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 How to call to mobile phone, using IP telephony.

The development of the World Wide Web has provided a lot of opportunities for creating and promoting new principles of communication. IP-telephony is very popular today and it is due not only to convenience and ease of use, but also to affordable rates. In addition, it can be used to make a call to any device, including a computer or mobile phone.

Features and capabilities of IP-telephony

Virtual IP telephony is one of the most popular tools for business organization, that helps you to create an effective connection between offices and departments located in any part of the world. In order to connect IP telephony and use all its capabilities, you do not need to purchase and install special equipment, which is also a significant plus.

IP telephony provides with a list of undeniable advantages, which includes:

  • high level of reliability and quality of communication;
  • the owner of the network receives full control over all hardware and software, which allows, if necessary, to change and configure connection parameters based on their own needs;
  • you can forget about the problems of busy lines forever with VOIP – the PBX automatically redirects the call.

In addition, the continuous evolution of technologies and the introduction of new protocols can significantly improve the quality of communication, ensuring a stable connection regardless of the original conditions. That’s why IP-telephony is one of the most popular and convenient options for organizing the work of business structures with clients or partners, and also for creating of call-centers. VoIP is able to receive calls from anywhere in the world, redirecting them to a landline or mobile phone, or to Skype. The user can only choose the most suitable option for his purposes.

The most popular applications for virtual communication

Many developers quickly realized future demand of the IP telephony, and in a short time presented users with convenient ready-made solutions for organizing communications. For a conversation between two subscribers 3G connection will be enough, but for conferences it is better to use a wired Internet or Wi-Fi. Famous Asterisk, X-Lite, 3CXPhone System and Zoiper SIP Softphone are among the most popular programs for a virtual connection.

The Asterisk app can be noted for having all the capabilities of a classical PBX, but, at the same time, it supports a huge number of different VoIP protocols and provides users with a wide range of functions for managing calls to mobile phones. In particular, we are talking about such functions as voice mail, conference call, call center, call record and IVR. IP telephony software Asterisk is available for free, which makes it an excellent option for medium and small businesses. Flexible settings and the ability to add the necessary functions by yourself make the work with the application easier and more convenient.

X-Lite is another popular program for virtual telephony which you can use for calls to both mobile and landline numbers. Due to the user-friendly interface and a large number of functions, the application can be used to support the work process of large enterprises. The programs 3CX Phone System and Zoiper SIP Softphone, which exist both in free and in paid versions, can be installed on computers, tablets and mobile phones, are similar to X-Lite.

Calls to mobile phone using IP-telephony

The connection of a virtual number for calls to mobile phones is especially popular, because they are one the most common means of communication. Calling a mobile with VoIP is easy, you can use any communication device, including a landline phone, tablet, smartphone or computer. It is enough to install one of the applications, mentioned above and dial the number using it.

You can call the mobile phone number of the subscriber, regardless of the country in which it is located, using IP-telephony. In this case, the cost of the connection will depend on the country of the virtual number. There are unified rates for calls to subscribers, which allows obtaining high-quality communication and saving a lot at the certain country. Also, all VoIP services can be used outside the country of the number, the call will be charged based on the pre-set rates in that case. In addition, you can set up call forwarding to your mobile phone using IP-telephony service and a single virtual number.

Main principles of IP telephony

IP-telephony services allow providing high-quality and reliable communication via the Internet with subscribers who are at any point. Calls to mobile phones or other devices are carried out using the SIP protocol, communication is performed over the Internet, telephone lines are not used, which is a more convenient and reliable option.

The principle of the IP-telephony service is based on converting voice signals into digital data, which are transmitted via the network to the subscriber, after that the information is re-encoded. VoIP is organized by several schemes, but in any case, you do not need to purchase specific expensive equipment for connection.

IP-telephony is the most profitable and safe service capable of providing excellent quality of communication anywhere in the world. Many VoIP operators provide customers with ready-made solutions for various segments of the market, which makes it easy to choose the best option. This technology makes possible to reduce communication costs significantly and helps to ensure reliable communication with both the offices of company and customers.