Cheap VoIP telephony for calls to landline and mobile numbers

 How to save on communictaion with the calls through the Internet?

We often have to spend considerable resources to ensure communications for doing business and communicating with relatives living abroad. With VOIP you can considerably save on the calls over the Internet, because it cost much cheaper. How does the technology of IP-telephony work, and what are the benefits?

Is it possible to save on communications?

If you need to contact the subscriber abroad, you can use usual Skype, WhatsApp or Viber, but this solution is not the only and not always achievable. If your partner doesn’t have the installed app or landline telephone is available only, you won’t be able to call.

Many modern companies make calls through the Internet. It’s very convenient because you can contact the owners of any phone numbers at the most favorable prices. Technology that let you make cheap calls to anywhere in the world, called VOIP telephony. Services of a cheap IP-telephony is used by many large companies because of significant saving on communication.

Internet telephony can be used in order to ensure the work of call centers, support services, support departments online stores. Customers are willing to order a callback, because it costs nothing. Operators do not need to be in a hurry, so they can provide the highest quality information support. Job such services can be organized in any city or country. Its implementation will give an opportunity to reduce communication costs significantly even with the continuous use of hot lines.

The benefits of calls through the Internet

The list of advantages of VOIP telephony is large enough. First of all, online call to phone is much cheaper than traditional communication. It is possible to notice a significant difference, comparing the cost of calls to mobile numbers through the Internet and standard rates.

VOIP telephony allows you to make calls via Internet to a landline, mobile phones, other computers. So the coverage of subscribers is as wide as possible and does not depend on existing equipment. also, there is the possibility of creating an internal company network that can unite various branches.

Distances and borders are losing their importance. Those who managed to estimate advantages of IP-telephony, may not think about finding the best options for calls in roaming or creating a reliable connection between the subscribers at the different countries. Virtual number of the offices will be able to work everywhere, so that employees will be able to share important information, to arrange an audio conference with several participants.

In addition, you will always be able to look through statistics of the calls, set the limits for certain groups of users or add new numbers to the corporate network.

How does IP-telephony work?

Apps for calls through the Internet has appeared long time ago, but the inventors of the technology was not able to achieve excellent quality of communication immediately. Nowadays, VOIP-telephony uses two protocols: SIP and IAX2. The first is used almost everywhere and provides excellent call quality and multimedia data. The second is less common, however, it makes possible to minimize the traffic, so that saving becomes even more obvious.

IP telephony through the SIP Protocol allows not only to support voice communications, but also to send each other video text files. It is very convenient for doing office work, working on projects. VOIP apps are used for everyday communication with relatives or friends, enable you to share photos, videos of significant events.

Calls pass through the special gateways During data exchange via SIP calls to pass through gateways, the technology primarily uses Internet resources. If the call is made to landline or mobile number, it will be charged at minimum rates as to the desired signal goes through the international wide web.

SIP protocols work in all parts of the world where the Internet connection is available. Therefore, employees of companies can discuss business plans in the United States, Japan, European countries or the Pacific Islands in detail.

Cheap calls abroad

Companies with lots of branches often long to choose the optimal price system communications. Modern VOIP telephony gives you the ability to call abroad for free or at least very cheap. Free calls relate to the connections between posted numbers of employees, but even when dialing to landline or mobile phone numbers the cost of services is quite low.

Training courses for those who do not know how to call abroad, after the installation of special equipment and programs, are conducted. It is not difficult to understand the system: its interface is intuitive. The most common way for profitable calls abroad is to connect subscribers, which is located behind its own computer (equipped with a headset and a video camera). Some companies specializing in the delivery of VOIP telephony services offer another advantageous option: the usage of special SIM cards for IP telephony. It makes possible enjoying all the advantages of cheap communication, but at the same time requires being at the computer constantly.

Digital telecommunication technologies cost rather cheaper than standard methods of communication. The decision to install software for the company will bring additional profit by expanding the customer base, the possibility of making 24/7 feedback and saving on paying bills. Even if you are going to change the address, you do not have to transport additional devices, and reconnecting the system will take no more than a couple of hours.