How to Remain Anonymous Using VoIP and Cryptocurrency

Nowadays, there is no denying that the threat of cybercrime is real and happening. As a matter of fact, the Cisco Benchmark Report 2019 stated that 31% of organizations in the United States have experienced cyber-attacks on operational infrastructures.

In the case of individuals, reports say that in 2017, there were 6.7 million victims of identity fraud, and a massive $16.8 billion worth of money was hit in the US due to identity theft and cybercrime in 2018.

With these statistics alone, it only proves that the cybercrime of identity theft is relatively common. It does not only target large enterprises but individuals as well. It is therefore imperative for all of us to protect ourselves against identity theft. Hence, even in simple online or phone transactions, people must be cautious of the processes and of the information they provide, or else, they might be the next victim of these fraudsters.

Preserving Your Anonymity and Protecting Yourself

There are many ways on how to protect yourself anonymously from all kinds of cybercrimes, especially identity theft. Don’t forget that most identity fraud started by stealing your personal information through online and phone transactions. Though you can’t prevent these fraudsters from doing this, protecting yourself by being anonymous is made possible by using anonymous VoIP. These are anonymous phone numbers designed to protect your security from a cyber breach.

VoIP Phone Number

What is exactly a VoIP phone number? To make it easier for you to make anonymous calls, it is better if you know what this number is all about and how it can help you.

A VoIP number is a real telephone number that is assigned to a user, but not to a specific phone line. It means that if you use this VoIP service, only this anonymous telephone number is visible to the receiver of your call, and not your real number. And even if this anonymous mobile number rings your mobile phone to establish a call from your caller, you are safe and confident enough that this anonymous number is the only one that would register on their end.

That is only one way to hide your real phone number. Your virtual number would still register and be visible to your callers’ end. However, this gives you the confidence that your real number remains anonymous. But if you want a total untraceable phone number to make anonymous calls online, all you have to do is to block your caller ID even if you’re using a VoIP number. In this way, you can create an untraceable cell phone number that is designed for anonymous calling online. VoIP is also supported by SIP-enabled PBX system so you can communicate within your company and with the outside world.

Having a Secured Voice System Provides You the Following:

  1. Protection of your data and personal information.
  2. It provides you the security for your transactions communicated through the system.
  3. Transact anonymously since you do not have to share your address and personal information.
  4. It allows you to conduct business transactions without the need for transmitting personal data.
  5. An untraceable number that gives you total peace of mind.

These are just a few advantages of using our company’s service. Aside from the fact that it greatly reduces your cost of the call and from setting up a physical phone system, it also allows you to conduct your business without leaving your current location. Furthermore, since it comes with the latest VoIP features such as auto-attendant that automatically answers incoming calls before forwarding to you, you have enough time to screen the calls to see the name and phone number of each caller, and whether you will accept it or not.

How to Pay for and Maintain Anonymous VoIP Services to Keep Your Privacy

First, you have to understand how cryptocurrency works. A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that is used for virtual payments. This asset is called blockchain that has heavily encrypted information. And since it is unique and unforgeable, using bitcoin in paying your transactions assures you of total anonymity.

Regardless of the location of the company, cryptocurrency is accessible to any point of the country by simply using a toll-free number.

And since various services and purchases are rapidly accepting cryptocurrency as virtual settlement, our company is keeping with the emerging trend. To keep you updated, we have listed below the different types of cryptocurrencies together with their descriptions that our company accepts.

  1. BTC – Bitcoin is the most widespread form of cryptocurrency that can be easily purchased on many sites.
  2. LTC – LTC or Litecoin is the sixth most widely used cryptocurrency. It has the option to be exchanged for Bitcoin or common money.
  3. BCH – This decentralized fork of Bitcoin works on the same protocol. Bitcoin Cash, also called BCash was created to support huge Bitcoin transactions in 2017, which caused it to slow down its process.
  4. BLK – BlackCoin is completely an anonymous network. It is a P2P (person to person) digital payment service that utilizes cryptocurrency of the same name.
  5. DASH – Dash is a complete anonymous decentralized cryptocurrency on a blockchain basis. Total anonymity and instant transactions are ensured by master nodes (special servers).
  6. DCR – Decred is a centralized cryptocurrency that allows all its currency holders to participate in its development. And since it is protected by POW and POS, it ensures protection from any interfere by external, particularly the malicious ones.
  7. DGB – DigiByte is a centralized cryptocurrency on a blockchain basis. Although solely based on BitCoin, however, it gives faster transactions and a higher form of security. Thanks to its combined blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).
  8. DOGE – This form of cryptocurrency is based on LiteCoin that has few distinctions.
  9. ETH – Ethereum is a platform that can be utilized for different purposes, aside from virtual financial transactions. It is mainly a tool for developers and is used for both developments and to settle between programmers’ conflict.
  10. ETC – Ethereum Classic was originally forked from Ethereum after an attack from hackers in 2016. This decentralized platform runs smart contracts.
  11. GAME – According to a statement on the GameCredits official site, it aims to become the universal payment system for gamers across the globe, aside from being used as a means for online service payments or transactions.
  12. POT – PotCoin is a person to person (P2P) decentralized cryptocurrency that is used for the legal cannabis industry agreements. It allows instant virtual transactions but requires no return payments from traders.
  13. VTC – VertCoin cryptocurrency is designed for ordinary users with standard personal computers. It is ideal for everyday usage and in some cases, might be more preferable than BitCoin.
  14. XMR – In May 2017, Monero was listed as one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of the number of transactions which was 8 times higher than that of BitCoin’s. Based on the CryptoNote protocol, it ensures complete anonymity in transactions online.
  15. XRP – Ripple exists solely within the Ripple system. This cryptocurrency platform is often used by “real life” banks and other payment systems as an alternative to SWIFT.

Utilizing cryptocurrencies to remain anonymous is only one thing to maintain your total anonymity. The following are helpful tips to fully hide your identity. Below are some…

Practical Tips

  • Never reveal how much your portfolio is worth. Sometimes, we tend to talk a lot about Bitcoin and eventually reveal how much we have. Just keep your mouth shut and remain silent.
  • In every transaction, you make, try to create new addresses as possible as you can. Avoid being lazy and avoid using the same address as you did for your last transaction. Remember that online fraudsters are more than average when it comes to forensic digging. So an overtime list of transactions associated with a single wallet could turn out to be an easy revelation of your real-world identity.

With our company’s wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies, you can be fully confident that you will remain unidentified from any threats of fraudulent activities online. Aside from that, we offer a reasonable price for your satisfaction.

The cost of being anonymous should not be a big deal to you. This privacy coin will put you in total anonymity. Thus, protecting your personal identification and important information from being hacked by unscrupulous people on the World Wide Web.

Staying with cryptocurrencies is not that simple, and speaking, it doesn’t come for free. And although it comes with cryptocurrency rules and regulation, the fact that you can stay anonymous would result in the privacy protection of your personal info and identification worth the sacrifice.