Binding to a phone number can simultaneously solve several problems: increase personal security and facilitate subscriber authentication. Most often, difficulties arise in cases when you need to register many accounts at a time in one service.

These can be various social networks, messengers, forums, various sites, and much more. Many of them, over time, tighten the rule regarding advertising and identification, because of which many WhatsApp, Facebook, VKontakte, Telegram accounts are banned.

Because of this, you have to create new accounts and profiles, but spending money on new SIM cards is expensive and unprofitable, so the demand for a crypto temp number for WhatsApp is growing. The decision to buy a virtual number for WhatsApp is a more convenient way to use virtual numbers.

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Reasons to buy a virtual phone number for WhatsApp

Many people value privacy and confidentiality, so they don’t want to advertise their personal phone numbers. However, if they have to communicate a lot for work or personal purposes, especially with subscribers who are in other regions or countries, then they can buy a WhatsApp number.

This service has a bunch of valuable advantages that can be appreciated from the first days of use:

  • the ability to use WhatsApp and other messengers without a phone number;
  • registration of different accounts in social networks, forums, and other web resources (e.g. Telegram registration)
  • the ability to remain incognito and hide your real number;
  • mass mailing. Even if the number is blocked, it will not be a pity when compared with a personal number;
  • logging into your profile even without a mobile phone;
  • providing a single network within a commercial organization.

People choose WhatsApp because this messenger has different capabilities. To create an account in it, you need to specify a phone number, but if you do not want to use personal data, then you should buy a virtual number for WhatsApp.

In fact, this is a fake number that can be used to verify your WhatsApp account. Usually, it binds and verifies the phone number only once – during registration, so you can even use not a permanent but one-time number for WhatsApp.

After use, it becomes inactive. If desired, you can buy several of these numbers to create more new accounts for advertising, subscription, promotions, etc.

Buying a WhatsApp phone number is a profitable solution. It not only looks like a regular phone number but is also more helpful in use. For example, you can make calls from it anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet, without being tied to a mobile network.

You can register WhatsApp to a virtual number in a few minutes on the website of HotTelecom company. Tariffs for a virtual number for WhatsApp are quite affordable and cost less than roaming. You can buy a WhatsApp virtual number without leaving your home by becoming a HotTelecom client.

Virtual phone number for WhatsApp

Specifics of a virtual phone number for WhatsApp

This messenger is a popular tool for working with SIP-telephony. Thanks to it, you can receive SMS.

There are 2 types of virtual number for registration – one-time and permanent. For a one-time virtual number for registering WhatsApp, a fee is charged 1 time, while a permanent analog must be paid monthly.

It can be used conveniently at any time while maintaining confidentiality. As practice shows, this service is an opportunity to receive paid high-quality service for a rented virtual mobile.

Creating a profile without a number, but using a disposable mobile number, is a convenient function, especially if the subscriber is constantly creating new profiles on the service. If during the work you need a permanent account with the option to set certain settings, then you should buy a virtual number from Hottelecom.

Messages through a virtual number are completely safe because it uses a special protocol built on proven algorithms that are compatible with the delivery and reliability of information even with a weak connection.

The app also supports end-to-end encrypted secret chat along with self-destructing messages that leave no data on servers.

Frequently asked questions about Temp WhatsApp phone numbers

→ register on our website
→ fund your balance (minimal recharge sum is $5)
→ go to ONE-USE NUMBERS page
→ choose a country which has WhatsApp in it’s list of services
→ initiate registration on WhatsApp and follow the guidelines.

Verification code will be shown in the private webpage of your account and can’t be seen by anyone else.

→ Some browsers block auto page refresh functions, so you might not be able to see the code. Please, try using our services through another browser.
→ Please, make sure that you input the given number correctly or try to use another one. The funds for unsuccessful attempts will return to your balance in several minutes.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible, please choose a different disposable number.

How to buy a number for WhatsApp?

Use the services of our HotTelecom company in order to buy a phone temp number for WhatsApp. Registration on the site will take a few minutes. HotTelecom company provides a range of telecommunications services in dozens of countries around the world.

The company’s clients can connect virtual phone numbers in any country, virtual fax numbers, short memorable numbers, multichannel numbers, virtual SMS numbers, one-time SMS numbers, as well as virtual PBXs. If you are in Ukraine, then you can easily buy a virtual number for WhatsApp of another country, for example, China or the USA.

Anyone can become a Hottelecom client, for this you need:

  • sign up on the company’s website and register a personal account;
  • choose a number from the list;
  • specify the country/region and select the number;
  • determine the direction for call forwarding;
  • pay for the service according to the tariff plan.

The convenience of settings and high quality of communication are affordable. At HotTelecom, you can use a variety of payment methods, including e-wallets, bank cards, cryptocurrency.

Besides, we can choose a “nice” memorable number that will definitely be remembered by your clients and will help expand your business. Hottelecom company maintains complete confidentiality of its customers’ data.

We will help each client to equip an internal corporate network and provide other benefits. With us, you can count on complete confidentiality and technical support around the clock. If you want to learn more about our services and tariffs, you can contact our managers by phone or by emailing at [email protected].

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