Tips for using one-time SMS numbers for registration

Every day, millions of visitors of various sites and forums face the problem of verification. Many web resources have tightened the identification rules and now require you to provide a phone number for registration, where the verification code will be sent.

Knowing this problem, many provider companies were able to find a way out and created services that connect numbers valid for a certain period of time. Using them, users sign up on the page, and after a while, the number used gets deactivated.

Despite a number of advantages, these services shouldn’t be used to connect to Internet banking or for signing off important contracts, since they have not only a limited period of validity, but also a low level of protection. Below we will figure out how to avoid blocking pages and accounts on social networks.

  1. Most of the popular sites can identify your location via an IP address. If your country and region of the registered number do not match, then this can provoke unnecessary suspicion and account blocking. Turn on VPN and PROXY to avoid this. These services can be free and paid, they provide multi-level encryption that not only changes the geographic location of your account but also minimizes the risk of violation of your online security by hackers and cyber criminals.
  2. All browsers store cookie files that contain your settings. In this regard, this data can be identified by the site, and it will determine that you have previously visited it from another region. It will also raise certain suspicions and reactions to the use of a foreign number. It is better to clear your browser history and cookies before registering. You can also use incognito mode or log in through the Tor browser.
  3. You must use the correct name when registering, that is, choose the appropriate language and write the name without grammatical errors. For example, if you are creating a page from a Chinese number, then it is better to enter the name in Chinese. If you do not know how to spell a name properly so as not to cause suspicion, use a name generation service.
  4. Make sure to fill in the contact details on your profile page. Set an avatar and fill in at least half of the fields to ward off suspicions from yourself. Also, you should not immediately take active actions from a new page, for example, post numerous messages, join dozens of groups or add hundreds of subscribers. Spam activity from the created account is not encouraged, so let it “stay calm” for several days.

All the above tips are designed to increase the chance of receiving a message on a number and avoid blocking pages, although sometimes there are cases that are beyond the control of anyone, so the message may not always reach.

You can order a one-time SMS number without buying a SIM card at It can be utilized successfully for:

  • online verification via SMS;
  • registration in various social networks, forums, online services, message boards;
  • connecting additional accounts for advertising mailing;
  • creating mailboxes.

The company’s website contains detailed instructions for connecting, as well as using this service. Temporary numbers will help you remain incognito, protect yourself from spam, bypass regional restrictions, and more. If you are a Hottelecom customer and ordered a virtual SMS number but did not receive a message, then you are guaranteed to receive a refund to your account. You can track your balance in your personal account. You can reach out to our managers if you suddenly face any difficulties or questions.

That’s all, we hope this small list of tips will help you avoid blocking the pages you create!

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