Get Voice Greeting - increase client loyalty

You can't imagine the successful company without voice greeting. The first appearance is very important, right at that moment when your potential client will dial your company's number and hear professionally recorded greeting message will be deciding factor. It does matter who made this greeting message, either the beginner or was it done by the professional who added pleasant background music. You can choose from different types of voice timbres, male and female voices which eventually will become your company's voice.


We at Hottelecom - professionals in this field and with a great pleasure we will provide you with the best service.


The automatic answering machine won't let you miss a single call. Nice announcers voice will offer to leave a voice message if you're on the other line, or if your number is out of reach. And you will be able to hear whenever you got the time. If your company is divided into several departments, voice menu will become your electronic secretary and will lead your customer to the proper department

You can order the record of the voice greeting in 20 different languages. You can choose from more than 100 different voices of professional announcers and even celebrities

All you need to do is simply provide us with the text, the rest is our work.

Best announcers

Gray Sara: American English

Steph Lockhart: British English


Guang Li: Chinese

Lukinov Roman: Russian


Rosa Banderos: Spanish

Kaja Shtern: German