Nowadays, social media is used for communication, entertainment, job search, business purposes, and more. Most online platforms require a mobile phone number during the registration process. Difficulties arise if the user wants to remain anonymous or get an additional account.

A virtual number for Facebook allows you to create a profile on the largest social network in the world without specifying a personal phone number. It makes it possible not to share real data on the Internet and to avoid SMS spam in the future.

In addition, such a service does not require the purchase of a SIM card or a significant investment of time.

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Temp mobile number for Facebook and other services

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The need for a temporary number for Facebook

Verification of new accounts via SMS code was introduced due to cybersecurity reasons. This step allows you to identify the user and thus protect his personal data. In addition, it makes it possible to “punish” for illegal operations on the portal.

Creating a Facebook profile requires filling in the fields – last name, first name, date of birth, phone, email. And if a few years ago it was possible to sign up without specifying a mobile phone, today it is a mandatory option.

Moreover, additional accounts, which are often used to launch advertisements and other things, are regularly monitored. In this case, the probability of blocking the page without a connected phone number is specifically high.

What if you are not ready to share personal information? Or if you need a second account? You can bypass the system thanks to cloud virtual numbers for Facebook registration.

They come in a variety of formats. Landline subscriber numbers of different countries and cities are convenient for communicating with local subscribers and doing business abroad.

It allows you to maintain confidentiality by hiding the owner’s real location. For example, you can set up a call center for a local business with forwarding to selected destinations – a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

The mobile format of the subscriber number, in addition to all the above, is suitable for verification on various online portals, including social networks (please check with the support department before purchase).

virtual number for Facebook

Benefits of a temporary Facebook registration number

By purchasing a virtual number for Facebook, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Lack of binding to a physical SIM card.
  • Maintaining complete anonymity and confidentiality.
  • The ability to purchase a phone from another country.
  • Convenient management of settings via the Internet.
  • The ability to advertise your product all over the world.

Facebook is a promising platform for the successful implementation of a variety of goals. After all, about 2.5 billion active users visit it every month. And the company’s annual turnover is growing steadily and already exceeds $30 billion.

Therefore, the decision to buy a temporary phone number for Facebook can be an excellent start for promoting goods and services through this social network.

Free services with numbers for receiving Facebook SMS 

There are websites offering such services free of charge. At first glance, the idea looks profitable and attractive. However, such services have significant drawbacks.

Almost 100% of the subscriber numbers provided by them have already been used for registration in social networks. This means that they will not be accepted by the system when creating a new account.

And even if the verification process is completed successfully, there is a high probability that the page will be blocked during the first day.

In addition, on “free” sites, almost any user can get access to the verification code. And if needed, to use your profile for fraudulent purposes. Thus, free services are considered almost useless and insecure.

Frequently asked questions about temp number for Facebook account

→ register on the website
→ top up the balance (note: the minimum top up amount is $ 5)
→ go to the tab ONE-TIME SMS
→ select a country that has Facebook in the list of services and request a number
→ start registration on Facebook and enter the disposable number issued to you
→ get a confirmation code in the table on the website and enter it on Facebook
→ you are an awesome with new FB account

Make sure that you have entered the number in international format or try making a new one. The funds for the unused number will be returned to your balance automatically in a few minutes.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that matter. But you can purchase a new temp number for Facebook verification and create a new Facebook account.

Unfortunately, it is impossible. You can receive the code onto such number only once.

Facebook phone number

Creating a page with a one-time number for Facebook

Our company provides reliable, safe, and affordable digital telephony service. The whole connection process is intuitive and takes literally a matter of minutes. You just need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register on our website or sign in to a previously created profile. 
  2. Top up the balance for the cost of the selected service and at least one month of the subscription fee, or for the cost of purchasing a one-time number for Facebook.
  3. Go to the page of the service you need and buy a number for Facebook from the options offered.
  4. Enter the received subscriber number into the registration form on Facebook. 
  5. Fill in all the requested data and request a confirmation code for a cloud number for Facebook. 
  6. View the Facebook activation SMS in the history in the personal account of the service.
  7. Use the received code to complete the registration process on the social network.
  8. A new account on the world’s most popular online platform is ready to use.

Features of a one-time number for Facebook registration

So, you bought a temporary Facebook registration number and successfully passed the verification procedure. Now you are the owner of a full-fledged account without any restrictions. And all this is fast, convenient and at a very affordable price.

However, you need to understand that this “trick” is more likely to be suitable for short-term use of the profile. Since, if there is a need to restore access to the page, you may need a mobile phone again.

The same applies to registration in any other social networks. Therefore, for long-term and stable work, we recommend that you think about a long-term rental of a cloud subscriber number.

Possibilities of IP-telephony and advantages of our service

We offer reliable, secure, and inexpensive telephone communications that work over the Internet. This technology does not require the installation of additional equipment.

And it helps to optimize communication costs. In this case, you can order the subscriber numbers of different countries and localities.

And, if necessary, use the service of a multichannel line to promptly receive several incoming calls at the same time. This is the optimal solution for a call center of an online store, a support service of a provider, etc.

And using a local subscriber number will enable subscribers to make calls at their usual local tariff. Moreover, the digital telephony protocol allows you to receive calls to both smartphones and SIP devices.

This connection is reliably protected from external interference. Plus, additional digital products are offered to improve the level of communication.

For example, voice mail will inform your customers about promotions and new products, Caller ID will help to get the caller’s subscriber number, and the “black” list will help filter out unwanted calls.

To improve the quality of customer service of the company, statistics on staff employment, history, and call records will be useful. All this will help to organize the most efficient and high-quality customer service. As a result, it will contribute to the company’s high image in the market.

Thus, we provide both Facebook SMS numbers and many other digital telephony services. Our resource is distinguished by high reliability, ease of use, and prompt technical support. And is always ready to help you in solving any problems of effective communication.

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