Nowadays, this popular internet gaming platform has evolved into a real social network where you can store digital products, share content, and speak to other gamers. It is easy and simple to become its full-fledged member and immerse yourself in fascinating virtual worlds.

Especially with a temporary phone number for Steam, which allows you not to specify your personal phone number for linking to your account. This is a great opportunity to get Prime status and access to ranked mode and games.

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More about the online gaming service

The Steam platform appeared in 2003 and every year its popularity only increases. It was initially used exclusively to distribute Valve products. And today it is a huge online platform with more than 10,000 games and applications from different manufacturers.

The service works through various stationary and mobile operating systems. It’s completely free to use, but there is paid content on the platform.

After registration, for which you need to buy a one-time number for Steam, this game resource provides the opportunity to:

  • play on any supported device without worrying about the safety of game data;
  • automatically install the latest updates, create backup copies of distributions; 
  • receive considerable discounts on paid content, return funds for a game that you don’t like;
  • actively communicate in text and voice chat, find like-minded people, join interesting groups and communities;
  • exchange game items, take screenshots, record and broadcast streams;
  • customize the look of your personal page, get technical support from the developer.

And most importantly, Steam allows you to receive diverse, safe, and legal gaming content. And due to the support of 25 languages of the world, including Russian, getting acquainted with online resource is easy.

Virtual Number for STEAM

Uploading content and adding friends

Use the “Store” option in the main menu of the platform to purchase and download games. Convenient filtering the content into different categories – new products, bestsellers, genres, and more – simplifies the search.

After choosing a suitable game, click on the banner, and you will be taken to a page with detailed information about it. Be sure to pay attention to the system requirements, as well as possible discounts and the promotion for paid content.

Then click the “Add to cart” button and follow the further instructions for payment and installation. Once finished, the new game will be in your “Library”.

A popular function of the platform – adding friends – becomes available after replenishing the balance or making a purchase worth more than $5. To use it, you need to go to the main menu and select the “Friends” item.

In the “Find friends” field, enter the desired username, then activate “Add to friends”. In addition, in the “Your friends” section of the personal profile, you can search for users by login and game name. Here you can always see who you played a particular game with.

Frequently asked questions about Steam SMS numbers

→ register on our website and top up your balance
→ go to the tab ONE-TIME SMS
→ select CHINA in the list of countries, in the list of services and request a number
→ start registration on and enter the issued number
→ go back to the one-time SMS tab. The confirmation code will be sent to the “SMS-message” column
→ go back to and confirm the number
→ ready!

No. Unfortunately, you cannot. Registration is available only for the portal, but you can set the region to “China”.

Yes, we provide Chinese numbers for registration on

Try changing your browser. Your browser may block auto-refresh of the page, because of this you cannot see the code

Wait for the issued number to go into the archive and request a new one. Funds for an unused number will be returned to your balance automatically within 10 minutes.

Steam SMS numbers from HotTelecom

The buying process of a Virtual Number for Steam

There are many services on the network that provide VoIP services. The experience of using free services shows their unreliability and insecurity for the user’s personal data. Our company, in turn, offers a no-failure, convenient and affordable service. We have developed an intuitive interface and a simple procedure for registering and connecting cloud services. Therefore, it will certainly be successful and will take a minimum of time.

To buy a one-time number for Steam registration, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up on the website by filling in all the fields. 
  2. Or, alternatively, choose “Login” if you are already our client.
  3. Top up your balance, select the required service, country, and number for receiving Steam SMS.
  4. Fill in all the requested data and confirm the order of the cloud service.

You get a subscriber number for one-time use, which is enough to connect the phone to the site. No further access to the cloud phone is possible. If necessary, you can consider purchasing a number for long-term use. To optimize the process of connecting a Steam SMS number, it is better to purchase it after a corresponding request on the gaming platform.

Registration on the gaming platform with a one-time number for Steam

Follow the step-by-step instructions to link the purchased temporary Steam registration number to your account on this Internet platform:

  1. Download and launch the Steam application, use the Google Play Store for your Android phone, etc.
  2. Register a profile or log in with an existing account, which you need to link to a number for Steam.
  3. Select Steam Guard in the menu, click to connect an authenticator, buy, and enter a virtual number for registering Steam.
  4. Return to our website, enter your personal account, and copy the received confirmation code.
  5. Enter the copied text into the request field of linking to Steam.
  6. The process is complete, you can go to the next game battle.

Since this service is one-time and then the gamer does not own a cloud subscriber number, if you need to delete his data from Steam, you will have to use mail. To do this, you need to click on your nickname, select “About account”, “Manage phone number”, and click “Delete”.

Next, make a reset through the code from your email. If necessary, you can link another phone at any time. You just need to take into account that it is impossible to carry out the reactivation of Steam SMS to a “removed” subscriber number and link it to a new profile within three months.

This rule was introduced so that players do not abuse the frequent change of the option.

Why is it worth using the services of our company?

Our clients are offered a variety of cloud telephony services at the most affordable prices. Subscriber numbers of more than 90 countries of the world and over 100 payment methods are available.

We even accept cryptocurrencies. But our main advantages are excellent communication quality, the fastest possible connection, and confidentiality of information.

It is safe and efficient to use our cloud telephony services. Modern technologies allow you to receive calls and text messages in places without mobile coverage because VoIP works over the Internet.

And you can order any cloud service without leaving your home. If you have any questions about choosing or connecting a subscriber number, our qualified support service will help you make the right choice.

Get acquainted with new technologies, buy a virtual number for Steam, and enjoy communication and great game.

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