Hottelecom FAQ

General Questions

Yes, you can test our service for free. For this purpose you need to register at our web-site and send us an email request to [email protected] that contains:
– your login (email);
– the name of the city, number of which you want to test;
– a phone number or SIP detaills which you want to use for call forwarding.

Take a note: you message should contain the information about the time, when you are going to test the service. HotTelecom provides the demo period within one hour.

Pay your attention that SMS numbers and disposable ones are not provided for a test.

Hottelecom provides a virtual number reserving service. You need to contact our support manager for this purpose.

Take a note: not all numbers available for reservation.

Virtual number activation takes from several seconds to 24 hours. It depends on the region, where you have bought a virtual number.
Once you number is activated you will receive an email notification.

Hottelecom provides a service to make outgoing calls with Caller ID via SIP protocol. The technology gives a chance to call via Internet and makes your number visible for call recipients. Both SIP account and Caller ID are provided upon email request.

We can guarantee that Caller ID will be visible during all the outgoing calls inside of the country your virtual number belongs. For calls to other countries correct work of Caller ID service is not guaranteed.

Due to the Hottelecom Terms and Conditions a virtual number can be disconnected  if monthly fee was not paid. If you do not have sufficient fund to make a payment, our system will send you the e-mail reminder. You also will be notified via phone. In the case when you do not recharge the account, our system will disconnect your virtual number.

SIP is Session Initiation Protocol that  is used for IP telephony. In the world of VoIP, SIP is a call setup protocol that operates at the application layer.  You may have also heard of H.323, an ITU protocol with similar function.

To setup a SIP call forwarding you need to do the following:
– Choose the full forwarding mode;
– Choose the type of forwarding as «phone»;
– Fill in the input box with «SIP/[email protected]».

In the «Number» field you need to insert your virtual phone number without “+” mark.
If you are going to use our company as a SIP provider than open «Additional settings» -> «SIP/IAX info» tab and find a «username» there.
If you are going to use another SIP provider then fill the «Call forwarding directions» with «SIP/[email protected]».
For example «SIP/[email protected]».

Each virtual number that is disconnected for non-payment goes to the open list of available numbers. There is a chance to return such number if it is not ordered by other subscriber. Send an email request to our managers with detailed information about the number. In the case when such number is free we will inform you via email. To continue using the number you need to recharge an account and pay the setup fee again.

If call forwarding doesn’t work, please check your balance. Forwarding to mobile and landline phone numbers require additional funds and your balance have to be positive.

You can sign up for Craiglist or PayPal only with Ukrainian and  Russian virtual number. Virtual SMS numbers of UK, USA and Canada don’t receive SMS from these services.