about your login, password, and various useful links. Now you can start downloading the game client. After installing the game, launch it and start creating your character.

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