A virtual number from VoIP provides Hottelecom customers with the opportunity to activate such additional functions as ordering a voice greeting. A convenient voice menu controls the sorting of incoming calls, helping to direct the subscriber to the right employee. In this case, navigation can be single-level or multi-level.

The IVR voice menu will help to load the staff evenly, inform clients in an automatic mode promptly, and save their time. One of its popular versions is a telephone greeting for the company and a navigation menu. The client makes a call, listens to the greeting and voice prompts, chooses the necessary forwarding, and thereby relieves the burden from managers.

According to statistics, voice greetings increase the efficiency of interaction with customers, reduce the number of lost calls, and increase trust in the company.

Why do companies need IVR?

The system for ivr (Interactive Voice Response) allows you to customize different scenarios and voice messages for different situations. Thanks to it, the client can redirect the call to a specific employee or department by telephone buttons or voice. Due to this service, companies can serve customers around the clock, receive calls and complaints from them, and answer frequently asked questions without operators.

For some clients, the sound greeting has a more soothing effect, because not all people can calmly explain their problems to a stranger, but it is easy to a computer program. By connecting a virtual PBX from HotTelecom, you will receive an advantageous tariff plan and service package, which includes sip ivr.

IVR service helps to solve several problems at once:

  • welcome notes. This is a kind of visiting card of any organization. Thanks to a clear text greeting, you can attract new customers, as well as increase the loyalty of regular clients;
  • informing of advertising type which notifies the subscriber about new products, services, promotions, and other advantageous offers;
  • call processing is carried out constantly, even after hours, it will depend on the specified settings.

This functionality saves the company’s funds because there will be no need to hire a secretary or administrator who will be on the phone all day. Round-the-clock call reception has a positive effect on the company’s revenues because it is possible to expand the sales market by attracting customers and buyers from different time zones.

What should the ivr voice greeting be like?

Before automating any function, it is worth looking at the process from the client’s side. Will the client’s request be fully satisfied? Will he need the information submitted? What does the client prefer – live communication or automatic response?

The client-friendly IVR-system helps to solve a number of issues. It has the following characteristics:

  • a small concise menu with 3-4 items at each level;
  • short clear formulations without an oversaturation of politeness and complex terms;
  • names of menu items that adequately reflect the specific tasks;
  • thoughtful and consistent menu structure, which consists of sequential elements;
  • voicing a specific point before each digit;
  • the ability to return to the previous menu;
  • the most useful information for the consumer.

Despite the efficiency and convenience of ivr services, there will still be consumers who will not like the music or the lack of instant communication with the operator. The main thing is that the basic needs of our clients are satisfied.

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Frequently asked questions about IVR

IVR is a voice menu that will allow you to automate the processing of incoming calls and quickly advise clients on any issues. By pressing buttons, customers will be able to independently navigate to the desired sections of the menu and communicate with employees of the selected department.

Very simple. Use the section “Order IVR” in your personal account and fill out a request for IVR connection.

Write a request to [email protected] and wait for a response from a specialist who will help you install the audio file as an IVR to the purchased number.

Use the section “Order IVR” in your personal account, select a speaker and fill out a request for IVR connection.

Recommendations for correct configuration and recording of a voice greeting for PBX

Due to the rich development experience, modern telecommunications operators can develop both a simple understandable system and a more complex one. Here are the basic guidelines:

  1. The answering machine should not offer more than 6 menu items. When contacting a company, a client pursues 1-2 main goals, so there is no need to make a multilevel menu.
  2. Be sure to add the ability to contact a live operator in the main menu. It happens that subscribers call a specific department or a specific specialist to solve their problem.
  3. Check that voice commands are recognized. Some organizations use artificial intelligence in IVR which recognizes the subscriber’s speech. This function is convenient, but it may not work at the first try.
  4. If a customer is waiting in the queue, then it is worth reporting his position. Many people are annoyed by ignorance and waiting, so it is better to tell the client the approximate waiting time for a response or the number in the queue.
  5. Remove the music background from the menu. It is better to inform the subscriber about new promotions, products, and great offers while waiting. You can also use the silence mode, reporting only the number in the queue.

How to connect IVR?

If you order a voice greeting separately, then recording a voice greeting by a professional announcer will cost a lot. It will be much more profitable to connect a virtual PBX since its price also includes the IVR service. You can record an ivr greeting or upload a ready-made file to the system directly in the PBX interface. The voice menu can be configured by the employees of the company of the selected provider in accordance with the customer’s requirements within 1 day.

Due to such reliable providers as Hottelecom, IVR installation and configuration has its characteristics:

  • when connecting office packages, you can make one voice greeting for a PBX or several ones, while each of them is configured separately;
  • you can develop various scenarios for IVR based on the goals of the company. For example, you can use call forwarding to the manager’s phone or his voice mail during business hours;
  • for the convenience of customers, you can use the function of handling incorrect actions. That is, if the subscriber entered the wrong combination or did not fully dial the number, then the service will repeat the menu requests or connect him to the manager;
  • integration with CRM systems;
  • calls to IVR are recorded and stored in the PBX database. Thanks to this, it will be possible to listen to calls later, make statistics, assess the degree of customer satisfaction, etc.

This leads to the conclusion that in the right hands, the PBX voice greeting will become a convenient and effective tool for the company. For such purposes, it is important to think over a polite capacious greeting, as well as establish a feedback scheme.

In case of configuration errors, the voice menu will bring a lot of trouble to both clients and the office. As practice shows, consumers do not want to waste time on long waiting time, listen to music or figure out complicated terms. It will be easier for them to hang up and call another organization with more attractive conditions for cooperation. Together with other tools, ivr telephone service improves customer experience and brings benefit for business development.

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How to order a recording of a voice greeting from Hottelecom?

Hottelecom VoIP virtual telephony allows you to connect various functions, including IVR, for free. In this case, navigation can be single- and multilevel. If the company cannot receive the call straight away, then it redirects it to email. Due to this, customers are automatically informed, and the staff is not so heavily loaded.

On the website of our company, you can get acquainted with the available tariffs and service packages that are valid not only in Russia but also in more than 90 other countries of the world. Become a Hottelecom client and experience personally all the benefits of high-quality communication!

To make a greeting for a call, you need to buy a virtual PBX number. To do this, sign up on our website and leave a request for connection. In the personal account, you can pay for the service in any convenient way, even in virtual currency. After that, you need to do the following:

  1. Select the option to record a voice greeting in the account.
  2. Set the language.
  3. Select a voice message and effects in the special window.
  4. In a new tab, enter the greeting text for the ivr greeting.

Besides ivr recording, our clients have access to such functions as call forwarding, SIP account, voice mail. Our company provides confidentiality, round-the-clock technical support, and high-quality communication regardless of geographic location. Still have questions? Email us at [email protected] or call the numbers listed on the website.

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