Denmark (Direct route)

We are pleased to announce that we use a direct route to all networks in Denmark. We are connected directly with Hi3G Denmark and are therefore able to deliver throughout the country via this high-quality route.

Unicode, concatenated messages, and dynamic SenderIDs are supported and DLRs are real.

As of 3rd February 2014, Telenor will start filtering all SMS arriving to their SMSC via international routes. This will NOT affect Nexmo since our traffic arrives via direct connection to the Telenor SMSC.

You may also notice that our SMS numbers for Denmark are not the standard long virtual number format. They are in fact short codes, although the name would suggest otherwise, this means they are longer than the standard numbers associated with Denmark.

This does not affect delivery and will not have any knock on effects for the end user.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Messages using Tigo DRC (aka SAIT) will be replaced with a shortcode as the Sender ID. DLRs are supported as are concatenated, unicode, and binary messages.

Dominican Republic (Direct route)

Please note that our Direct route to all networks in the Dominican Republic (MCC=370) does not support handset delivery receipts. Additionally, in order to avoid heavy filtering by the operators and ensure message delivery, the SenderID will be changed to a shortcode.


We are using adaptive Routing in Ecuador to deliver messages. Unicode and concatenated messages are not guaranteed.

Movistar (74000) is delivered via a partner’s direct connection. Messages are delivered with a shortcode or LVN SenderID. DLRs are not supported.

Claro (74001) and Allegro (74002) are delivered on a local direct connection when messages are less than or equal to 140 characters. Any messages longer than this are terminated on international routes. The direct route we change the SenderID to a shortcode or an LVN. If you can keep to 140 character maximum, delivery will be better. This is due to a restriction with our local partner. DLRs are not supported when we send direct and DLRs are fake when sending internationally.

Egypt (Direct route)

Egypt has a very large SMS market with more filters being put in place by the operators, as in many other Middle Eastern countries. A large number of messages coming into Egypt via international routes are being blocked. Nexmo uses a combination of several local direct connections to get around this heavy filtering and ensure messages are delivered. We are using Adaptive Routing throughout Egypt to ensure that your messages are delivered even when there are temporary issues on our high-quality direct route.

For all networks delivery to ported numbers is supported and there are no handset DLRs for any networks in Egypt as none of the local carriers provide them. Occasionally you will receive fake DLRs from the carriers but these are fake and are not a true measure of delivery. We can however guarantee that the delivery ratio is high to all Egyptian networks.

For messages towards Mobinil (60201) all alpha senders will be overwritten by a random numeric and many numeric senders may also be overwritten

For messages towards Vodafone (60202) and Etisalat (60203) all numeric senders will be overwritten with “NXSMS” and some alphas may also be overwritten

No religious, political or adult content is allowed.

Estonia (Direct route)

Nexmo is now offering a direct, high-quality SMS delivery service to Estonia (MCC: 248). This will prevent filtering which is in place, as well as improve the price per SMS.

Pricing for all messages into Estonia is now DOWN to €0.05 per SMS to all networks. This route is fully featured: delivery reports will be supported and Sender ID is dynamic. Note that as on all direct connections no spam, political and/or adult content is allowed.


We are using Adaptive Routing throughout Finland so that your traffic will go over the best possible quality route. We select local direct connections, therefore we support full features on all networks, including: handset delivery receipts, dynamic Sender ID, unicode and concatenated messages.

France (Direct and 2-way routes): Features & Restrictions

France is an extremely large and complex mobile messaging market. There are numerous restrictions and regulations and Nexmo is pleased to have a high-quality direct route into France in order to facilitate your sms delivery there!

This direct connection supports handset delivery receipts and delivery to ported numbers.

The restrictions are:

  • French networks don’t allow P2P Carrier to Carrier traffic (i.e. numeric sender IDs, to avoid spoofing of identities). Any numeric-only sender IDs will be automatically replaced by a shortcode except for the following networks:
    • For LycaMobile, all Sender IDs will be replaced with a local French Number.
    • For Virgin (OMEA) Mobile, dynamic Numeric and AlphaNumeric Sender IDs are allowed.
    • For all marketing traffic you must add ‘STOP au 36179’ at the end of the SMS or messages will be rejected.
  • The carriers SFR, Bouygues and Orange will only accept messages for delivery between 8am and 8pm local time Monday to Saturday.
  • Special characters in sender IDs are not allowed and will either be replaced by character escape or the message will be rejected.
  • Non standard GSM character will be downgraded to avoid breaking the handset display.
  • Unicode can’t be guaranteed, however it is likely to work for most networks.
  • For all networks any senders containing the network names (i.e. ‘sfr’) will be filtered and nor delivered.

Please note that the above restrictions do NOT apply if you are sending using a Nexmo French long virtual number as senderID (2-way SMS).

Limitations to 2-Way SMS in France

  • French Long Codes may only be used for Person to Person content messaging. This is a regulatory requirement. Marketing and one-way A2P is strictly not allowed and our Carrier will block high volumes of message attempts originating from the same Virtual Number. For this reason, and to make sure your traffic does not get blocked, we recommend to customers who are sending both “notification-only messages” (that do not require a response) and “notifications-requesting-response messages” to differentiate the sender as follows:
    • Use sender = {your brand} : for “notification only” messages, i.e. that do not require a response.
    • Use sender = {your long virtual number} : for messages that you want your users to be able to reply to, other than for unsubscription purposes, i.e. STOP.
  • Outbound messages from French Long Virtual Numbers are throttled at 1 SMS every 2 seconds.

Due to technology issues at the Carrier’s end, accented characters will be changed to remove the accents on all handset terminated (outbound) SMS. See full information about downgraded characters below:

Original ValueNew character mapped
^space and A
{space and (
}space and )
\space and /
[space and <
~space and =
]space and >
|space and I
çspace and c
space and e
Reliable handset delivery receipts – Yes
Dynamic SenderID – Dynamic Alpha or Shortcode
Unicode – No
Concatenated Messages – No
Germany (Direct route)

Our direct link to Germany is fully-featured, including support for:

  • Dynamic Sender ID
  • Concatenated messages
  • Local time stamps
  • Ported number delivery
  • Handset DLRs

As of April 2016 Social Invites are not allowed by T-Mobile Germany.

Greece (Direct route)

Please note that all numeric senders to Greece are being changed to NXSMS in order to avoid filtering by the operators.

Network 20205 (Vodafone) will change all senders to a random international number to avoid filtering and ensure delivery.

Network 20201(Cosmote) Alpha and numeric senderID’s are permitted.

All DLRs are real and the route is otherwise fully featured.

Ghana (Direct route)

Nexmo is connected to Tigo in Ghana and they deliver across to the other networks. Sender ID is changed to ‘5151’

The connection supports delivery receipts.


Please note that delivery receipts to Guatemala Claro (70401) are fake and therefore delivery ratios are not a good measure of quality of delivery.

Furthermore, delivery receipts to other networks in Guatemala (70403 Movistar and 70402 Tigo) are unreliable. Sender IDs to both of these networks will also be changed to a random international number to ensure delivery.

However Nexmo is using a high-quality 1-hop route into Guatemala which ensures message delivery throughout the country.


Please note that delivery receipts to Honduras are fake and therefore delivery ratios are not a good measure of quality of delivery. Delivery to Honduras can sometimes be unreliable which is why we’re using Adaptive Routing to automatically pick the routes with the best delivery.