So many industries have begun or completed the transition to switching to a digital platform already. The retail industry is just one major sector that has transformed how it conducts its business.

More and more retailers are now choosing to start or switch to having a digital store instead of maintaining a physical one. But for a retail company to switch to do business on a digital platform, also means switching its customer service digitally.

VoIP for retail helps make this happen for businesses and functions as a partner for retailers to manage all aspects of their business more properly and thoroughly.

Retail is such a competitive and demanding industry. There are always new businesses sprouting. It could also be unforgiving in terms of customer service. It has as much to do with providing excellent customer service as it does about the products that you put out there.

If people feel that they can’t trust you to fulfill after-sales demands or requests, it could still translate to loss of income in the long run. That’s why making smart choices when it comes to how you can accommodate customers also says a lot about a company’s ethics and long-term goals.

Improve your sales in retail with our VoIP service

When you set up VoIP for retail, it means putting the focus on the backend process of the retail industry. Any retailer understands the importance of this move, especially because a lot of people still think only the front end of the business needs attention.

But being able to manage your internal team and customers better and more efficient means being able to run the business more smoothly. But how does an online VoIP service function exactly and how does it make retailers better businessmen?

Choosing a VoIP service provider means hosting some of your processes on the web instead of having a traditional telco-based phone system. From the get-go, it’s a much convenient setup because there are literally no miles and miles of cables that need to be used just to be able to establish a phone system.

Since everything is hosted on the internet, you can stay in contact with your team via online meetings, and also be able to attend to customers via inbound calls using a VoIP number.

You can even set up specialized IVR menus for the most common customer concerns so that these can be taken care of by virtual assistants and more complex customer issues could be taken care of by your customer service team.

What else should you know about VoIP numbers for your retail company?

It doesn’t take a lot to set up your retail VoIP service. With, all you really need is a strong and reliable internet connection, plus a dedicated computer to act as the main server.

And with such easy-to-meet requirements, you can definitely take advantage of the many benefits of having a retail VoIP service, regardless of how small or how big your retail company is.

But if you’re still not sure what exactly you need for your business, you can take note of the following features we offer, and you can also call us up or reach out to us to discuss this more with us:

  • Cost-effective setup rates. A web-based phone system is much more affordable to set up compared to a traditional telco-based one for retail. Due to the difference between equipment and materials, all you need is an internet connection and one or two computers and one phone line. But even with minimal equipment, you will still be able to get massive helpful features that you need exactly in managing your company.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. One of the long-term benefits of switching to a cloud based phone system is that maintenance is more efficient and can even be done remotely. What this means for your business is less to no downtime and uninterrupted service for your customers.
  • Efficient call management tools. From smart forwarding to hosting team meetings, to even customizing the hold music, you will have all the tools you and your team will need to manage all the calls that will come in your system. You will also be able to route specific calls to the correct department if you want to set up separate customer service and sales departments.
  • Tools to track sales data and performance. One of the most crucial things you need to do is not only to easily track the sales data that you have and the call data logs that come in. More importantly, you should be able to process this data to help you create a plan for your business moving forward and pinpoint which areas need improvement and boost.
  • 24/7 support. With, our service to you doesn’t stop when you choose to purchase our service. You will have 24/7 support from us so that we can troubleshoot any bumps along the way and you can immediately get your business up and running.

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