How can virtual PBX help marketing?

It’s difficult to imagine modern marketing without a huge number of business lines, such as advertising, content, sales, social media, analytics. To optimize these processes, company leaders are implementing various services, programs, and applications, including a virtual PBX. Thanks to it, it is also possible to reduce the company’s communication costs, relieve some burden on the sales department, as well as use the effective capabilities of modern corporate solutions.

A virtual PBX is a high-quality stable connection all over the world provided via the Internet. Unlike analog one, it does not require additional space as it is located in the “cloud”. Connection to a virtual PBX is carried out via software.

Reasons behind the popularity of cloud PBX

It has the same properties as a standard office PBX while it does not require complex equipment and technical hardware for connection. Due to this, you can organize a call center, office, or online store in any country without strict reference to the address. Calls are stored in the database which allows you to make their statistics, view the duration of the conversation, the number of missed calls. You can also find out how many seconds the dial-up took and which operator answered the call.

The virtual PBX contains wide functionality including call-tracking. This option will be indispensable for tracking calls as well as determining the channels through which new customers come. Modern PBX models bring invaluable benefits when communicating with customers, employees, partners, and other subscribers. They allow you to:

  • effectively manage sales;
  • assess the demand for services and goods among buyers;
  • analyze ads;
  • identify sources that attract new leads;
  • increase customer loyalty.

Using all the functions of a virtual PBX, you can solve numerous marketing problems quickly and free of charge.

Virtual PBX for call center, office, or online store | HotTelecom

The specifics of virtual PBX operation

If we skip the technical complexities, the scheme of work will be rather primitive: a client calls the company, his call goes to the PBX platform where it is converted into a digital version and forwarded to one of the company numbers enshrined in the forwarding scheme. If the office applies the voice menu option then when calling the client hears an answering machine and voice prompts using which he would select the needed section.

The configured call forwarding scheme plays an important role in the PBX operation, that is exactly what is responsible for the procedure for receiving and processing incoming calls. The number of schemes is unlimited and is set based on the requirements of a particular company. The virtual PBX provides for a smart call queue thanks to which there are no missed calls since all incoming calls are distributed according to the established scheme. If needed, it is possible to change the call patterns, set a specific day of the week, waiting time, forwarding number, etc.

There is a need to do the following to connect and configure a virtual PBX:

  • choose a provider company and decide on a service;
  • install software and purchase the necessary equipment;
  • choose numbers for connection;
  • connect them to the PBX;
  • set up forwarding.

Virtual PBX capabilities

Modern IP telephony is an excellent service that can be combined with a CRM system. It provides a bunch of useful features:

  • call recording and taping for improving customer service. Each customer card contains statistics and a call log, having viewed them you can recall what exactly the customer asked. It will also help to work on errors and fix the script;
  • supervision of the activities of managers. Due to this function, call department operators will work more responsibly and diligently, try to fulfill the sales plan, and communicate politely with clients;
  • distribution of incoming calls between managers. CRM stores information about all deals and incoming calls. With the repeated appeal, the system will send a call to the manager with whom the customer has already communicated;
  • calls in one click through CRM. Conveniently that you can call a client directly from the program without purchasing a mobile device;
  • mobility as this type of communication is independent of wires and binding to a specific address. The only condition for IP telephony to work is a stable high-quality Internet;
  • there is no connection to roaming hence the expenses for doing business in different countries are significantly reduced. Even calls within Russia are becoming more profitable than with mobile operators.

An additional benefit of Internet telephony

As mentioned earlier, setting up cloud telephony is way cheaper than configuring the analog one. You can set up a PBX quickly and independently, for this you do not need expensive equipment, connectors, etc. Using the settings of the voice menu and callback you can improve the image of your company and attract high customer traffic.

If a company has several offices and branches within the country or abroad, then a virtual PBX will easily combine them. All participants within a single network will be able to conduct incoming calls wherever there is an Internet. In the Russian Federation, you can connect 0800 short numbers to a cloud PBX where customers can call absolutely free of charge.

Call forwarding, voice assistant, voice mail, SIP-number – these are just some of the benefits that can be obtained when activating a virtual PBX from Hottelecom.

How to attract new clients?

Virtual phone numbers that have a recognizable code are trusted by customers. They are not tied to any city or region so you can call them from anywhere in Russia. In order not to lose new clients and turn them into real customers, you need to reduce the number of missed calls. If the company does not work around the clock then it can have call-back or auto-callback functions configured.

The number of calls received by the company can grow for various reasons: seasonality, effective advertising, etc. The PBX not only records calls but also maintains connection statistics which makes it possible to identify a number with a lot of calls and attracting leads.

Wiretapping phone calls will become a great assistant for marketers who examine the needs of potential, new, and returning customers. Also, wiretapping will help to work on errors in communication with customers, increase service level and customer loyalty so that they place a repeat order. If the organization employs responsible, motivated employees, then you can set up forwarding to them. Data on missed calls will be promptly received by operators so that they regularly monitor the activity of site visitors. The advantages of a virtual PBX are as follows:

  • the option to calculate the costs of attracting leads;
  • an advertising effect that increases brand or company awareness;
  • fast return on investment;
  • quick response to customer calls;
  • work with buyers directly without intermediaries;
  • sales growth due to consumer demand.

Useful components of a virtual PBX

By connecting a PBX from reliable providers, you will get free access to features such as:

  • recording IVR. Interactive messages addressed to the user include a greeting, as well as voice prompts which would help him resolve his issue. You can record messages in different languages that is especially convenient when making calls to other countries;
  • high-quality connection of conference calls which allows 3 or more subscribers to call up simultaneously;
  • music screen saver while waiting;
  • filtering numbers in white and blacklists which allows you to weed out unscrupulous or rude clients and customers;
  • call forwarding to different directions according to the schedule and after a certain time.

Compared to a standard PBX, the cloud counterpart is more profitable. So, the price of its acquisition and connection will be much cheaper. Setting up an ordinary PBX requires professional service, and this is another item of expenditure that doesn’t ensure the high-quality operation of equipment. Updating a mini-PBX also costs a lot while such manipulations need to be carried out regularly every 3-6 months.

Against the background of the described problems, HotTelecom is ready to offer beneficial solutions for its users.

How does Hottelecom attract customers?

Our company is always focused on the convenience of customers, we take into account their requirements and expectations, therefore we are ready to offer a bunch of high-quality services:

  • encryption of personal data;
  • prompt response to each request from technical support;
  • provision of a free SIP-account when connecting a virtual number;
  • call forwarding to Telegram;
  • more than 100 methods of paying for services including cryptocurrency;
  • high-quality stable coverage wherever there is the Internet;
  • activation of virtual telephony within 1 day.
Reasons to choose Hottelecom

Nowadays choosing a reliable provider is a responsible decision that will determine the quality of connected services, the stability of communication, and benefits not only for the company but also for its customers. HotTelecom is exactly such a provider. Having called here, you will be able to provide your office with telephony in a few hours while our specialists will do everything remotely without laying meters of cables and installing bulky equipment. If you have several offices then we are ready to combine them into a single corporate network.

HotTelecom knows no boundaries hence it can connect multichannel virtual numbers in more than 100 countries around the world. Having paid for the connection service and the tariff plan, the client does not need to do anything – all the configurations are done by the staff of our company. During the operation of a virtual PBX, a client who has access to a personal account can independently manage the functionality through a web interface.

The cost of the cloud PBX service is fixed at $65/month. This is a small amount for modern offices moreover it will quickly pay off. You can order this service at any time without leaving home, for this purpose you need to go to the HotTelecom website, leave a request, or email at [email protected].