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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated IVR phone system that interconnects with your callers, gathers details and routes calls to the proper recipients within your team. It is an interactive voice response software that allows your caller to navigate a phone system before having a conversation with a human operator.

We are all familiar with that enchanting voice telling us to “Press 1 for Inquiry”, but still, there are many business people who underestimate the value and power that this simple yet very effective tool can bring to their companies. IVR system gives your caller the choice to select options by pressing digits. The pressed digit then sends a DTMF tone to the company IVR system which in turn selects the correct response according to the selected digit.

In case you are not fully aware, IVR support systems can handle a high volume of phone calls. With an Interactive Voice Response solution, your business can significantly reduce costs and improper customer handling experience, since VoIP IVR is designed to allow your callers to get the necessary information they want 24 hours a day without the need of human intervention.

Improve Your Business with IVR Service

There are good reasons for how the IVR’s phone system can improve your business.

  • It significantly improves incoming (inbound) call routing – this may sound to you as a less feature of cloud IVR. However, enhancing the incoming call routing in your marketing business can earn a huge trust from your clients.
  • Simplify your customer feedback process – as a business professional, you should be able to know that no matter how good you are at delivering your message, the length of your business would always depend on your clients’ or customers’ satisfaction.
  • By having a scripted cloud-based IVR call, it would be possible for you to get in touch with your customers that you’ve worked with and ask them to take a quick voice poll. By doing this, you will have a crisp and vivid detail of what your clients likes and dislikes, and further suggestions that would prove to be invaluable to your business.
  • Send notifications to clients – Don’t forget that in today’s business, customers don’t care that much about having a long business relationship while spending hours at lunch discussing business things. They want their business’ needs to be fulfilled as soon as possible with minimum delays.

How does it Work

For the end-user or your client, these interactive voice systems act in a way that would allow them to explore your contact center and find an appropriate quick solution by using only their phone. And for your team, it simply means that the customers themselves are the ones that redirect calls to the right parties.

The good thing here is that it would result in fewer incoming calls, less operational costs, and a significant increase in your team’s productivity.

This response system software has to be placed into a computer so when a customer makes a call to the company, the cloud IVR software will provide a response through a pre-recorded greeting and then will ask to follow an option from a preset menu.

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We are always trying to give our customers the best quality services. Among our main advantages are:

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Benefits of IVR Service for Your Business

Choosing Hottelecom’s IVR solutions would provide you great benefits and advantages.

  • Best IVR Customer Service – Hottelecom strives to provide you the best IVR service so that your clients will feel that they are of utmost importance and are special to your business. By just following the instructions on the set menu, they will receive a response that is time-efficient and informative since a quick response is always available for them.
  • Customers Have Unlimited Time to Access – IVR system performs its task 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This only means that your customers can get the services they need whenever they want them.
  • Increase Profits to Your Business – Since a large chunk of business deals take place over the telephone, your IVR service will act as virtual receptionists and will greatly save your business from lots of labor and employees.

Now that it is clear to you how an IVR system can give you great advantages and edge over other businesses, it is time for you to activate one for your company.

If you have more questions or clarifications on how this system could help you, please don’t hesitate to contact Hottelecom. Our Customer Specialists are just an email away!

If you are not interested in the entire list of available options, and you want to use only some of the advantages of a virtual PBX, HotTelecom provides the opportunity to purchase certain services.

Service Price (USD)
Conditional call forwarding on two directions + IVR (one recording) FREE of charge
Voicemail service FREE of charge
Repeated IVR  recording 5
Complicated IVR-tree recording (recording + configuration) 15
Conditional call forwarding (from  3 to 5 directions) 10
Conditional  call forwarding (6+ directions) 30
Conversation recording 10/month
IVR with extension dialing (up to 5 numbers) 15/month
IVR with extension dialing (6+ numbers) 20/month
"Black" and "white" lists 20/month
To set Schedule for automatically forwarding calls 10/month
Extension dialing (up to 5 numbers) 10/month
Extension dialing (6+ numbers) 20/month

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