The way a nonprofit organization works highly relies on maximizing available resources and budget to be able to keep most of their focus on doing their work in helping their causes. It’s not an easy feat to make nonprofits work, because most of the time the demands are much greater than the resources that you have.

This is why it is a very important decision to be able to choose the right tools and equipment that will help you create a greater impact in the work that you do. And communication options are an important part of any nonprofit.

From holding meetings efficiently, to remotely managing your teams and responding to partner companies promptly, to making sure that you are available and can be reached even when you need to do some fieldwork, communication remains a critical part of any job, and even more so with a nonprofit organization.

This is why choosing a dedicated, reliable partner to ensure effective communication with your team members and your partner companies is also a crucial step. Especially with such a tight budget, you need something that can deliver what you need and help you further grow and expand to help more people.

Improve your nonprofit organization productivity with our VoIP service

Setting up your VoIP and fax for nonprofits doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive at all. Therefore, offers packages that are adjustable according to your specific needs so you can be sure that you are only purchasing what you need and making the most of your budget.

But this doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice the quality of service just because you have a limited budget. On the contrary, we offer the most cost-effective and efficient online VoIP service for nonprofits.

Apart from video and data plans, you can also incorporate nonprofit faxing if this is a service that you’d want and can help your organization.

Even with a VoIP phone number, you can still do the traditional faxing but hosted over the internet, plus do additional tasks quickly and efficiently without relying on multiple phone lines or a geographically dedicated line that you won’t be able to use if you’re working remotely or traveling a lot to do work.

When you choose the right VoIP phone service provider, you will definitely see an increased improvement in your output and the efficiency of your team, regardless if you work together in one room or remotely.

What else should you know about VoIP numbers for your nonprofit organization?

There are many different cloud VoIP for nonprofits that you could choose from, and apart from ensuring that it fits in your budget, it’s also important to break down exactly the type of service that you’re going to get.

To help you make a better-informed decision about this, here are just some of the many benefits that you can get from and if you want to discuss these perks further, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

  • No additional equipment needed. One of the most important things that you can expect is that when you want to set up VoIP for your nonprofit organization, you don’t need to purchase additional tools that could only inflate your expenses. You can use your existing equipment and old internet connection, and this usually cuts back on the cost to almost half compared to a telco-based phone and internet fax for nonprofits.
  • Easy to use and maintain. We know running a nonprofit organization involves working with many volunteers that usually come and go. And we’ve made things easier so that volunteers don’t spend the bulk of their time learning how our tools work and instead dedicate their time and effort to actually doing important work. Plus nonprofits can’t always invest in a dedicated IT staff, so we’ve made sure that all our tools and features are always in the best condition by releasing updates so that they require less maintenance.
  • Mobile and flexible. A lot of nonprofit work happens remotely and requires people and teams to work in different locations. This is why it’s important that the tools you need to communicate are able to adapt to your needs as well, and in using a VoIP number, you can initiate and receive calls over the internet without changing numbers all the time and even without a phone with you. All you need is your computer with a reliable internet connection.
  • Completely secure and safe. Holding team meetings and video calls all the time can raise some privacy concerns. But with, we prioritize security and privacy above everything else so you can be sure that every interaction that you do with your team online is completely safe.
  • Encourages collaboration. It helps a lot if the tools you have on hand make it easier to collaborate with teammates such as sharing your screen, holding conference calls with ease, or presenting a deck without opening an additional program.

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