The best solution for business and office – Virtual PBX

Connection and configuration of virtual PBX. Actual decisions in sphere of corporate communication.

Virtual PBX

Clear work coordination of all employees of the company, as well as communication with customers is impossible without phone, and significantly expand the possibilities of such communication, reducing the workload of staff and increasing the efficiency of its work, modern telecommunication technologies allow. Virtual PBXs are an advantageous solution that combine the capabilities of computer and telephone networks into a single effective corporate communication system.

What is Virtual PBX?

Do you want to combine several pieces of equipment, while maintaining the common number, and significantly reduce communication costs? The solution is simple – it is enough to organize an IP-telephony system with the ability to connect to a virtual PBX, access to which you can get from any convenient digital device.

Virtual or “cloud” PBX is a service that includes a wide range of modern telecommunication solutions which are needed for the successful operation of each company. In addition, such a service will eliminate the need to purchase expensive equipment, as well as the cost of its installation, maintenance, and training of maintenance personnel. A stable access to the Internet is all that is needed. Thus, the organization get all the possibilities of PBX for a small fee, and the cost of communication services is reduced by several times.

How does “cloud” PBX work?

Virtual PBXs are one of the most relevant solutions in the IP telephony area. The client company uses the capabilities of a virtual telephone exchange located on one of the provider’s servers, and the functionality of such a PBX can be customized for the specific tasks and needs of its business. In this case, the data is transmitted via VoIP and SIP protocols. SIP protocols are required for multimedia data transfer, for example, in the process of video / audio conferencing, and VoIP – exclusively for voice communication. All information is stored on a specially allocated “cloud” server of the provider of this service.

How to choose virtual PBX

The quality of communication and the effectiveness of processing of the customer calls have a significant impact on the performance of both individual units and the company as a whole. That is why it is important to choose the most reliable modern solution in the field of corporate communications.

Many managers ask themselves how to choose a virtual PBX and which one is better? First of all, you should pay attention to the maximum amount of numbers that can be connected to the virtual PBX. A version with an unlimited amount of connected numbers, as well as no additional fees for adding each new number will be the best solution. This is especially important for companies that are planning to open new lines of activity, providing for the creation of virtual call-centers in other cities.

The percentage of simultaneous successfully accepted calls, which depends not only on the quality of the connection, but also on the channel number of the telephone number has an important role. In this case, the number of internal lines of the corporate network has a special role. Of course, it is better to give preference to “cloud” PBXs that do not have a limit on the number of lines.

Then follow the choice of a reliable provider. The quality of telephone communication is an important thing at that question. It should be perfect: without noise, interference, delays and echo effects. Before ordering the service, you should ask to test the connection, which does not present technical difficulties for the provider. Next, pay attention to the cost of outgoing calls. We should not pursue cheapness, because in the case of IP telephony, low tariffs correspond to the quality of the services provided. Therefore, it is necessary to find the optimal balance between tariffs and communication quality.

The availability of professional technical support, which provides round-the-clock support and maintenance of a virtual PBX is an important point also. It is necessary to test its efficiency, assessing how long it will take to get through the support service and solve the problem, if it’s possible.

The capabilities of most virtual PBXs provide quite a wide range of functionality, allowing to unite in a single corporate network not only phones located in the same office, but also those located in other cities and even countries. This is quite convenient if your business has a developed network of representative offices or branches in other regions of the country, as well as near and far abroad.

Connection and configuration of Virtual PBX

Proper organization, connection and configuration of the “cloud” PBX significantly reduces the workload for staff, so employees can focus at more important issues. In addition, the connection does not require the placement of any additional equipment in the office. Interactive voice mail and IVR-menu will automatically redirect client calls to the right operator.

In case to order the “cloud” PBX service, client needs to buy a virtual number by registering on the website of the provider company. Further, depending on various requirements and needs of the company, it will be important to specify the necessary parameters for the device through which calls will be forwarded. After all the settings have been completed, it is enough to replenish the account and you can start receiving and making calls, increasing the efficiency of your organization.

Buy “cloud” PBX service

As already mentioned above, the decision to buy a virtual PBX has many advantages. First, it does not require the cost of acquiring, installing and maintaining expensive equipment, and secondly, trial solutions provide a modern, high-quality level of corporate communications at a fairly low cost. The variety of tariffs and additional options allows you to customize the system for certain features of your company’s activities, choosing the most optimal, effective option.